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New pheonix 60x30x30 scape.

A quick pair of snaps showing what I'm up against, the tank is currently awaiting being drained to be taken home at this point I plan to take on Steves king of the chop title. I've fitted a spray bar but the thing looks worse than the grubby plants.
The hairgrass has grown much, much taller than I expected so I'm hoping that the new growth will grow back much shorter and compact, also it will give me chance go get the last of the browned stuff out. I've thinned out the crypts and I've also removed what I hope will be the last of the melted didiplis.
After the move I plan to get some more downoi and swap the didiplis for something less temperamental most likely rotalla green or ludwegia. Unfortunately the frequent water changes and frustration caused carelessness have seen the substrate and the wood shift, I'll be looking to pack that back up and get everything looking more square.



Here's what I hope to be the last of the diatomous mess I came back to after my flatmate turned my tanks of at the plug.
I was so sure this tank would affirm my faith in my abilities but alas it has turned into another dispointment and proved I really can't look after a tank, at all. I really need to start getting more meticulous with my maintenance, I think I must have missed been sent out from the lesson on how to do things right when I started, cause my tanks never look anywhere near as nice as George, James or Marks.
Don't be so hard on yourself, Garuf. A little algae isn't a terrible thing. Just up your waterchanges and the diatoms should go away with some time. Or pick yourself up a couple of otos. I get algae too, I just remove it when I see it.

The tank looks good and I wish my wood did that!
Keep on persisting mate, it will definately pay off in the end. I've always loved your aquascapes, this one included. You have the knowledge and a good hardscape arrangement etc to work with so I'm sure this will turn out great in the end. ;)
Cheers guys, I just can't get my head around why I'm getting such bad growth when I've followed everything to the letter. I'm back home now, the tank will be set up and trimmed back hard tomorrow. I'll start thinking about what's going wrong from there!
I LIke the way it is with the tall hairgrass. I want to stand on tippy toes to try and peek over the top and see what is behind :)

I think maintenance is key mate. I am a bit lapse when it comes to it, and my tanks suffer to be honest. My 60cm is going to be different though. I'm making a concerted effort to do multiple water changes. I'm actually trying to change my lifestyle a little to accomodate a maintenance regime. I want to try and be up at 6am every morning doing a water change on one of the tanks, or maintenance, before I go to work. This in turn means I should in theory be going to be a little earlier (probably not knowing me :lol: )

I hear the George is actually doing a 50% water change per day on one of his small tanks at the moment. Also, if you read through the specs of some of Amano's small tanks in the Nature Aquarium books, he states 50% per day for many of them. Something to bare in mind!

Keep plugging at it mate :)
Was, I ended up being homeless and it spent the summer with the equipment dotted around in peoples airing cupboards and bedrooms between July till September. Easily my favorite scape, I just wish I'd had the chance to turn it into what it promised to be. Sometimes life just gets in the way. :rolleyes: :lol: