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  1. CooKieS


    Hi all, As my passion for rare plants grown up since 2 years, and my bank account reduced more and more, I decided to setup a budget friendly small tank to grow rare plants and sell some eventually. So here’s the equipment used: -Viv mini S optiwhite tank 31x18x26cm -Ledstar Aqs-Pro 45 led...
  2. VarunA

    Borneo stream DOOA H36 mizukusa mistwall60

    Hey guys, PS: Figured I post this journal here as well. :) The posts below are from the past when I set this up approx in November of 2021. Here is my second attempt at aquscaping. After my first ADA 60 Aquascape (see ADA60p Iwagumi scape) and a lot of obsessive YouTube (watching Greenaqua...
  3. Kalum

    ADA Amazonia variations...

    The confusing world of ADA substrates... ADA have never been the clearest with their marketing, and now there are old/new and different varieties i'm just trying to get my head round what is what. After searching the ADA journals, youtube, google and many other reviews i'm finding a bit of...
  4. D

    Where do we buy the ADA Garden Stand for 90P?

    This stand here, seems like its no where to be found?
  5. Sid.scapes

    45p Modern Iwagumi

    Should have done this long time ago but well, better late than never.
  6. Nathanh2150

    Thoughts on the ADA Background light

    Hi All, Today wile visiting my favourite aquascaping store in Norwich I came across an ADA Background Lighting Unit that goes on the back of the aquarium which can be dimmed to the preferred ambience to suite your aquarium. I am more then likely gonna dibble into my savings to get one for my...
  7. Daruma87

    Stone ID

    Hey all, I purchased some stones from my LFS but am having a tough time identifying them. It was labeled as ADA-rocks and the shopkeeper couldn't remember the name as they forgot to note them down (a very long time ago). The only thing they could assure me is that the rocks will not affect the...
  8. CooKieS

    45p, childhood memories, nano river scape.

    Hi, Let’s try something different...always loved pebbles, it reminds me my childhood, playing near small local rivers. After collecting a full bucket of pebbles with my son by the river next to my home, we could start scaping this viv 45p tank. Hardscape: River pebbles Ada aqua gravel S River...
  9. CooKieS

    Dooa neo glass air, 30x18x12cm

    Hello, New project; I started to enjoy emersed stuff only a few weeks ago, and I wanted something prettier than my ikea jar to hold my first wabi kusa ball, so I bought this dooa; Very impressed by the build quality and the floating look of it. Led is onf flat nano (not +) with base (it’s...
  10. LukeScapewalker

    ADA 90P Garden Cube

    Day 1 in the Big Aquascape House Our first go at an aquascape. I've really enjoyed it and I am keen to do another, but I am not taking this one apart! Hardware ADA 90p (wish it was 90p) Twinstar V2 S Series 900 Oase Biomaster Thermo 600 Seachem Matrix Co2 Art PRO-SE Series. Dual Stage...
  11. D

    Extremely Easy ADA Style 60cm DIY Cabinet

    This is extremely easy, looks on par with the ADA cabinets with a fraction of the cost. In my opinion, the wooden accents down the side of the cabinet makes it looks slightly better, but that is down to taste. Parts list Cabinet Finn 60 x 75cm Free Standing Cabinet by Fackelmann Fackelmann...
  12. Kalum

    Progression - ADA 75P - partially planted

    My previous scape in this tank ended here: The Island - ADA 75P - It's been a while.... Easy title as i'm hoping that after just 3 years in hobby i've at least progressed a tiny bit and able to put into practice what i've learned so far (with a lot still to learn). Main idea of this scape will...
  13. oscarlloydjohn

    Twinstar 600e how bright?

    Hi everyone, long time no see. I'm setting up my ADA 60f again for my dwarf puffers, this time it will be a blackwater with some easy plants and no CO2. I was wondering how dim I should have my Twinstar 600e, I'm looking to grow Vallisneria nana, Cryptocoryne wendtii and Helanthium tenellum...
  14. T

    TGM's Fishless Filter Cycling

    Hi all, I was wondering if anyone has had any experience with The Green Machine's fishless filter cycling schedule using the ada substrate layers? It seems to be a neat way to get around the daily water changes required in the first few weeks of setup if you are using ada aquasoil (the key...
  15. P

    DIY ADA fert

    Hi Guys! Do I have any chance of making ADA ferts DIY? Is there any description I could make based on? thank you
  16. Nigel95

    ADA Nature Aquarium Gallery and Japanese Aquascaping

    Hey everyone :) In October 2019 I have been to Japan and have done lots of aquascaping activities. I made a cinematic video with the best highlights of my trip. I hope you will enjoy the moments through my camera lens. Please subscribe if you like the video. During the trip I have been to: -...
  17. Williampp

    London Scapers

    Hi, London based aquascaper and ADA fan here. How many of you are London based?
  18. MiZubov

    Amazonia, phosphates and more and more...

    Hello. I very often use products from ADA in my aquariums (the entire line of soils and fertilizers), but still I can not fully understand how it still works. In my aquariums there is always a powerful filtration, a strong supply of carbon dioxide and strong lighting, clean osmosis, without...
  19. bettaguy

    I saw a post asking about the ADA terra base

    I saw a post talking about the ADA terra base so I thought I'd share mine which is freshly planted, this was the next day after being planted so it hasn't matured at all. The terra base itself is £30 but the glass is more. I don't believe the glass is needed though but it was for me to keep...
  20. Shinobi

    New ADA light: Aquasky RGB

    Not much information is available yet, just thought it might be an interesting option for 60cm tanks that wants that 'famous' Solar RGB rendition but for a bit less. Haven't seen it in person but heard it should render similar to Solar, this version probably uses the same diodes only fewer...
  21. CooKieS

    FireAqua 17l nano low tech 31x21x26cm

    Hi there, Starting a New journal as this nano used to be my epiphytes nursery and I've décided to scape it and Host some fishes in it. Here it is After rescaping , don't mind the pale kessai Wood that is just in, it will be as dark as the river wood in some weeks. Specs: Fireaqua 31x21x26cm...
  22. Hanuman

    Akadama and ADA Amazonia

    Hello all, I was wondering if anyone had ever tried using both substrates in the same tank, one capping the other. Not sure if that would make any sense but curious to know if some people did and if it had any benefits? Thanks
  23. Kalum

    The Island - ADA 75P - It's been a while....

    This has been a few months coming after my barn find of a tank earlier this year, so I’ve been playing with ideas and stockpiling hardscape since and waiting till I had more time to get this set up. A return to high tech and my first proper attempt at a fairly high light tank. Tank – ADA 75P...
  24. P

    Which soil?

    Hi! I'm planning to rebuild my Aquarium Scape. What do you think, which is the best soil from theese? ADA Amazonia Tropica Aquarium Soil Dennerle Scaper's Soil GlasGarten Environment Aquarium Soil Dennerle Shrimp King Active Soil Please justify your choice. Thank you very much
  25. C

    CmLaracy's 90P ADA

    **COLOR CORRECTED PHOTOS IN UPDATES** Hello! It's been a while (~10 years) since I've done one of these, upgraded from a 75P (all my previous journals using that tank are are on the plantedtank.net which is where I used to post) and a hand made cabinet, to a 90P and an ADA cabinet, because I'm...
  26. CooKieS

    17l fireaqua iwagumi

    Hi, Small nano 17l opti by fireaqua. 31x20x26cm Ancient stone Some Wood roots First tryout in 10min; Any plants suggestions welcome! Cheers
  27. MiZubov

    Phosphates in ADA fertilizers system.

    Hall! As I know the old system fertilizers has contained nitrates and phosphates. Seem to be It had a strange ratio N : P in "special shade" and "special lights" (Tom Barr gives that data). But now ADA has only Nitrates (without phosphates) in their Nitrogen ferts. Am I right? Anybody knows how...
  28. oscarlloydjohn

    ADA 60f rock layout

    For my birthday I was lucky enough to receive an ADA 60f and the kit to go along with it. I'll be putting a lot of my savings into this project too. I've been waiting quite a while to set this up, but I had to get my trial exams out the way before I could get going. I made a visit to Aquarium...
  29. HypeBuce

    Anyone in Nottingham area selling an ADA 60P?

    looking for a 60X30X36 optiwhite tank ideally ADA. New, they're £130-140 so if somebody has a setup or spare tank they're willing to sell let me know :)
  30. oscarlloydjohn

    Outflow choices

    I will hopefully be getting an ADA 60F soon (there will be a journal!). It will be a rock layout with monte carlo as the main plant, not an Iwagumi though. I plan to have deep aquasoil with banks on either side so that I can have emersed growth. Can any of you share any advice/experiences on...
  31. FJK_12

    ADA 60p

    Hey everyone, here is my new 60p I have just set up. I have always been inspired by the classic nature aquarium style and have been collecting materials for a concave layout for a few months now. Managed to get some good deals on second hand ADA equipment for almost the full setup too. Blank...
  32. Shinobi

    ADA Light screen

    So at last years IAPLC, ADA showcased their new upcoming products including a updated surface skimmer with integrated float switch. The big buzz however was from their attachable LED background “Light Screen” complete with dimmer and gradiatien sheet. Now, I know you might as well put a...
  33. Robertus van Tilburg

    kei stone spiderwood scape

    ada60-p. I am playing again with my aquascaping tools... This time a kei stone spiderwood setup.
  34. Shinobi

    ADA Super jets - worth the investment?

    I've been eyeballing these filters for a while now, especially the ES600 for my 60p. I know they have proved their worth in the ADA gallery for years now, but I simply can't get my head around how a 350l/h filter can be sufficient for a 60p or even a 90p when we usually do the 10x turnover rule...
  35. CooKieS

    Ada 60P - nature aquarium

    Hi there, long Time no see but I can't leave this Beautiful hobby. I'm actually collecting stuff and thinking about the hardscape of my 2018 tank. Specs- Ada 60p Twinstar 600 led Jbl e901 Inline CO2 2kg Tropica soil powder Chihiros doctor v4 Inox pipes Hardscape: River Wood River Gravel and...
  36. Robertus van Tilburg

    New Scape Dragon stones.

    Made a new Scape. Starting the hardscape: Included the details: Ready: Will return after a few weeks growth.
  37. Shinobi

    60p - Agent Orange AKA 'Roof on Fire'

    Hello Ukaps! After the teardown of my last tank "Reach Out" I finally got around to set up this new one - and to try a different style for now. Tank and Equipment: ADA 60p ADA Solar RGB (with shade) Atledis suspension kit DIY ADA-style Wood Cabinet In- and outflow lily's from Cal Aqua Laps...
  38. T

    Twinstar SP Series LED for ADA 90f

    Hi, I have just purchased an ADA 90f (L90cm, W30cm, D20cm) tank and needed some advice on whether to go for the new Twinstar 600SP or 900SP to hang above the tank. I am planning on getting medium difficulty plants from Tropica, however wasn't sure if the 600SP would offer the coverage for the...
  39. Chris25

    New tank - ADA & Eco Complete

    Hi all, I'm redoing my 180L tank and have been looking into ADA aqua soil. I did have eco complete but found I'd pretty much just paid a lot of money for expensive black gravel. Crypts and stem plants did grow well but I want to get a carpet and do a nicer planted tank, so I've been looking...
  40. Richard Swales

    The Iwagumi Journal

    Hi There I am undergoing a new project to create an Iwagumi style Aqua Scape aquarium. This series of posts will journal my project week to week as a progress to keep you and indeed myself in the loop! I want to use this build my skills in aquascaping by being able to reflect and critique...
  41. MiZuboov

    Aquascape without algaes is it really or..?

    Hallo! I've begun ADA cube garden 30х30х30. I've used full system ADA (PowerSand, Amazonia, PowerSand and other additivies) + lightning Aquasky 301 + superjet es 150. I've used RO Spectrapure. First week: change water 50% + 2drop (each of it: phyton git, green gain, green bacter - every day...
  42. MiZuboov

    Param of water in aquascapes?

    Hallo! What do you think, what param of water in aquascpapes is optimal? Given that I will to use all products of ADA (MH - lightning, additivies, fertiliziers) I have RO\DI Spectrapure and I can to make anything parameters of water. I want to know dKh, dGh, pH (in the middle of the day, before...
  43. Richard Swales

    Can I Mix Amazonia with Tropica or Tetra Complete??

    Just had a delivery of a 9 litre bag of ADA Amazonia, but it isn't enough to fill my tank with a slope to the back of the tank and and around my rocks that I plan to place. I dont fancy paying another £36 + postage for a bag on Amazonia, so could I buy a bag of much cheaper Tropica Plant Growth...
  44. PM

    Paul's ADA 45 H Low tech - Pre setup discussion

    Hi all, :) Not sure if anyone here will remember me, I've been out of the hobby for a good few years now. I would like to get back into having a tank, and feel the need for discussion as I believe there may have been some developments in certain areas whilst I've been away. Please bare with...
  45. E

    Help! plant deficiency or toxicity ? ( new pics)

    hello everyone, as the title suggests I'm not sure whats wrong with my mont carlo, its been carpeting well however i have noticed some deficiency or something wrong. some leaves don't appear healthy. leaves seem to be almost transparent around the outside and lighter in the middle , as the...
  46. E

    help needed mont carlo deficiency?

    hello everyone, as the title suggests I'm not sure whats wrong with my mont carlo, its been carpeting well however i have noticed some deficiency or something wrong. some leaves don't appear healthy. leaves seem to be almost transparent around the outside or darker and lighter in the middle ...
  47. Shinobi

    ADA 60p "Reach Out"

    Hey guys! been lurking for a while now, thought it'd be my turn to take on an high-tech aquascape and would appreciate your comments and inputs as it goes along. Please excuse my bad English /: what we have so far: ADA 60p. JBL 901 Cristalprofi filter. inline Hydor 200w heater. Chihiros A-series...
  48. CooKieS

    Simple nature aquarium - 36x22x26

    Hi, Launched this scape for a friend yesterday; Optiwhite 36x22x26cm approx 6gallons Asia wood Seiryu stones Ada amazonia Tropica powder Jbl mineral soil Sunsun filter Chihiros A series 360 Pressurised CO2 Glass lily pipes Fissidens fontanus Marsilea crenata Rotala green Rotala rotundifolia...
  49. Christos Ioannou

    To flood or not to?

    Hi all, I've got a new scape setup, using aquasoil. Hardscape is ready; the plants are due to arrive in 9 days the earliest. :nailbiting: I am toying with the idea of flooding the tank for the following reasons: get cycling process running so I can introduce the fish earlier (now in temp...
  50. Zak Rafik

    ADA AquaSoil - Amazonia LIGHT - have you heard of this NEW product?

    Hi Guys, Just saw this on the net. ADA is launching a light version of it very popular Aquasoil Amazonia. It seems that this type of soil is targeted at beginners to planted tank. I wonder what they mean by "LIGHT". Maybe it won't leach out too much ammonia and hence it will be easier to start...
  51. DannyH

    Lagoa Verde - 45P

    Hi folks, So having spent the best part of a year and a half contemplating this/ reading endless journals I thought i’d start a journal for my first high tech planted tank attempt ‘Lagoa Verde’. I’ll generally be testing the waters so to speak in terms of the chosen plants, mostly easy with...
  52. MrHidley

    James 60p No3 AKA Orange n' Green

    Tank - ADA 60P Stand - Reinforced IKEA Besta CO2 - DIY set-up with 2kg fire extinguisher. Inline diffuser. Heater - Hydor Inline 300w Filter - Tetra EX1200 Plus Lights - 24" Current USA Satellite Plus Pro 30W LED Substrate - 9 Litres Tropica Powder with a thin layer of Tropica plant growth...
  53. AshleyAttwood

    DoAqua! 30x18x24 Hard Scape Input

    Hey fellow enthusiast, I have got this DoAqua! 30x18x24 cm, i just don't know what to do with it in the sense of a hard scape, i want this to sit on my window sill and be a natural tank capturing the sun, obviously when the winter months come i will apply an led over head light system. I do not...
  54. C

    First planted tank - TMC Signature

    Hi guys, I have just completed the hardware & hardscape setup of my first ever planted tank. I am going to plant with Eleocharis Acicularis Mini across the whole substrate surface for a clean & simple look. What do people think of my hardscape layout & plant choice? (photo attached) Any ideas or...
  55. CooKieS

    Ada 60F -go with the flow- nature aquarium

    Hi there, New tank, new journal! Specs: ada 60f Eheim ecco pro 130 Jbl u500 + do aqua music glass Chihiros aquasky Hardscape: Spider wood Black scale stone Ada Gravel + la plata sand Tropica soil+pouzzo Plant list (soon): any suggestions welcome! Eleocharis sp mini Staurogyne Repense...
  56. Ben Gibson

    My first ever aquarium (Iwagumi) Fluval edge 23L

    Hello all, my names Ben, I live in Stoke on Trent, and I'd like to show you all what I've recently been working on. This is my first post in these forums so go easy as i'm a NOOB :nailbiting: I've always since been a child admired aquariums of all kinds but after seeing a close friend create...
  57. CooKieS

    New nano cube 20l...'bucetree'

    New tank, new hardscape...first shot; This will be semi low tech; liquid CO2, ada soil, ferts, mid lightning, any advices for plants are welcome! :) Here's my first list: Bucephalandra, Crypto.parva Anubia mini Mosses (fissidens, weeping) Thanks! ;)
  58. adamt4050

    Nano Aquarium with Fluval G3?

    Hello All, I'm thinking of buying a Do! Aqua 25x25x25(cm) Nano aquarium for my desktop and Im just planning everything out and exploring my options - I have an unused Fluval G3 sat in my attic gathering dust, I was wondering if I would be ale to use it on my desktop setup. Obviously its quite...
  59. Natureaddict

    Nano Nature Window

    Hi everyone from Sunny South Africa! :) I'm starting this journal in slight retrospect. Tank has been set up for four days now and seems to be coming along well, but it's early days yet... Without further a do, here are the specs: Tank: 46x33x30cm Lighting: 2 x 24w t5ho (6500k) diy Substrate...
  60. Piotr Kaleta

    New ADA LED pendant light unit coming in 2016

    I found this litlle info http://www.aquarevue.jp/topics-detail/31/
  61. MrHidley

    James' 60P - 6 month Update

    Wasn't happy with how the last scape was going, there were some fundamental errors in the set-up stage, so here we go again. Tank- ADA 60P Stand - DIY ADA-ish style CO2- DIY set-up with 2kg fire extinguisher. Inline UP Aqua diffuser. Heater- Hydor Inline 200w Filter- Hydor Professional 350...
  62. Natureaddict

    Seachem Range Help

    Hi everyone! This is my first post on this site and after reading the wealth of information on this site, I was hoping to get some advice on fertilization. I will soon be setting up a planted tank, using an ADA aquasoil, and ADA Powersand Special system. I was hoping to use the ADA...
  63. F

    Last Wilderness

    Hello, This is my first post in Ukaps. I have been delaying a first thread, but is the time... Last June, 21st i made this new setup in my smaller tank. My goal was to use a new substrate and a lot of sterm plants .. So, were it is. The tank setup (5 days old) 5 days old by Francisco...
  64. Pedro Rosa

    Dark Land (300l) - Now with FTS of the first days.

    DARK LAND (300l) SETUP Aquarium 120x50x50cm Date: 12/1/2015 a 1/2/2015 Filter: Eheim Professionel 3 DoAqua Violet Glass Outflow 17 mm (Lilly Pipe) DoAqua Violet Glass Inflow 17 mm (Lilly Pipe) Heating: Eheim Jager 200 w CO2 TMC 567g Pressurized, Solenoid Valve TMC Aquagrow Difuser Lights...
  65. Al404

    ADA 60F is only for USA market?

    i found this tank on USA ADA website but can't find it ( at least online) 60F is for USA market only?
  66. Pedro Rosa

    Wabi-Kuza II

    I made one more Wabi-Kuza, it's the forth but the second that i publish. This is a record breaking size :) - 38 cm!!! It's made by 5 ready made Wabi-Kusas (with Rotala sp. Ceylon, Rotala Colorata, alguns Echinodorus, etc) and some caught-on-nature mosses that i've been keeping for almost 3...
  67. Stu Worrall

    Stu's 120x45x45 tank sponsored by Tropica

    New tank time! Ive been after a 120cm tank for a while and while I wanted a 50cm deep tank I couldnt quite find anyone out there making decent custom rimless optiwhites so when Dave Spencer kindly mentioned he was selling his I snapped it up. After quite enjoying my last dragon stone tank in...
  68. G

    30cm - The Cube

    Hi all I hope you all had a great Christmas and New Year! :) Here's a few shots of my home tank, a 30cm cube. It's been set up for a few months and is surprisingly low maintenance. I'm not using CO2 injection but add liquid carbon and Tropica Specialised daily, 1ml each. I...
  69. Al404

    ADA 451 or Dennerle SCAPER'S LED

    Hi Is my fists post, i'm from italy and planning my new tank that is a Dennerle scapers 50L 45cm I already order the tank I can't chose witch LED light use and i ended up with 2 products, one much more expensive and i guess older since first reviews of this products are from 2012, not sure if...
  70. Robertus van Tilburg

    Mountain view

    Mountain view. Iwagumi 60 cm. At 1 week: More to follow.
  71. Lauris

    Colisia Vallem (90L)

    Hoi! New project on the way. Will start just with a bit of tech Tank: Optiwhite 6mm, clear seal, (LxHxW) 60x40x40cm, approx90L Light: 2xT5 28w with 1xLED Beamswork 1k Lumens (DIY hang-over) Filter: JBL e1501 Heater: Hydor external, 200w, 16mm Bits: all gass (lily pipes, diffusers) CO2...
  72. A

    Substrate for low tech planted tank

    Hi guys, I am planning on buying a 29g tank(75cm x 30cm x 45cm) and wanted to know about a good substrate for a low tech tank. No EI or CO2. I am thinking between laterite or indian river sand or ADA Amazonia. I feel I should go with amazonia because the former gave me a lot of trouble while...
  73. Lauris

    30L Nano. No name yet

    This i my third tank now. As recently replaced my 30 nano scape with 60L, now decided not leave it in shed to collect dust. Today new tank layout created. Only hardscape for few weeks. I still need to decide what plants I would like to see in. Used available rock and wood from previous scapes...
  74. A

    Ebay ADA like Superjet filters

    Hi everyone, I am setting up a new tank (dennerle scapers tank) and was looking at these stainless steel, ada like, filters on ebay. Actually there are two different companies making these (both links below). Obviously they are a good deal cheaper than the ADA equivalents but from the photos and...
  75. Sebastian Costin

    Iwagumi: Aquael Shrimp Set Aquascape

    Hi, In an attempt to create a cube iwagumi below you find the hardware: Tank: Aquael Shrimp Set 30 Lighting: Aquael Leddy Tube 6W/6500k Filtration: JBL E701 Greenline + 13mm Lilypipe Soil: ADA Amazonia Powder Decoration: ADA Seiryu Stone Fertilization: Tropica Plant Growth Specialised...
  76. Josh Harrington

    Bedroom ADA 120p

    So I've had an ADA 120p taking up space in my shed for about 6 months now so decided it was finally time to make use of it. 6 months to unpack it so was a relief to find it wasn't damaged in transport. Ordered some rock and wood. The rock admittedly was a bit bigger than I was expecting but...
  77. Mats A

    "TEMP" - ADA 45F

    Hi I had to setup a temporary tank for my fish when I rescape and modify my livingroom tank. So I cleared up a shelf in my bookshelf and modified it to handle the weight. I didn't have much time on this setup. Used 2min on the scape and used plants that was in the other tank :P...
  78. Mats A

    Rebei Bowl

    I bought 8 Red bee shrimp kind of impulsive the other day and it gave me a problem, sort of. New shrimps, no avalible tanks. So the sollution I came up with was my Do!aqua Wabi-bowl I had forgotten on a shelf for a couple of months. Hardscape: - ADA Manten Stone - ADA Amazonia soil - English...
  79. Stu Worrall

    Stu's Black Lava Mini M Nano Scape

    Here's my ADA Mini M which i recently re-scaped for Tropica. Its not a big and detailed scape but I had some nice black lava I wanted to use and wanted a nice contrasty setup to go next to the TV :) I cut some of the lava with a Stihl Saw to get it flat against the glass where I wanted it...
  80. Mats A

    DIY Stand for my ADA 30C

    It has always annoyed me that my tanks on the computer desk are to low for a good view. So when I got my ADA tank I decided to make a stand to raise it a bit. Way to low: Forgot to take pictures when I cut the plywood, but here is a picture when I had screewed it all together with the tank...
  81. k-hult

    ADA or Optiwhite, cant decide :(?

    Hi everyone, i am looking to start up a large planted tank in my room but am having trouble deciding between an ADA tank and a custom Optiwhite tank. The ADA tanks dont come in the optimum size , At least in the UK, i would like, 180l x 60w x 60d, but are a higher quality tank and also a lot...
  82. Otto72

    Otto's Upcoming Shrimp Breeding Station

    Edited and updated 24th October 2015 Ok not much to see here just yet but this will be my journal for my Shrimp tanks. Aquarium 3 x ADA 60P * Lighting Not sure yet. Filtration Eheim Ecco Pro 200 x 3* Air Pump (1) and Sponge filters (3)* Substrate Dennerle Sulawesi Black* ADA Amazonia*...
  83. krazypara3165

    Difference between TMC ADA SIGNATURE

    Evening chaps. I have finally come to the conclusion that my discus tank will never bee the planted paradise ive dreamed of due to the difficulty of balancing the needs of the fish with the needs of the plant. So I have decided to treat myself to a new optiwhite and a stand specifically for...
  84. Daz Wright

    Daz's ADA 45F shrimp tank

    I am pretty new to aqua scaping. But have kept tropical and marine fish for years. I work in the same building as George Farmer. So it was only a matter of time before I caught the bug for planted tanks. I have been advised to try the dry start method. All turning out well I should hopefully be...
  85. miuYH

    ADA Cube Garden 60X30X36

    Day 85 Fauna: 16 Harlequin rasbora ?? Yellow Shrimp Flora: Utricularia Graminifolia Equipment: Tank: ADA Cube Garden 60-P 60X30X36 Light: Finnex Ray 2 DS Dual 7000K 24" CO2: None Filter: Eheim 2217 Keeping it real simple this time around. Planted on April 21st, 2013, this is my single...
  86. leonroy

    Teak Root Mini 2

    It's been an interesting year and a half and I (think) I've learned a lot. I'm ready to tear down my tank and start anew. I like the nano layout, it allows you to make mistakes without serious financial consequences. It does however allow you make mistakes very easily. One small change can...
  87. G

    ADA Solar I vs TMC 1500 Ultima

    Hi all, I thought I'd post two comparison photos showing the difference between the ADA Solar I metal halide with NA-Green bulb (150w, 8000K) and 2x TMC GroBeam 1500 Ultima (2x 30w, 6500K). ADA Solar I ADA Solar I by George Farmer, on Flickr TMC GroBeam 1500 Ultima TMC 1500 Ultima by...
  88. viktorlantos

    Dragon minimal 90P

    Cheers guys. Not had a journal for a long time, but i hope this isn't a problem if i will post one or 2 around these days. Maybe helpful for some as i also got a lot of inspiration here too. This tank was rescaped a few days ago. 90P opti white 90x45x45 Filter: Eheim 2075, Eheim Skim 350...
  89. Stitch

    Nitrite Question - New Low Tech Tank

    Hey guys, Looking for a bit of advice please. I setup a small low tech tank for my 4 x German Blue Rams last Friday. I used a new bag of ADA Amazonia however the substrate has been in a bucket of water for the last 4 months and I kept draining and replacing the water every 2 weeks, give or...
  90. fish fodder

    ADA aquariums

    Hi guys, I'm toying with the idea of purchasing an ADA 60F.... Now, are they actually worth the extra money? And is optiwhite in general worth it?
  91. Stu Worrall

    Stu's 90x45x45cm - Wave Island - IAPLC 2013 rank 82

    Heres the new tank setup after I set it up at Christmas. Further pics to follow on its progress. The plants, plant substrate and ferts have kindly been sponsored by Tropica for this tank so it should be appearing on their website at some point. Hardscape: Seiryu Stone, Manzanita Wood Co2...
  92. G

    IAPLC 2013 - Results are out!

    Hi all, The IAPLC 2013 is now open for entries. Closing date for entries is May 31st 2013. More info - The International Aquatic Plants Layout Contest 2012 I'd like to encourage as many UKAPS Members to enter as possible. I think the UK aquascaping scene is growing well, and would love to...
  93. Nathaniel Whiteside

    'Pretty Stream' - CRS tank

    Hello guys, Okay, this is a Journal dedicated to the rescape of my ADA Mini M which can be found here. The rescape has been coming for a long time as I was never really happy with it in comparison to the Raw nature feel I wanted to give it. The Title for this Tank is 'Pretty Stream', and the...
  94. LondonDragon

    Top 20 IAPLC 2012 Entries + UKAPS Member Entries

    Well better later than never, here is the top 20 IAPLC Results plus UKAPS Members entries. Well done everyone that participated. 1. Zhang Jianfeng (China) 2. Siak Wee Yeo (Malaysia) 3. Long Tran Hoang (Vietnam) 4. Song Pin Chen (Taiwan) 5. Yutaka Kanno (Japan) 6. Duc Viet Bui...