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New pheonix 60x30x30 scape.

Saw this scape in the flesh yesterday, the photos don't do it justice.
The sense of depth that the rock placement gives the overall scape is lost in the photos yet it's this what makes the scape imo.
It's good now but once grown in its going to be one of the best smaller scapes i've seen.

I do think that you may be getting just a little bit paranoid over the growth of the hc though.
From what i saw it looked like it had just started to settle in and was putting out new growth.
Keep doing what you are doing and in a few weeks you wiill be complaining about how oftem you have to trim the damn stuff. Can't offer any advise on the ph though iv'e never had much luck with it maybe it's our crappy water in leeds.
:oops: Thanks, Milla. I think you could be right. I'll wait till I have problems before I change things lol.
Glad you liked the tank, I think I need Saintly or Georges camera rigs to do the tank justice.
Interesting you say about our water, I did a water change when I first moved in and killed all my neon tetras called up the waterboard and they were like "Oh yeah we'd flushed the system, did you not get the letter" :rolleyes:
Photos always looses some of the feel of the scape, thats why once in a while I upload a video to get a better feel of how the tank looks. Looks great Gareth try making a video ;)
I'll see what I can do, Paulo. I don't think it'll be particularly exciting though. :lol:
I don't like to admit it Saintly, but I think you might be right, examining the didiplis tonight just to check on how it's going and the top newest leaves are twisted and glassy... I'm about to check James c's guide to see what fert I need to add, get a picture, then I'll go from there! :lol: :rolleyes:
Okay, a picture, not the best but the best the camera is capable of it seems.
Is the problem possibly iron and KNO3? Those seem to be the closest matching.
I`m a tad confused Garuf. Did you not dose from the word go?

Whenever I start a new scape, there is growth from the word go, which means a full dose of ferts from the day one.

Once a plant shows a sign of any deficiency, that growth may not recover, so you are dosing for the next generation of growth.

Nope, I've been dosing from filling the tank up. I've never missed a dose. I've been adding 25ml which is the ammount Ceg recommended for a 10 gallon tank, which is just 2 gallons smaller than this tank.
Okay, things are worse than I'd noticed, a lot of the diandra has melted at the root stock, I've removed all the dead sections that I can but it's really very odd. No issues at all, great growth, I've changed nothing except for add a heater because my hydor packed up ( I matched the temperature) and the didiplis goes pair shaped on me and starts melting. How very infuriating. I might remove the heater but I think it's some other issue. Ho hum and so the battle begins.
I'd do w/c's every other day, adding npk straight after, then trace the next day, then w/c + npk, etc. again.

Don't worry about increasing dosing to 2x from the start too. That's what water changes are for - removal of excess nutrients, ammonia and algae spores.
I'm on it! I've upped dosing to 50ml opposed to 25ml and I've taken the co2 back down, closer to 30ppm. This in theory should redress the balance and give nutrients that were lacking. I hope I was just quick enough to nip in the bud and avoid any further complications.
ON a further note, I'm changing over to fluid sensors chems as I just can't be sure on what I'm dosing. Especially as looking at them none of the chemical crystals look the same.
Lets see how it goes. I'm hoping for a Saintly or JamesC health tank in a few weeks time. ;)
Cheers tonser, me too, I should be okay though. Fingers crossed like.
Nothing large to report, the didiplis is still melting, the upped dosing is showing no signs of helping and I'm at a loss as to what it could be.
Following advise from another forum I've trimmed the didiplis back to about an inch tall to prevent the current growth melting like the old. Finger crossed the new growth will appreciate the doubled dosing. Co2 has been left at a constant as James suggested that it doesn't like it fluctuating, much like algae loves it. I'm keeping up with things.

On a positive note, the hair grass is growing like wildfire! I just wish everything else was too! :rolleyes:
Nothing much to report, I went home for 5 days to see family, asked my flat mate to dose the tank. He didn't... Got home to the tank full of algae, the didplis mostly gone except for a few stems and the crypts gone critical melt everywhere, the hairgrass seems worst hit, lots of browning, Should I trim it back to the substrate to start again? I pulled up all the hc cleaned of the algae and replanted what I could, it should pull through, I know how it likes being trimmed.
Honestly, I don't know why I bother some times.
I've done 3 back to back 50% W/C and got most of the dead stuff out. I've bumped up the co2 but not sure it'll make any difference, dosing is staying the same at 50mls of cegs teaspoon recipe, till I know what I'm doing. I'll be everyday water changing, again!
I'll try and lower the lighting too as I know this helps get things steady.
I'll post pictures if I can bring myself to show my shame. And to think I thought this tank was going to be "the one". :lol:
lighting lowered, co2 and dosing upped, water changes everyday. I should be fixed this time next year. :lol: