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  • Hi Darrell,
    That's a very kind offer thank you. My address is 105 lindsay rd, sheffield, s5 7wf. Which would be the best way to pay you for the postage. Many thanks
    Hi Darrell, thank you for the offer of plants, I would love some. What would the cost be, and how would I pay you? Paypal?

    The smell - I don't think it's ammonia - I have vivid memories of ammonia from A' level chemistry many moons ago! This is a kind of cloying, 'snotty' smell. Maybe it's rotting goldfish flakes. I suspect it's the bacteria. I'm hoping it disappears soon!

    Thank you,

    Hi darrel .A while ago you gave me some advice on raising kh values using potassium bicarbonate. I've looked on amazon and I can get it on there but delivery is quite expensive. Is there anywhere else I can get it from like a chemist, supermarket or health shop? Also is there any difference between potassium carbonate and potassium bicarbonate as I've seen them both advertised on amazon? Many thanks Michael.
    hi....sorry to bother you but do you know the chemical formula for CSM+B (trace elements for EI ferts)...here in China I can't seem to find it without having a complete formula for this...many thank, Martin
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