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  1. L

    CO2 supplementation for emersed growing

    I noticed that there is a very old thread from 2014 which raised this issue and the concensus seemed to be that it made no difference and/or wasn't worth the effort as the 400ppm of atmospheric co2 is more than adequate for emersed growth. That thread quickly devolved into a debate about global...
  2. J

    Moss plant id

    This moss has hitchhiked it’s way into my tank on the back of a rarish eBay fern purchase. It’s been growing steadily and slowish, but not out of the tank - it easily could though, if it wanted to. Would someone be able to help me identify it? It’s the top one, further down is some Fissidens...
  3. jaypeecee

    Aquatic Mosses

    Hi Everyone, Can anyone enlighten me about aquatic mosses? They don't seem to get mentioned very often on UKAPS. And, to my surprise, they don't (appear to) get a mention in Diana Walstad's Ecology of the Planted Aquarium. I'm just trying to get the basics such as: (1) How do they differ...
  4. M

    help with moss

    hello everyone im working in a startup that is focusing right now in "moss frames" but we dont have as much knowledge at the moment so im trying to ask you guys for the people who are experienced with moss or are doing moss works proffesionally.. what is the best adhesives to use when making...
  5. Gill


    New Pico coming soon Tank has been ordered tonight and should be here by next weekend. This one is going to be an Odd one indeed, don't think anyone on here has used this tank before for a nano/pico. The shape of this will make it challenging to scape and plant, but that is what appeals to me...
  6. B

    Moss dry start on wood

    I'm attempting to dry start fissidens fontanus and riccardia chamedryfolia driftwood. This setup has been going for about two weeks and I wanted to share the progress! I chose to do this because they were small amounts of leftover mosses, and the aquarium wouldn't be ready to set up for some...
  7. bettaguy

    My favourite terrarium

    It did have more buce where the soil is empty but that died I will try more when it grows more
  8. Nigel95

    Yoghurt method moss - Dry start method - How to grow moss

    Probably some people already know this method.. For the people that don't know it already here is a step by step guide. I really like this method for a natural effect and it saves some money. Enjoy guys! :D How do you attach your moss and why? Example of my forest with this method. details...
  9. Kezzab

    Moss suggestion please

    Hi, can anyone suggest a moss that will attached and creep on wood in a liquid carbon tank? I don't want something that just ends up a big stringy floaty mess (as i have at the moment). Thanks k
  10. loneshiva

    Nature Path 2

    Nature path Setup Date: 12-02-2018 Tank: ANS Opticlear 60 x 30 x 36 Cabinet: Wrought iron stand Light: AquaNice Aqua LED power 600 Filtration: EHEIM Classic 2213 CO2: Pressurised CO2 with solenoid (Bought 2nd hand) Hardscape: Not too sure Substrate: ADA Aquasoil Fertilization: Tropica Premium...
  11. Kalum

    DIY Christmas Moss wall

    Simple christmas moss wall 210mm x 100mm using 2 sheets of different aperture stainless steel mesh (316 preferred but 304 is fine), I used suction cups cut through the mesh so I can remove to flip 180deg as no doubt the top will grow quicker as it's closer to the light and also clean/rinse Bend...
  12. Fiske

    Secret Pond - Paros tank

    I've been alluding to this a few times. Originally this was temporary holding for ???, set up very quickly and thrown on a small stand in our bathroom; back in august last year... Finally got a few days of to muck about with fish stuff, and had planned to move this, and make a permanent home...
  13. Aqua Hero

    Brown algae crisis

    Right so I started a new scape a few weeks ago and at the start it was good. The monte carlo carpet was growing fast and the moss was transitionin well. Then after 1 1/2 weeks I decided to dose my ei ferts (I hadn't used it in several months). A few weeks later I get this brown algae plague. I...
  14. Nigel95

    ADA 45P Forest scape

    So I started with a nano tank and sold it pretty quick to go "bigger". I was thinking about a second high tech setup and wanted to buy an ada 60p. But I decided to go smaller and go for the ada 45p as I already have an eheim 2211 with 2 sets of lily pipes which I can use for this setup. It will...
  15. Aqua Hero

    Critique my hardscape Need some advice/opinions on hardscape

    Hello Aquascapers, I have come back from a long retirement from this hobby and decided to rescape my dull tank. My current idea for the scape: -use a mix of weeping moss and spiky moss on the lava rocks - use flame moss for the rear of the tank - have a mix of monte carlo and DHG in the front...
  16. doylecolmdoyle

    Mossarium Dome

    I purchased a Botanica boutique "Sanctuary M Rainforest" Mossarium Dome, here is a photo with two small chunks of seiryu stone, not sure if I should try only mosses or also some small plants to grow emersed also. Should be a fun little project. IMG_9663 by Colm Doyle, on Flickr
  17. Benauld

    South American Mosses

    Hi guys & gals, I'm looking at going for a general South American (SA) theme and wanted some moss. Having checked out some other forums, and seeing everyone lamenting the paucity of SA species available, I thought I'd share my research thus far. CAVEAT: I do not know how many of the bryophyte...
  18. jameson_uk

    Low Tech Moss Carpet

    Had a read of http://www.ukaps.org/forum/threads/riccia-and-java-moss-carpets-step-by-step-guide.297/ and has me tempted... I am planning a 30cm cube cherry shrimp tank and like the thought of having some are of moss carpeting the substrate but every picture I can find of a moss carpet is...
  19. C

    Dry start moss problem

    I've just started a new aquascape using the dry start method. I blended moss with water and natural yoghurt and painted it onto my wood. I'm misting the moss with water with fertiliser in and covering the tank with cling film. I'm having to remove the cling film and mist the tank 3, 4 even 5...
  20. AshleyAttwood

    Can People Help Me With Free Plants And Moss Cuttings.

    Hey Good evening people, I am looking for kind people to help me out with free (plants/moss/cherry shrimp) any specimens would be great, i am not looking for a lot just a a little bit to get me going. I had a tank but i was out for the week and got back and the tank empty out onto my floor and...
  21. Gill

    Insularium - My Take on that

    Tank: Ciano Tartarium 40 = 40*25.6*16.9cm Filter: APS 300 HOB With Prefilter Sponge. Heating: Interpet 15w Slim Card Heater Lighting: Waterhome 9W and JBD 9W LED Substrate: Wet for something contrasting - so a Orange/Red Sand Hardscape: Seiryu Stone covered in Various Moss and Stems. Wood Used...
  22. Kezzab

    Why is my Willow Moss not growing?

    My moss is not growing well, despite what appeared to be a great start. Growth seems to have stopped, with tips turning brown. Tank is 15l flexi mini - so high light (very high, as the moss is about 1 inch below surface), 5 hour light period. Co2 is fine, 10 hrs a day. Dosing EI. Water is very...
  23. DannyH

    Low Tech Bio Sphere Queries

    Hi all, Having mulled over quite a few threads I've decided that for a first planted tank attempt I'm going to try my hand at the low tech approach before commiting to anything more. As the title suggests the tank will be a biosphere with a capacity of about 30l, (i.e a spare goldfish bowl...
  24. Aqua Hero

    the trick to get weeping moss to weep

    so my weeping moss is growing nicely and bright green, however, its kinda growing all over the place. up, down, left right etc. does trimming the moss make it grow downwards or does it do it naturally
  25. Aqua Hero

    Anchor moss vs Taiwan moss

    other than weeping moss i wanted to know which other moss has a 'down' growing affect. if that makes any sense
  26. Christos Ioannou

    EI dosing via pump in long tank

    Hi ukaps, I am using a pump to dose micro/macro solution on alternative days. My tank is 4ft long, dosing tubes are at one end of tank. Just below surface I have some christmass moss tied on driftwood. On dosing time, this moss receives a blast of ferts. Now it seems that the moss is...
  27. DannyH

    600x450x300 or 762x457x457 ?

    Hi all, I'm new to Ukaps and having found it after deciding to set up an aquascape (or at least try to) I've been amazed at the amount of knowledge freely available from such a generous bunch of likeminded people! Hopefully you'll be able to help me with a couple of questions I have, I have a...
  28. Neil EFC

    Anyone used these Moss's

    Just seen some mosses i have never heard of on eBay, was wondering if anyone had used these before. nano moss rose moss fox moss Cameroon moss anchor moss and Brazil moss. Also any ideas for a low light tank using moss. except java moss.
  29. chris_cotton23

    Moss ID please?

    hello guys!! i am trying to identify two types of mosses and i am a bit or very confused i would say!!:crazy: this is a link that you can compare as i did but..... http://www.aquamoss.net/ any help would be more than appreciated !!!thank you very much!:) first and second photos are the same...
  30. João Miguel Silva

    The Green Stream - Aquascaping 90L

    Name: The Green Stream Setup Date: 13/03/2015 Description: The Green Stream was born as an idea a few months, the concept was to replicate the underwater image of a river bank with sand bed where the vegetation brings out the transition between the bed and the margin, which is the perspective in...
  31. brownmoth

    Adam's Shrimp and Fissidens Tank

    Adam’s Shrimp & Fissidens Tank Aquarium: Aqua One/ Aquanano 25 Co2: Sodastream Adapted Temperature: 23c PH 7.6 GH 6 KH 4 Fauna: Neocaridina davidi var. red Flora: Fissidens fontanus, Cryptocoryne sp., Taxiphyllum barbieri, Vesicularia montagnei Aquired aquarium in October 2014 and proceeded...
  32. Martin in Holland

    Moss balls (wabi kusa)

    I'm trying to grow some moss balls with moss I collected (looks like Java moss) and some left over plants I had in my propagator. The balls are filled stockings with some ADA substrate and stones, wrapped spaghnum and (Java) moss around it and tight the plants on top of that covering their roots...
  33. Lauris

    Crystal Meadow. (F.spec19L nanao)

    OK.. too late for verbal diarrhea. too late.. or should I say..too early? lost in time but came up with this.. some plants will go in. dunno yet what kind of.. no name yet.. any suggestions on plats welcome (top right side corner and left side of the tank) Time-lapse will follow tomorrow..or...
  34. RolyMo

    Ooooh My First Dedicated Shrimp Nano.

    When I think back a year ago when I first purchased my first ever tank, a Juwel Rio 180, the assistant in the fish shop said about shrimp and that he bet (cheekily) that I would get into it as it was the new thing. At the time, I thought he was mad and I nodded with a smile and moved back to the...
  35. A

    Trimming Christmas moss

    Hello. Seen some really lovely examples of lovely christmas moss on the tropica website and elsewhere, however mine just looks like ugly green lumps in my tank. Could someone advise me on how I am supposed to get it growing properly? I have good lighting and CO2 injection
  36. George Farmer

    George's Hillside (new Signature layout)

    Hi all, I've recently re-scaped my TMC Signature so I thought I'd start a new journal on here. Not really a groundbreaking aquascape - re-using the moss-covered Manzi from my previous two layouts that you can see here - George's TMC Signature | Page 38 | UK Aquatic Plant Society Specs -...
  37. George Farmer

    Moss trimming, no mess - now with video

    Hi all, I love moss. Only recently have I used it properly in aquascaping and I've realised the biggest PITA for me with it is dealing with the trimmings. They usually sink to the bottom of the tank and require siphoning. Any leftovers usually get entangled with carpeting plants and end...
  38. Iain Sutherland

    NA 120cm - Asian Dreams-IAPLC # 251

    Edit* some specs :geek: Natural Aquario 120 x 45 x 55 superclear glass Natural Aquario Cabinet in matt grey Natural Aquario Light Arm Natural Aquario Stainless Steel inlet and outlets 3 TMC Aquaray 1000nd led tiles on MMS rail and hanging kit TMC Aquaray 8 way controller Eheim 2080 Tetratec...
  39. Fernando

    Please help me identify this wierd moss

    Hi everyone! I am an brazilian guy in a brazilian place without many plants news, believe or not. I friend of my brought a wierd moss. His not know it name, just said "an japanese moss". Well, I tryed search on web and I can't find any moss likely! Anyone in across the Atlantic know what...
  40. Nathaniel Whiteside

    'Pretty Stream' - CRS tank

    Hello guys, Okay, this is a Journal dedicated to the rescape of my ADA Mini M which can be found here. The rescape has been coming for a long time as I was never really happy with it in comparison to the Raw nature feel I wanted to give it. The Title for this Tank is 'Pretty Stream', and the...