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saintly's "Autumn Blush"

Mark Evans

13 Jun 2008
newark notts.
my lad is 3 almost 4. i had my 60cm sat in the corner with a box of stone wood and substarte. i put the substarte in and left it. last night i let my little boy have a go at scaping and this is what he came up with.


ABSALUTLEY NO help from me, apart from adding the substarte.

Re: saintly's son try's his hand

Plant it up, its better than The Henge 😛

Only joking, but it ain't half bad for a little one 8)

I'd move the big stone at the front though...
Re: saintly's son try's his hand

i just couldnt get him off his little stool. had to be real carefull with the stones. i could hear little dinks, and thought he'd crack it, but a little papa override on stone selection cured that :lol:
Re: saintly's son try's his hand

yeah, I bet man... wouldn't be so bad with a cheap tank 😀

Did you ask him what his planting list is? My boy would say dandelions and roses :? :lol:
Re: saintly's son try's his hand

now this i can answer.

my sons says "Ava" it's small child talk for cut, or painfull. he says..."i got ava arm" meaning i gat a painful arm.

the first time he saw rummie nose tetras, he said "ava faces" it made me laugh out load, i guess he saw the red face as blood or something. so he likes the fish with ava face! :lol:
Re: saintly's son try's his hand

That'll put a lot of people to shame.

Maybe they think too much about it! :lol:
Re: saintly's son try's his hand

If you were to say whats the closest to a naturally arranged tank you can get without it looking artificial i'd officially have to say imagine a 3 year old kid placing rocks and wood within the 4 walls of your tank and this will be it. A little expert tweaking here and there but otherwise not a bad attempt for a lil fella finding his feet in the hobby (quite literally?)
Re: saintly's son try's his hand

A bit of guidance and he came through, bless him..... 😀

i may plant this one

Re: saintly's son try's his hand

LondonDragon said:
Looks good Mark 😉 you should plant it, will encourage him even more 😉

he loves getting his hands in! i'm getting the plant order for this soon. 😀
Re: saintly's son try's his hand

I wish they did a nice LED luminaire like they do the metal halides, it's the 150w energy consumption that's stopped me from buying one...
An amazing little tank, that son of yours is going to end up the next amano!
Re: saintly's son try's his hand

LondonDragon said:
I like the DIY luminaire holder, by I do think its way too high and looks odd!!! From the photos anyway!
I agree... there is still a lot of room for play there Mark, and you can always swap the poles when changing tanks 🙂

Really smart mate 🙂 How long is the power cord?
Re: saintly's son try's his hand

true guys, but i only got the thing set up late this after noon. I'll cut stuff down at the weekend. and drill the holes in the pipe for the cable 8)
Re: saintly's son try's his hand

samc said:
hows the light anyway?

beautiful sam, i cant wait to see how it looks with plants in.

I'm excited to get this planted, it's been weeks now, so the plant order is imminent 😛