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Moss trimming, no mess - now with video

George Farmer

30 Jun 2007
Hi all,

I love moss. Only recently have I used it properly in aquascaping and I've realised the biggest PITA for me with it is dealing with the trimmings.

They usually sink to the bottom of the tank and require siphoning. Any leftovers usually get entangled with carpeting plants and end up causing a mess.

So here's my answer. It works a treat. I've used some self-sprung scissors from UKAPS sponsor, APFUK, simply attached to 9/12mm filter hose using a couple of cable ties.


The empty hose end goes into a 25 litre empty RO drum, I start the siphon, snip away at the moss, and it automatically gets sucked away before it hits the substrate. The 9mm hose is ideal as it's big enough to allow the moss to escape, but small enough to maintain control.

I'm not sure if anyone else uses this technique, but I'd thought I'd share anyway.

I'm with Yo-han.... but you George, just got a better idea ;) ... it's maybe hard in some parts with lots of wood, but nevertheless a priceless photo.
I used a similar idea when removing bba from a large piece of bogbood, in place of snips, I had a toothbrush though, works a treat as everything dislodged gets sucked away immidiately.
Nice, can I cross your palm with silver for your next fissidens trimmings please ;)
Yes mate. The trimmings aren't substantial to tie on to wood the usual way, but I'm guessing you're going to blend them, in which case the small off-cuts will be perfect.

I'll be in touch. :)
Blending indeed, or chopping at least :)
Thanks George.