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What's your favourite aquascaping shop?


George Farmer

Hi all,

I'm interested to hear about your favourite aquarium shop that has an interest or bias towards aquascaping.

For instance they may have a decent planted display tank or two and stock aquascaping-friendly kit such as CO2 and decent hardscape.

Similar to this thread -

UK Shops for the Planted Tank Hobbyist | UK Aquatic Plant Society

But I'd like to keep this thread really neat and tidy, making it an easy reference.

Please follow the following template -
  • Shop name -
  • Location (for web-only write "web-only") -
  • Website -
  • Why do you like it? -
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Gloucester aquajardin has got to be mine. I like it because of it warm friendly thoughtfully and helpfull staff. If it wasn't for Edd there I wouldn't be writing this now as he told me I had to get on ukaps their tanks/scaping is always looking fresh. Something new whenever I pop in to annoy them.😀
  • The Green Machine
  • Wrexham
  • Nature Aquarium Superstore for Fish Tank & Tropical Aquatic Plants Supplies | Aquatics, Aquascaping, Nature Aquarium & Hydroponics Specialists
  • Its more than just a shop. This is the only planted store near me (and even then its a good 50 mins away!) and on my first visit I was offered a brew from the owner (Which would of been rude had I refused!) and I was then shown around the store. We spent 45 mins talking about a proposed high tech discus setup with all the pros and cons and some of the advice i recieved was invaluble. the stock of plants was incredible and all in superb health I now feel really guilty for not purchasing anything! either way, it was a superb experience that will make future drives there worthwhile!!
Aqua essential

Planted Aquarium Specialists, Aquarium Plants, Mixed Boxes of Aquatic Plants, Substrates, CO2 Sets, Fertilisers, Diffusers and LED Lighting Systems

Unit 2 Creedy ValeDown EndLords Meadow Industrial EstateCreditonEX17 1HN

Ive not been able to visit the shop yet so buy my stuff online from them and honestly I can not praise them enough, any queries ive had have always been answered quickly and fully, there prices are very fair and there quality is second to none, I choose to shop with aqua essential over other places as I can be 100% confident I will get superb quality and service
The Green Machine

Nature Aquarium Superstore for Fish Tank & Tropical Aquatic Plants Supplies | Aquatics, Aquascaping, Nature Aquarium & Hydroponics Specialists

For the same reasons krazypara mentioned, they're very friendly and helpful, my daughter almost always gets given sweets there which keeps her quiet. Obviously just looking at the scapes in there make it worth a visit even if I'm not planning buying anything.

The fact it's a 15 min drive from where I live in Oswestry helps as well.
No one high street retailer round these 'ere parts does everything that well to be a one stop shop. But living in MK has its benefits...occasionally.
Destination Aquatics for hardscape, and plants...they stock this range Anubias – Piante d' acquario - Aquatic plants and they're pretty darn good.
Fish from my local Maidenhead Aquatics Woburn Sands - Fishkeeper...the best livestock by a country mile.
Both have knowledgeable, friendly and helpful staff.
I tend to use a multitude of online retailers for all other stuff...much cheaper.
maidenhead aquatics
BH21 2DN

Wimborne - Fishkeeper
this shop has has pretty much everything, hardscape materials, co2 equipment, led lighting, plants , nano fish , high tech display tank, shrimp and friendly staff.
london , visit by appointment only Aquarium shrimps plants aquascaping London
Always has good stock of the things that make me open my wallet; hardscape, ferts, quality plants, quality shrimp, shrimp supplements and most importantly quality advise.
The owners not a bad guy either... think his kettle might have been broken for a year or so now though 😉 although the tea was replaced with beer and ,ironically, a lithuanian dried fish snack on the last visit :lol:
  • Shop name - Aquaessentials
  • Location - Thought it was web only but poster above says he has a shop 🙂 Long way from me though
  • Website - aquaessentials.co.uk
  • Why do you like it? - Well it was the first place that catered for us in the UK. When there was no other option but to try and buy stuff on ebay all of a sudden there was AE and we could get our hands on what we saw from overseas scapers. Products and delivery is second to none as well.
  • Shop name - Aquarium Plant Food
  • Location (for web-only write "web-only") - web-only
  • Website - http://www.aquariumplantfood.co.uk/
  • Why do you like it? - Great product range for plants and shrimp. Plus superb glassware all dealt with by a very professional and personal service
Sixhills Aquatics Hainton Ave Grimsby.

They stock Tropica plants fresh every Wed and are so very helpful. Not exactly a 'scape' specialist but anything can be quickly had to order and they do stock some rock and substrates. Shrimps and fishes also stocked and of good quality.
aquaessentials as lots of others
  • Shop name - Maidehead aquatics
  • Location (for web-only write "web-only") - Stockton
  • Website - http://fishkeeper.co.uk/
  • Why do you like it? - enthusiatic helpful staff, good quality plants with a wider selection than normal
  • Shop name - Maidenhead aquatics
  • Location (for web-only write "web-only") - Heighley gate (northumberland
  • Website - http://fishkeeper.co.uk/
  • Why do you like it? - helpful extremly knowlegable staff ,put up with my dumb questions!!!