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A Little Slice Of Nature

Thanks Geoffrey and jay i am going to buy a few more pots of plants tomorro as want more limnophila hippuridoides and hra and pinitifida, the reason picture looks like leaves facind down and blowing all over and very mushy and thin so will get some fresher pots.

Thanks for reassurance and i will get yellow DC.


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I have upped co2 as said so thanks yellow dc and ended up spending more money today got more plants.

2x Christmas moss
2x hygrophila pinitifida (one origionally on wood was mush)
1xalternanthera reineckii mini
1x rotala hra
1x blyxa japonica
2x limnophila hippuridoides
1x limnophila (cant remember name of it its the bish one on the left)

Did a large running water change and got planted but was a bit rushed so dodnt split pots maybe as much as i should.

Looks a lot better and pinitifida was very fresh and 100x better than first pot as i went to collect today took wife she loved horizon aquatics and said would love a nano in kitchen and she even wanted the blyxa .

Bit more density at the rear now hopefully moss attatched well to the wood.

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Would you advice doing daily water changes a day as added 10 pots or every other still be ok ?

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I'd say it depends if you are still seeing plants melting or not, but it's looking good Dean.
Well 2 week update already, so be doing water change every 3 days now , been doing running water changes what i like as gives a chance to drain tank and lift detritus, usually drain to less than half then leave running and draining for 10 mins or so.

Plants looking well apart from monte carlo what was in rocks and even in soil always struggle with this for some reason and also my new alternanthera reinckii what is getting discolouration on the leaves any idea what best course of action is ?

Also the rotala h'ra is looking terrible and hasn't really took evan after adding more.

Love the new limnophila sessiliflora.

Lights still at 50 percent and ferts at 35ml EI but dosed 40 today and not having a rest day at minute due to all water changes.

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Any hekp on above be great also may stick to every other day water change as a few bits of floating detritus and diatoms, also the hra is terrible may need to buy some stems off someone as the pots arnt working.

Also ended up with loads of snails from somewhere will they help at start up ? I wanted nerite snails but can spot loads of these small ones

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Not sure on the alternanthera reinckii as I can never get it to grow healthily, between me and my Amanos we always kill it. The rotala I'm not sure really, what's the flow like in that area of the tank because your pipes are on that side of the tank so the planted corner would have the lowest flow in the aquascape. Maybe try the lily's on the other side so it's blowing co2 directly into the scape instead of into the sand? Just thinking out load here. I know my flow drops in that area.

Probably just waffling TBH but your limnophila is doing well so might be co2 and flow related. Not sure I'm sure someone else will have a better idea.
Not sure on the species of snails but I'd leave them for now if they don't bother you too much, they are helping with the diatoms and ditritus that you may miss.
I’d remove the Snails at water change and get them out off the glass at other times. The dennerle snail catcher/remover is brilliant!

clean and wash out the filter.

Take a zero tolerance approach.

it’s normal to have a snail bloom at start up. They then decline and you are always left with the odd few, as long as there is minimal waste they will not become an issue and are really part of nature. That’s coming from someone who hates seeing a snail!
I did water change today and removed as much detritus as possible as seems a lot (need to clean pipes as when switch filter on it blows thin flim into tank) will do today or tomorro.

Anybideas on the alternanthera reinckii?

I think you may be correct as the rotala hra is all behind the large wood so wondering if it is a flow issue, would it help buying stems that are longer so can get access to the co2 etc ?

Also found a shrimp in The tank no idea were he came from but removed and adddd to my 45p and lastly when carrying out water change i seen a lot of very small white things swimming around in tank but to small to photograph any ideas ?

Thanks dean

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Can you add a skimmer or possibly change the pipework to the other side? It's free compared to buying new plants. It's probably what I'd try.
Hi all,
Do the /www.ukaps.org/forum/threads/a-little-slice-of-nature.61721/page-5#post-615882']new leaves look really pale?[/URL]"> (and on the Anubias) or is that just an effect from the camera?

cheers Darrel
The newer leaves are paler but some of leaves have damage etc.

Any idea on the tiny white things mate that were darting about darrel ?

I never really think of flow when setting up and i should as think the position of rotala may be the issue as you can see flow of blocked, if i got stems already grown would that help mate as have some in my 45p ?

Also dont really want to move the lily pipes plus i have crypts etc in there hope there ok but the stems hopefully will grow tall at back so dont want to move the pipes. I do have a spare eheim skim wonder if worth putting that in to try.

Sp think getting some algae maybe bba on anubias.

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I have some a small amount of bba on my anubias, always seem to grow a little on the bba when I haven't shaded them as much as I probably should, all the other plants are doing fine so one for me to live with I think. U could try the skimmer as it would help pull the flow towards it as well as push it away. Could improve things, I have one running on mine, at night just to add extra oxygen. Try and see, if it works the stems should pick up really quickly.
Hi all,
Any idea on the tiny white things mate that were darting about darrel ?
Either Copepods (like Cyclops) or "Seed shrimps" - Ostracoda. Cyclops <"tend to move in a series of short bursts"> like ........ . .......... . ............ . Ostracods are smoother movers.

You don't need to worry about them, whatever they are.
The newer leaves are paler
It looks like it might be iron (Fe) deficiency. Have a look at <"Duckweed Index says ">.

I'd try adding an <"iron chelator that is suitable for harder water">, it won't do any harm and if you are short of iron it <"takes a while for new, non-deficient leaves to grow">.

cheers Darrel
Think may be ostracoda thanks darrel.

I am annoyed at myself about the flow and now wanting to strip it all down and rescape but dont think that would be good idea at minute and not exactly a quick job.

I dont know wether to add some more wood there or add my eheim skim and if so where?

What is best course of action for my alternanthera reinckii , or is there any plants that do great in low flow or would adding longer stems work ?


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I think mate you should keep on top of your maintenance and give it a few weeks the plants are all still transitioning it has only been 2 weeks i had hra just hanging in there for nearly 2 month then 💥 off it went patience is the biggest factor in a new scape dont change things let it balance out
I wouldnt change anything plant wise, I'd add a skimmer because it would bug me worrying about the flow . Adding a skimmer won't hurt at all and I know quite a few use one, even if you use at night to increase oxygen.