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New pheonix 60x30x30 scape.

Tank, on it's new stand, in it's new position.

I just need a tin of grey paint and it'll look very ada. :twisted:
Looking good garuf. Shame about the cheap and nasty cabinet. :lol:

Hope this shows how I braced mine. I`m certain it needed it.


Cheers Dave, here's what I did to mine. I used the shelve vertically at the backthen pinned this in place then used 3 12x10 shelve brackets to square and reinforce everything. Total cost, £37.24. Cheap as chips! ;)
As with any new setup though Sam.
I'm thinking I should be fully planted by Wednesday and I'll fill it then. Got some fissidens coming for the wood and the remaining part of my order, (hairgrass) :D
My only worry is that by keeping the tank dry everything drys out, I hope it wont, it's sealed and I've been misting it so I can't see why it would.
Can't wait to see it filled though, it's been too long. It's taken me over a year to buy a stand the tanks never looked better! :lol:
Thank you James. Nothing to report except that everything is still nice and moist. I've been looking for fish and I'm really taken with Microrasbora kubotai I might resort to online buying at the rate it's going, the lfs here is pretty indifferent.
I spoke to Monty (possibly) at Trimar and he says he can get them. I think they're lovely fish. rasbora axlerodi are very nice too. I'd like some aspistos, infact I'd thought about having nothing but aspisto's...
I think that's one of the names they go by yes, neon yellow is the common name I've always seen. The scapes pretty complex so I want some really understand fish ideally. if all else fails I've a soft spot for neon tetras.
Yeah, as nelson said MA @ Enfield (which is 5 minutes away from me) always has them in, they look like great fish. I'm not sure if it's too far for you though mate.

It's looking great, I like the diverse plant selection. I'm a big fan of all of your aquascapes so keep us posted on how everything goes.
Hmm true, I like that they're a single colour. I'm a brown fish fan myself, I'd really like some moth Hara's but they're another one that's rare. We'll see! Bit soon to be picking fish I guess.

Thanks Thomas, I'll keep you all updated don't worry. I fancy myself as the next saintly. ;)
Yeah, I'm in Leeds so it's epic quest territory, I don't think it'd be fair on the fish carrying them back home on the train.
Looks like someone didn't soak their wood... :p

It's great, I love the hardscape still. Should fill out nicely!