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Rebei Bowl

Mats A

24 Jan 2014
I bought 8 Red bee shrimp kind of impulsive the other day and it gave me a problem, sort of. New shrimps, no avalible tanks.

So the sollution I came up with was my Do!aqua Wabi-bowl I had forgotten on a shelf for a couple of months.

- ADA Manten Stone
- ADA Amazonia soil
- English river sand

- Ludwiga sp Repens
- Bacopa Monnieri
- Hemianthus Micrantemoides
- Cryptocoryne Willisii
- Lilaeopsis novae-zelandiae
- Hydrocotyle tripartita
- Weeping Moss

- 8 Red Bee grade S/SS

Picture from day 1:

The picture was also shared on ADA-Norway's Facebook page. I hope you like it 🙂


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  • Rebei%20Bowl%20m%20logo.jpg
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This looks great mate 😀 lots of water changes without a filter 😉

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Hey Nathaniel.

They seem to cope well. Bright in colours and active all the time.

I'm doing a daily 50% WC with water from another tank that has the right values for bee-shrimp.

But I'm a bit fresh on these cardina species, so what would you recommend then? 🙂
Roughly how many litres capacity?
My last ultra-nano effort (sweet jar) for shrimp crashed and burned 🙁
I'm not quite sure. 3-4 litres maybe?

As of now, the tripartita and Moss actually bubbles when the light is on and the shrimp seems happy. But I'm now just at day 12 so I'm not sure if it will stay that way 🙂
Thanx Tim.

I ad just tank water from my cube. The cube gets fertilisers, co2 at 2,5 bps and 50% WC every third day. 🙂
Day 13


I've cheated a bit by using some of the surplus from my other tank to hurry up the progress. But never the less the tripartita and moss bubbles from mid-day when the light is on and it has been some growth 🙂
Thanx guys 🙂

Andy, bought it directly from ADA here in Norway. I think TGM sells it though 🙂