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45p Modern Iwagumi


6 Jan 2020
Should have done this long time ago but well, better late than never.


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Hei Sid! So excited to follow up this project ✨ Are you planning on doing darkstart with this or going straight to planting?
yes he is just playing with us, as said love iwagumi so look forward to updates

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First impressions.
I was initially going for a dutch scape but then decided to add these stones out of whim. This feels quite underwhelming at the moment but I think with the plants that I have in mind, it could really work.
I am exploring the-other ideas as well but in meanwhile, this can serve as a good backup.


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composition-wise, there are obvious flaws here since there are virtually no elements to add a tension and there are awkward gaps but I left it that way so there is more room for plants. If the plants don't fill it in well, I will tweak it a bit. I will also try to reduce the substrate at the front since it looks bit thick at the moment.

Any other suggestions?
Nice looking scape, the plants will make or break it.

Where did you get the rock work?
Nice looking scape, the plants will make or break it.

Where did you get the rock work?
Thank you! Ideally I should have stayed hair grass alone but I want to experiment so I am going with rotalas(H'RA, Rotundifolia, Green and may be macrandra) in the background and hair-grass up front. How would you plant it?
The rocks are from Aquarium Gardens.