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George Farmer

30 Jun 2007
Hi all,

I've recently re-scaped my TMC Signature so I thought I'd start a new journal on here.

Not really a groundbreaking aquascape - re-using the moss-covered Manzi from my previous two layouts that you can see here - George's TMC Signature | Page 38 | UK Aquatic Plant Society

Specs -

Aquarium - TMC Signature, 60 x 45 x 30cm
Lighting - 2 x TMC 1500 Ultima, 7hrs, 45cm above water
Filtration - Fluval G3 with gUSH nano glassware
CO2 - 2Kg FE, Up Aqua inline diffuser, Fluval Bubble Counter (1 BPS), Dennerle reg and solenoid
Substrate - TMC NutraSoil (black), Unipac Fiji Sand
Fertilisers - Tropica Specialised, Aqua Rebel Spezial-N (3 pumps each per day)
Hardscape - Manzanita Wood, Mini Landscape Rock (Seiryu Stone)
Plants - Fissidens fontanus, Riccardia chamedryfolia, Eleocharis sp. 'mini', E. parvula, E. acicularis


More pics to follow soon. :)
Another great scape, from one off the best in the business :)
The woods looking amazing, aged to perfection :)

Looking forward to the rest of the journal George :)
looks great George,do you have problems keeping the sloping substrate in place? roy.
Thanks guys. :)

looks great George,do you have problems keeping the sloping substrate in place? roy.
Hi Roy,

The rocks are partially buried so this will help keep the substrate in position. Also once the root structure of all the hairgrasses are established (pics of planted hairgrasses to follow), this will also help.

I like it George, it's very clean looking... Are you adding more plants to it?
Thanks, Gary. :)

Yes, 3 Eleocharis species (see spec in first post). ;)
George, now that looks great! I can't believe it's only a day old, it looks really established already, I know your wood is from before... But the way you have added it to the new is brilliant! I'd be proud to have that in my room.
Hey ,
I really like this scape , you also make it look so easy to do .
This is something you most certainly can't learn :)
Have you trained those fish to pose for the camera shot .

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