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saintly's "Prairie Lands"

Re: saintly's 120cm iwagumi

JamesM said:
Nice choice of fish bud :)

there brilliant things matey :D i've always fancied them, never thought if they'd fit in to any of may scapes, but they suit this one me thinks :p
Re: saintly's 120cm iwagumi

I think true Rummies have a slight green tinge to them, less of a red nose and slightly smaller.
Re: saintly's 120cm iwagumi

here's the liliaeopsis on it's own little mission to rule the world....


and an arty farty thingy :p

Re: saintly's 120cm iwagumi

Fantastic tank. Coming along nicely. Does anyone else have problems with rummynose eating plants? I've had them the last 4 years in my 3ft and they ate all my HC and E. Tenellus. I've heard other reports of rummynose's eating plants too occasionally. Hope you don't have such an issue as i did, they are truely stunning fish. Mine schoaled really well and were always together in unision :)
Re: saintly's 120cm iwagumi

Thomas McMillan said:
Mark, when do the fish go in?

a few at a time Thomas, although i've swapped filters for my 4 month old 2028. the difference in water clarity is amazing after just a couple of days of running.

i've also put some massive cherry shrimp, a couple being pregas :p so hopefully there population should explode and set to work along with the amanos. also 6 ottos have gone in today.

all seems happy in the tank. 8)

Verminator said:
Fantastic tank. Coming along nicely.

thanks :D
Re: saintly's 120cm iwagumi

Looking good bud :)

On a side note...

*start public service announcement*

With plantedbox.com now up and running, I'm free to take on more design projects and will consider anything from simple personal websites, to commercial e-commerce sites.

Contact me for details :)

*end public service announcement*

Re: saintly's 120cm iwagumi

Themuleous said:
Nice to see the liliaeopsis taking off :)

yeah, it's flying now. reaching the front glass now and invading everywhere as is the tenellus. i've got a few decisions to make now.

i don't want to take away from this journal but there's a pic or 2 added here....nothing to exciting.


even with wonky substarte....yes, yes i will sort it :arghh:
Re: saintly's 120cm iwagumi

my son like's to get in on the act and make a few decisions.....


also choosing fish.....