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New pheonix 60x30x30 scape.


30 Oct 2007

So here she is, my new scape. I'm waiting on a package of plants before I plant it, unfortunately the postal service has let me down, again.
That aside, here's the hardscaped tank. I hope you critique it in depth, I'm not sure on the rocks but I want the plants to provide the most of the interest with varying texture.
So yeah,
Critique away.
Also, extra special thanks to Steveuk, alataffe, sofirearms, a1matt, nelson and anyone else I've missed for all the help and support, thank you so much.
No I can't believe it either, I'm waiting on 4 parcels all of which are in transit so to speak. I've not received anything. I even walked to the parcel depot and got turned away because you're not allowed to go ask if they have anything in their depot. :rolleyes:
Update, Still waiting on the 3 parcels of plants I'm expecting to arrive, nearly a week late now. Had to throw out the Blyxa I bought from TdI, I had it in my optiwhite with the eden while the cube uses the ex1200 and to cut a long story short it melted so badly it's unreal despite having co2 ferts...

Anyway! I started a new job recently so I'll be able to buy funds. Also I should be moving back home shortly. So yeah, It seems to be all go at the moment but not with my tanks haha.
Update, I posted over on ASW and the comments were all sufficiently indifferent that it spurned me to pull apart the rock work and start again, new pictures up in the morning when I'm not 8 beers deep.
In my opinion it's no improvement but we'll see, it'd be interesting to get some critiques and "I'd do it like this" feedback. Don't be afraid to really dish it out ;).
I have to say that looks much better.
Have you thought about sloping the substrate into a heap where the wood is?
Just trying things at the moment, Personally I don't want to do just another wood with some ferns on it scape, been there done that. My main thoughts have been simplicity of hardscape and complexity of planting. Think Georges new scape, Jason balibans scapes, saintly's moss tank and Nico's mold breaking iwagumi, the hardscapes are all pretty simple the detail is in the plants.

This one is still my favourite, it just needs some tweeking.