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"Prairie Lands"... job done

Mark Evans

13 Jun 2008
newark notts.
Tank: 120 x 45 x 45 optiwhite from aquariums ltd
Lighting: Arcadia 4 x 54wt5 (running 2 x 54t5)
Filter: Aquadistri 1500LPH
Co2: pressurised via in line diffuser (2 hours before lights on- 2 hours before lights off)
Ferts: EI via spoon (dry)
Substrate: Columbo flora base x 5 10L
Plants: Aquafleur: e acicularis, lilaeospis; crypt species, and tenellus.

It was about this time last year, I did this layout but was unsuccessful. Many factors ruined the layout, bad water quality (not sure why) bad plant positioning.

This time around, and year on, i've learned enough to maybe make a success this time. It'll be high tech, but not as high tech as I'm used to. lower light etc etc....

so the following image is from today, as not a great deal different to the one i posted a year ago. Pretty easy to recreate.


Plants shall be real easy, tennelus, acicularis and HC maybe...big maybe. Crypts (brown varieties and sparse!)
Re: "Prairie Lands"...The return

Nice and classic stone placement. Maybe tilt the rightmost stone a bit more or the middle one a little less? I say forget the HC and stick with the tennelus as carpet. Amano would love you for that 😀
Re: "Prairie Lands"...The return

YzemaN said:
I say forget the HC and stick with the tennelus as carpet. Amano would love you for that 😀

me to.

dead simple, tenellus and grass.

YzemaN said:
Maybe tilt the rightmost stone a bit more

I see it to mate :thumbup: thanks man.

this shows the texture of the stone a bit more.


click it and it shall go big 😀
Re: "Prairie Lands"...The return

Jur4ik said:
subscribed 😉

cheers mate. :thumbup:

After a few discussions with James, throwing ideas around, i've decide on grass, tenellus and crypts. not may crypts, but enough to maybe represent weeds. green ones with the odd brown thrown in 😀
Re: "Prairie Lands"...The return

At last another saintly er sorry Mark evans journal to read,it's gonna look brill I'm sure,
Regards John.
Re: "Prairie Lands"...The return

altaaffe said:
Looking forward to it Mark, you're starting to make that bug itch me again too.... now where did I put that fire extinguisher ?

you cant beat a change mate.

john starkey said:
At last another saintly er sorry Mark evans journal to read,

:lol: my journals seem a a bit boring these days. going over old ground and what not.
Re: "Prairie Lands"...The return

cheers Bud. i've got some parvula and some Lilaeopsis brasiliensis. Just waiting for tenellus, aciularis and crypts.
Re: "Prairie Lands"...The return

I know what you mean Mark, thats how i felt when i wanted to plant my first tank. Can't wait to see more plants.
Re: "Prairie Lands"...The return

Krish's Bettas said:
Can't wait to see more plants.

me to :lol: I'm just filling with water, then I'll empty it when the others arrive. It's a simple layout, so I don't mind doing it this way.
Re: "Prairie Lands"...The return

24 hours on and my plants look lonely 🙁

at least I could run the filters and check everything works OK. Could reason to clean some of the floating crap to.


fingers crossed, this should be fully planted tomorrow night.