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  1. SirBuce

    My Turtle Vivarium with Buce (98L)

    Hi folks hope all is well there :) So this is more like a semi vivarium ha, this is the second home of my 2 Musk turtles and their friends 6 Endlers (Firetail), 30+ Blue velvet and 3 Amano shrimps - and also newest friends Endler/Guppies we just added less than 2 weeks ago. Due to the unique...
  2. Shoshi Scaping

    EPQ Aquascaping Journal ~ Nature Aquarium

    04.04.2021 Hi everyone, I've decided to start this journal in order to document the process of my latest aquascape. This journal will also tie into a school project that I’m doing called an EPQ (Extended Project Qualification). An EPQ is worth 50% of an A-Level and is essentially an essay or...
  3. Whitebeard

    Crystal Iwagumi - The Story of an Inspired Scape

    Hi All, Big Fan and a Heartfelt Thank You! I am a great fan of UKAPS and have been following the interesting trials, tribulations and conversations as a mute spectator for a long time. I would like to start with a sincere “Thank You” to all the members of this forum, who have helped planted...
  4. Nigel95

    The Spirit of Nature Aquarium - The Aquascaping Story of Takashi Amano

    NEW Cinematic video about the nature aquarium and the story of Takashi Amano in Japan. A Lot of work to edit it together but was very fun to do, hope you will get inspired for your wonderful aquascaping journey. I am hosting an Ask me anything in the comment section of my new video. So feel...
  5. Luca Freiensehner

    Digital Aquascaping? What do you think?

    Hi guys, have you ever thought about creating or planning your aquascapes digitally? For me, there was always the problem of converting my layout ideas into reality. So I tried to develop a new way of planning layouts... It's named "Scape It". Scape It allows you to create stunning layouts...
  6. L

    Loctite Superglue - fish safe?

    Are these Loctite superglues safe for use in aquascaping? I've found some contradictory answers, with some people saying no and others saying they've used them with no bother. Specifically, these two types in the photo below. There's no warning about aquatic/marine life on them that I can...
  7. Nigel95

    Nigel's Aquascaping & Water Garden - Photos & Videos

    Hi guys, Decided to make a new journal to share some moments of my underwater world. Hope you will enjoy it! Cinematic video about the nature aquarium and the story about Takashi Amano 45P Nano Aquascape 45p Nano aquascape by Nigel Aquascaping, on Flickr Microsorum sp. pearling Microsorum...
  8. MattT34

    My first Aquascape

    Hi All I'm Matt and I'm new here and relatively new to Aquascaping so be kind 🤣 This is my first major Aquascape, I had a small planted tank years ago but you couldn't really call it Aquascaping. Tank specs, Fluval Roma 240 (walnut cabinet) Fluval 307 filter + biomaster thermo 600 Light...
  9. LondonDragon

    Aquascaper 900 - Comeback Lockdown Tank :)

    Hi everyone, As some might have seen this thread "Thanks to UKAPS" I have an empty tank in my living room for quite a while :rolleyes::rolleyes::eek: Over the last couple of years I have been obtaining all the equipment I wanted on bargain hunters (eBay), now that I have all the pieces I...
  10. UsAndThem

    UNS 5S Bucephalandra Nature scape

    I've titled this piece "Life in Borneo". "ive always wanted to do an aquascape full of Bucephalandra and if you have 3 minutes to spare give it quick watch and leave your comments below ! https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=xUGBwpGxE_A&t=16s
  11. Nigel95

    ADA Nature Aquarium Gallery and Japanese Aquascaping

    Hey everyone :) In October 2019 I have been to Japan and have done lots of aquascaping activities. I made a cinematic video with the best highlights of my trip. I hope you will enjoy the moments through my camera lens. Please subscribe if you like the video. During the trip I have been to: -...
  12. S

    Advice for a newbie

    Hi all. I am looking for some advice and hope you can help. I am currently saving for my first tank and am wondering what size would be best? It's going to be between a 60x30x35 or a 45x29x30. I plan on rescaping fairly often, as It's part of the hobby that interests me, but I don't have the...
  13. Jake Richardson

    2nd Norwich aquascaping meetup - 1st March 2020

    Hello Everyone, I'm happy to announce that the show goes on! The next meet up will Sunday 1st March, 5 pm at Scaped Nature, 60 St Giles Street, Norwich, NR2 1LW. In the future, we hope to run these evenings on the last Sunday of every month. This month however we have made an exception...
  14. Jake Richardson

    Aquascaping meetup - Norwich 26.01.2020

    Aquascaping meetup Where: Scaped Nature, 60 St. Giles Street, Norwich, Norfolk, NR2 1LW When: 5pm, Sunday 26th January 2020 Hello Everyone, I have organised a casual get together for anyone with an interest in aquariums, fish keeping and aquatic plant husbandry to meet, chat and enjoy a...
  15. CooKieS

    60x40x40cm Dragon stone iwagumi

    Hi there, Just settled this scape today for an Friend, though it was an good Idea to create an journal :-) He's an beginner so nothing too fancy here, just an kinda iwagumi setup full of easy plants. ;-) Tech: 60x40x40cm, optiwhite rimless tank, 96liters Twinstar e600 led JBL e901 filter...
  16. CooKieS

    FireAqua 17l nano low tech 31x21x26cm

    Hi there, Starting a New journal as this nano used to be my epiphytes nursery and I've décided to scape it and Host some fishes in it. Here it is After rescaping , don't mind the pale kessai Wood that is just in, it will be as dark as the river wood in some weeks. Specs: Fireaqua 31x21x26cm...
  17. Kalum

    Favourite YouTube Aquascaping Channels

    I've watched most of the videos from my favourite 'go to' channels to learn or get inspiration from so looking for any others with good content These are top of my list, what is everyone else watching? Green Aqua - https://www.youtube.com/user/viktorlantos George Farmer -...
  18. Nigel95

    Nigel's 80cm Nature Aquarium Aquascape

    Hey guys! This is my 80cm contest tank for 2019. Results are coming soon so I'm sharing the hardscape now and will update this journal later on. :) Tank Optic white 80 x 40 x 40 cm 128l Light ADA RGB Solar Co2 Co2 art elite regulator + atomizer Aquaflora Plants Rotala Green, Rotala...
  19. DutchMuch

    Emersed Culture, [The Beginner Basics].

    So I decided to do a how-to on Emersed Culture(s) for newbies to the whole "Emersed World!" of aquatic plants. Background: I have been planting and "Harvesting" Emersed aquarium (or aquatic) plants, for around 3 years now. In that time I have learned a lot in such little time, that is due to...
  20. The Scaper’s Scene

    Hi everyone!!!

    Hello everyone! I just bought all the supplies for my new tank, so probably I’ll start aquascaping soon. This forum is an amazing opportunity for everyone to learn a lot. Thank you guys for doing that for the hobby.
  21. L

    Custom 550L Planted aquarium build

    550L Planted aquarium build We have recently just set up a planted aquarium for our client in London. The client was looking for a heavily planted double island style aquascape in their living space. Any feedback is appreciated (good or bad)!! Thanks all. Aquarium Specs: Tank: 550L or...
  22. DutchMuch

    From this... To this... To this... To this...

    From This... To this... To this... To this...
  23. RoXSaida

    Setting up a low tech paludarium

    Hello everyone ! I'm setting up my first "real aquascape" and I wanted to create a paludarium in my 30L nothing too crazy I want to keep everything simple. I was inspired by this paludarium : So I started to play around with the rock and try to create an hardscape : I think that it...
  24. RoXSaida

    Suggestion of plants with this light ?

    Hello ! First of all Happy new year to everyone ! I'm launching a new tank of 40L and I want to create my first real aquascape, but my budget is not enought to buy a good light, and I saw on the internet a lot of beautiful aquarium using led bulb light. I bought one (Full spectrum, 6500K, 500L...
  25. CooKieS

    Ada 60p, talawa land

    Hi, Playing with talawa and seiryu stones at my LFS this afternoon...get me inspired for the 2019 version of my 60p...to be continued, soon! Cheers
  26. CooKieS

    180l nature aqua

    Hi, Very quick scape (1hour because my son is sick and needed to go to doctor) for an friend, simple nature aqua style. Specs: 180 liters tank from juwel Tropica soil Chihiros a series Pressurised CO2 2kg bottle Jbl e901 + flow pump Asia roots Seiryu stones Plants from aquaflora...
  27. DutchMuch

    Where is the best place to buy shrimp from? lets find out.

    Hey forum members, today I bring you an article of which I spent time making and enjoyed doing so, I hope you enjoy to. Today we will explore numerous online stores that sell shrimp, some being very popular and well known, and some being a bit less of the two...! All in all I found out which...
  28. DutchMuch

    Hey there- From Georgia (U.S)

    Howdy UKAPS Members, Some may know me from other forums, particularly APC since I'm a talkative member on there. I have been stalking UKAPS for some years now but never joined because I figured everyone was in the UK but recently I saw Nicpapa and Nigel over here as well as some other members...
  29. Nigel95

    Nigel's Mountain scape 36L

    New nano scape for a live contest (Vivarium) in November. Have a look at my Youtube channel :) >> www.youtube.com/nigelaquascaping << Final video Final shot R-Nigel-Hoevenaar-40-cm-nano-aquascape-Taihang-Mountains-- by Nigel Aquascaping, on Flickr Specs planted tank aquarium Tank 40x30x30...
  30. E

    amano shrimp eating hairgrass

    hello, i added a few amano shrimp to my aquarium a few days ago, and i noticed that some of them have been nibbling the tips of my eleocharis hairgrass , which is strange as i didn't think they eat plants , could it be that there just hungry as i have not fed them anything yet, and the aquarium...
  31. Nigel95

    Why you should use a scape box - Learn hardscaping faster

    A scape box helped me a lot to improve my hardscape skills faster. Full video about why you should use a scape box, how it can look like, some general tips and a few hardscapes of mine.
  32. oscarlloydjohn

    Nano tank plant suggestions

    I'm struggling with these swords in my tiny tank. Absolutely no idea why I bought such a large plant for such a small tank. It was in the early days of the tank and I had basically no knowledge or experience. I can't get them to grow properly; they have always had some kind of deficiency which...
  33. MrHammonds

    Questions regarding soft water areas and 'Walstad Method'.

    Morning all, my first post on this forum as I'm struggling to get a clear answer whilst doing my 'google' research! I've been running a couple of planted, 'low/ medium' tanks so far, a 46l and a 125l tropical. They have both seen good planting results with a seachem fluorite base on one and a...
  34. alex08

    Nature's Path

    Following Roots and Grit, Nature's Path will have a more defined hardscape and hopefully i won't let it be covered to much. I managed to get my hands on some more ferns and will also change the lighting and go for led. Equipment : ° Aquarium : home made, 100x55x45cm ° Lighting : 6x39w T5...
  35. Tamscapes

    Newbie from East London looking for CO2 and aquascaping advice

    Hi everyone! I'm planning on purchasing a Juwel Lido 200 next week. It will be the first time I've used CO2 and tried to aquascape. Any tips for a beginner? My dad and I have always kept aquariums but this CO2 introduction has made me nervous! If anyone knows a decent place to purchase gas...
  36. AquamaniacUK

    The old forest

    Hi Time to share another assembly. This will be my last assembly made in England. Tank : Clearseal 40x 30x 30 cm aprox. 36 litres Filtration : Dennerle scapers flow Lighting: Chihiros Aquasky 451 (Initially 6 hours, currently 7 hours day) Heating : Fluval mirrored M 200 watts Co2 ...
  37. Aqua Hero

    Brown algae crisis

    Right so I started a new scape a few weeks ago and at the start it was good. The monte carlo carpet was growing fast and the moss was transitionin well. Then after 1 1/2 weeks I decided to dose my ei ferts (I hadn't used it in several months). A few weeks later I get this brown algae plague. I...
  38. Hyoscine

    Could I get some plant suggestions for this hex tank?

    Hi all, So, this is the tank in question; an Aquael Hex 60 litre thing. Initially it's just going to be a new home for my shrimp and snails, but once things have been up and running for a few months, the plan is to keep ten or so otos in there too. I've never had tank larger than 30 litres...
  39. Aqua Hero

    Critique my hardscape Need some advice/opinions on hardscape

    Hello Aquascapers, I have come back from a long retirement from this hobby and decided to rescape my dull tank. My current idea for the scape: -use a mix of weeping moss and spiky moss on the lava rocks - use flame moss for the rear of the tank - have a mix of monte carlo and DHG in the front...
  40. George Farmer

    Video - Step-by-step Aquascape

    Hi all Here's a video of me aquascaping a Dennerle Scapers Tanks using some very cool plants, and with guest appearance from the legendary Stefan Hummer aka The Plantahuhter! I hope you like it! Cheers, George
  41. AquamaniacUK

    Stairway to heaven - fluval chi aquascape

    It’s been a while since I posted something here on the forum. So I would like to share a cube aquascape I set up a few weeks ago. The tank Is a fluval Chi. I bought this for 10£ on the festival of fishkeeping. They normally have some good prices during the show, specially on second hand tanks...
  42. Raposo

    Gunung Kinabalu

    Hi everyone, Just setup a new tank, thought i could share, Started: 10Oct2016 Aquarium: ADA 90P (90x45x45) Stand: Aquaeden cherry (90x45x80) Lighting: 2 X Chihiros Series A Filtration: Eheim Professional 3 600 Heating / Cooling: Eheim 150W Other equipment: Kit Co2 aquamedics with...
  43. tmiravent

    Half pixel to anamorphosis

    Hello, this is the journal for my new layout. This was the last image of the previous layout! Learned a lot with this tank lot's of challenges! Love to keep the neon tetras and the very special apistogramas B. Shishita. For this layout i'm working with black/red vulcanic rock and some wood...
  44. George Farmer

    George's new vlog series on YouTube

    Hi all, This is my first ever vlog! I hope you like it. It's a different style to my usual videos. The production level is lower (recorded on iPad with minimal editing) but it's a more relaxed style and insight into my life as an aquascaper. Please give me ideas for future vlogs and I'll...
  45. kpdp54

    90P from Norway

    Hello, It took me six months between receiving the tank and setting it up, but here is finally my first aquascape (and aquarium) ever. A short list of the material: - 90x45x45 from TMC - 90x45 TMC cabinet - 2 Radion XR15 Freshwater - EHEIM Pro4 350 - JBL 2kg CO2 bottle - inline diffuser from...
  46. Antoni

    Under the manzi roots - Antoni's new 120cm - hardscape in the making

    Hi guys, Have been working on this hardscape for some time, but due to lots of other projects and assignments, haven't quite finished it yet. Probably will refine some details and finish it after the Aquascaping Experience on the 5th of March :) Tank: Optiwhite 120x50x50 cm Hardscape: full...
  47. George Farmer

    UKAPS Aquascaping Experience - Raffle Prizes

    Hi all, It's just 4 weeks left until the most exciting aquascaping the UK has ever seen - The UKAPS Aquascaping Experience, held on Saturday, 5th March 2016. More details here - www.ukaps.org/ae To make things even more exciting, UKAPS have teamed up with some of our excellent sponsors, who...
  48. Smells Fishy

    New 200L Tank Pictures: From Start To Finish.

    I needed help carrying that up 3 flights of stairs it was super heavy. Its the biggest tank I've ever owned. I started off with a 60L then went up to 2 100L's and now I have graduated this. It was a mission just getting the wrapping off. It was hard getting the cardboard off aswell. This...
  49. Andy Thurston

    George Farmer At destination aquatics

    Hi Folks I was in Destination Aquatics In Milton Keynes last weekend and was told that George Farmer was doing a talk at the end of the month. So I checked around and found out the correct details and found out that he will be starting his talk at around 1pm on the 31st of October. Who's going?
  50. Stu Worrall

    CAPA 2015 competition results

    In case anyone hasn't spotted them the results of the French aquascaping contest were announced yesterday. Link below http://www.aquagora.fr/CAPA/palmares_fr_2015.html
  51. João Miguel Silva

    The Green Stream - Aquascaping 90L

    Name: The Green Stream Setup Date: 13/03/2015 Description: The Green Stream was born as an idea a few months, the concept was to replicate the underwater image of a river bank with sand bed where the vegetation brings out the transition between the bed and the margin, which is the perspective in...
  52. Pedro Rosa

    Dark Land (300l) - Now with FTS of the first days.

    DARK LAND (300l) SETUP Aquarium 120x50x50cm Date: 12/1/2015 a 1/2/2015 Filter: Eheim Professionel 3 DoAqua Violet Glass Outflow 17 mm (Lilly Pipe) DoAqua Violet Glass Inflow 17 mm (Lilly Pipe) Heating: Eheim Jager 200 w CO2 TMC 567g Pressurized, Solenoid Valve TMC Aquagrow Difuser Lights...
  53. viktorlantos

    Both worlds - aquatic plants

    Cheers to all, Some eye candy to share this time. One of our tanks from the showroom. Above and under water. With 100mm macro the border between the 2 worlds nicely blended :) Green Aqua Showroom by viktorlantos, on Flickr Green Aqua Showroom by viktorlantos, on Flickr Green Aqua Showroom by...
  54. Antoni

    GAPLC 2014 resuts are out

    Morning everyone, The results of the GAPLC 2014 are out. Not many UK aquascapers took part, but still, not bad ranking! Here is a link. Congats to everyone who competed! Roy Smith, aka Greenfinger for 5-th place in Wabi Kusa and 56-th place in Nano Category! Tim - 46-th place in Nano...
  55. viktorlantos

    Tweaking a layout til you're ok with it

    I remember in the past we've seen so many nice CAU examples and other asian ones how they refined their layout to the contests. Preparing tanks to the contest is not just about trimming and timing. Til you have time you can do almost any change to have a better appearance on your layout...
  56. George Farmer

    Your personal aquascaping/aquarium highlights from 2013

    Hi all, With the end of 2013 fast approaching I thought it would be interesting to share our personal planted tank and aquascaping highlights from the year. They can be anything from your own successful 'scapes, breeding fish, beating algae, new kit, new plants etc. Mine was setting up my...
  57. George Farmer

    What's your favourite aquascaping shop?

    Hi all, I'm interested to hear about your favourite aquarium shop that has an interest or bias towards aquascaping. For instance they may have a decent planted display tank or two and stock aquascaping-friendly kit such as CO2 and decent hardscape. Similar to this thread - UK Shops for...
  58. Reidy

    From Marine to Planted

    OK so today i underwent the 1st stages of the change, i have emptied my tank and had a real good clean out this took nearly 4 hours lol, all algae etc has been removed. After this i have broken down my canister filter (fluval 405), removed all media and carbon etc and all compartments are now...
  59. George Farmer

    2013 AGA Aquascaping Contest

    Hi all, Please consider entering this year's AGA contest. 2013 AGA Aquascaping Contest It's free and you can enter three aquascapes. In many ways it's better than the IAPLC in my opinion. There's a good chance you'll receive actual feedback from highly reputable judges. There's...
  60. viktorlantos

    Contest Photography

    As the IAPLC deadline is around the corner i thought i do open a topic on this. ADA published a nice video on photo capturing at least for the basics. You probably seen this before: a week ago or so we also captured one of our tanks. since my partner keymaker (Balázs) is coming from the...
  61. Antoni

    The Forest floor - Tropica aquascape New pics

    Hi everybody, after taking down my 20 l scape the Hare hill after Christmas, I have started a new aquascape with plants and substrate, kindly provided by Tropica. The tank has been set up in the beginning of February and is now about 2 months old. Spec: 20 l Boyo nano tank with filter...
  62. George Farmer

    New Aquascaping book by Oliver Knott and Chris Lukhaup

    Can't find much detail at the moment but photography is by Chris Lukhaup. Definitely one to check out, especially if they do an English translation. Timeline Photos | Facebook Aquascaping: Aquarienlandschaften gestalten: Amazon.co.uk: Oliver Knott, Chris Lukhaup: Books
  63. George Farmer

    Dennerle Scaper's tank

    These look good. New Scaper's tank from Dennerle | News | Practical Fishkeeping Another company switching on to the growth of aquascaping. I wouldn't mind one of these in my office, full of shrimp. :)
  64. LondonDragon

    Interesting concept by Oliver Knott

    At Hannover 2013 nano competition! Enjoy! :)
  65. Ady34

    Fluval Studio 900. Sticks and Stones.

    Hello, following straight on from the brief 'Coastal Erosion' journal, i thought id better begin a new journal for the rescape. After considering a hardscape only set up :eh: .... i came to my senses, and used the plants from coastal erosion to start the tank off. These needed adding to and...
  66. Mark Evans

    saintly's "Autumn Blush"

    my lad is 3 almost 4. i had my 60cm sat in the corner with a box of stone wood and substarte. i put the substarte in and left it. last night i let my little boy have a go at scaping and this is what he came up with. ABSALUTLEY NO help from me, apart from adding the substarte.
  67. Mark Evans

    Saintly's 120cm 'hill's of desire'

    So, it's time to get the 120cm out again, but the difference being, it's in someone else's house. my Aunty and uncles to be precise. it's literally 2 minutes from me, so i can treat the tank as if it were my own. it's an impressive house, so i couldn't resist persuading them to have a 4 footer...
  68. Stu Worrall

    90x45x45 "Llyn Peninsula"

    Well, my tank is here at last and im most pleased with it. Its a 90x45x45cm optiwhite on a metalika stand from Aquariums Ltd. Had a wee problem with the original tank which was sorted with no problems by Ray at AQ and to say im happy with it is an understatement. The silicon on these tanks is...
  69. Mark Evans

    Saintly's 240L 'savannah dreaming' scape finished

    Tank Stats. 120 x 45 x 45 240L opti-white substrate, 5 x 10L florabase ferts, EI plants, plenty lighting, 2 x 54wt5 filter, AquaPro NR4 1550lph, korolia no.3 injected co2 via boyou inline diffuser. fish, various.
  70. Mark Evans

    "Prairie Lands"... job done

    Tank: 120 x 45 x 45 optiwhite from aquariums ltd Lighting: Arcadia 4 x 54wt5 (running 2 x 54t5) Filter: Aquadistri 1500LPH Co2: pressurised via in line diffuser (2 hours before lights on- 2 hours before lights off) Ferts: EI via spoon (dry) Substrate: Columbo flora base x 5 10L Plants...
  71. LondonDragon

    My First Planted Tank (The End) Juwel Rio 125

    Hello everyone, Just thought I would post a few photos of my Juwel Rio 125. I haven't been in the planted scene for too long, I have really started using real plants in the past 9 months, was using mainly plastic before. Started reading the various forums on the web and also asked a lot of...
  72. Mark Evans

    'Blue Sky' Iwagumi ...overgrown

    I'm collecting everything i need for an up and coming journal in my 60cm. A change in substrate, is exciting.(thanks to Aquajardin :thumbup: ) I've used ADA in the past with tremendous results, I'm itching to get this into a tank :D
  73. George Farmer

    [IWAGUMI] Scree Evolution - The End

    The [IWAGUMI] Project Scree aquascape has evolved after almost 7 months with the original plant layout. Here's the original thread - viewtopic.php?f=35&t=12095 The hardscape concept, inspired from a mountaineering expedition to Snowdonia, Wales - To final full-tank shot - Keen to attempt...
  74. Piece-of-fish

    NA Style Baby... (Update 24.12)

    Ehehei 777th Journal :) That is what we have managed to do during LFKC meet on Sunday. Huge thanks to all the guys for coming and helping with the hardscape. This would not look as it does without your help and advice. Initially plans were very different but i am very happy how this turned out...
  75. Stu Worrall

    90x45x45cm - 2011 IAPLC entry #577 - The Unknown Valley

    Llyn Peninsula (below) was stripped down this week with much regret but I wanted to have a go of using the black lava rock I picked up from a local quarry a while back. 90x45x45cm ADA Entry 2010 by Stu Worrall, on Flickr This is what ive been working on for the last few days. Lots of prep...
  76. LondonDragon

    Shrimp Tank - Juwel Rekord 60

    Hi Guys, has some might be aware sometime ago decided to setup a shrimp only tank to see if I could breed some cherries and hopefully one day some decent Crystal Reds. The Tank has been up and running for about a month and since over the past week I have noticed loads of little Cherries on my...
  77. Piece-of-fish

    Four Seasons 300L Finish

    Hi, this is going to be a loooooooooong planning... Some of you have seen my recent topic about bottom drilled tanks. Originally i wanted to go for 370L bottom drilled but decided that its a little to big and i dont have enough experience to pull it out yet and that its better to go for...
  78. Ian Holdich

    Aquagreen (the end)

    I thought i'd have a mess around with some hardscape this afternoon, ready for my new scape. The old scape will be shut down next week and i'm away on holiday for a week. I will have my plants on order over the week when i'm away and will be planting on the Friday when i get back. I have the...
  79. George Farmer

    [IWAGUMI] Project Scree - New plants and lights

    Inspired by a recent mountaineering expedition to Snowdonia. This is my third attempt at an Iwagumi, and I think it has potential. I think it's the strongest use of hardscape I've used in any design so far. This dry run with the hardscape has been set up in a 60x30x30cm, but I will be...
  80. Alastair

    A Chocolate Puddle -

    Right, thought it was about time I finally start my journal especially after a few people pushing me to start it up. Brownie points to the first person to guess why I chose the name for the journal ( those who know are excluded). Having had so much fun running high tech, there was one tank...
  81. sanj

    "Fifty Shades of Green" - (1600 Litre Sanjarami)

    I dont know what to call it, its too early and i think I will only get a real feel of where it is going when im in the tank, bruising my fingers and getting angry at the tree stumps. Hopefully I wont get too frustrated about it and it will manifest itself with ease... hmm. Sanjarami...well i...
  82. BigTom

    Tom's Bucket O' Mud - The End

    ***WARNING*** This journal is likely to contain any, some or all of the following: mud, dirty glass, terrible typing, horrible crawly things, really boring fish, algae, piles of rotting crap, bad photography, drunken ramblings, non-existent aquascaping, total disaster and complete disregard for...
  83. Stu Worrall

    Stu's 90x45x45 Apalala Shore - IAPLC 2012 #114 - AGA 2012 #3

    Following on from this last scape which to be honest got too grown in. Final photo for IAPLC 2011 - #577 - The Unknown Valley The Unknown Valley Stu Worrall - 90x45x45c IAPLC 2011 - #577 by Stu Worrall, on Flickr Ive now stripped the tank down and started on a new design. this time its...
  84. George Farmer

    Introducing Featured Journals

    Introducing - Featured Journals Hi all, The objective behind this Featured Journals sub-forum is to showcase the best journals created by UKAPS Members. We hope that this will maintain and encourage further the excellent quality of journals on the UKAPS Forum. Qualities of a Featured...
  85. oddn0ise

    oddn0ise - 270L planted rebuild - IAPLC entry

    Here's my previous tank before work commenced: Tropical fish/plant layout June11 by oddnoise, on Flickr# I’ve been keeping tropical fish for about 15 years now and over the last seven years I have focused on creating planted layouts but with a fair share of non plant friendly exotic fish. In...
  86. LondonDragon

    Top 20 IAPLC 2012 Entries + UKAPS Member Entries

    Well better later than never, here is the top 20 IAPLC Results plus UKAPS Members entries. Well done everyone that participated. 1. Zhang Jianfeng (China) 2. Siak Wee Yeo (Malaysia) 3. Long Tran Hoang (Vietnam) 4. Song Pin Chen (Taiwan) 5. Yutaka Kanno (Japan) 6. Duc Viet Bui...
  87. LondonDragon

    Hungarian Aquascaping Contest (HAC) 2012 Results

    Results from the competition by our Hungarian cousins ;) #1 Main category #2 Main category #3 Main category All works from Main category: Hungarian Aquascaping Contest (HAC) - Galéria #1 nano category #2 nano category #3 nano category All works from nano category...