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  1. J

    DIY Project Not a £199 ADA tool stand

    I had scrap MDF, which I turned into a bigger, bespoke to my tools version of their tool stand. A very small faff to drill the various correct holes. Finished with leftover bathroom paint from my DIY cabinet
  2. Robbie X

    EHEIM biopower 200 Power plug removal question

    Hello all. I have not been online for ages but I am planning a new build for Channa bleheri so I will be online a lot more from now on. I am having a custom tank built by Aquariums4life (see attached images of a similar tank). It will be around 130L and 36x15x15 inches in size and will have...
  3. C

    My attempt at a diy backlight

    Hey, got a 120x60x50 aquarium and was looking into getting a lightground or something of the likes but the price of them was a huge investment for something that I wasn't sure I'd actually like... did a lot of research into what goes into them and kept an eye out for all the products needed...
  4. C

    Hello everyone.

    Hi, started fish keeping a while ago with nano tanks which eventually ended up in buying a 5ft tank for South american cichlids.. couple months later moved onto a 4ft tank high tech with the tenancy to change scapes as often as I could... Currently got a 4ft rimless optiwhite with a diy...
  5. V

    Help building a custom 120x60x45 aquarium

    Hi all , I am in the process of building a custom aquarium for aquascape. Aquarium will be 120cm L * 60cm W * 45cm H with 12 mm glass. My LFS is insisting on adding 4inch glass braces on both sides. Adding braces means I cannot use glassware for filter nor can I place inlet and outlet in the...
  6. M

    All in One -Fertilizer making- Recommendation!

    Hello everyone... I want your help and advice. I don't know if I'm doing it right in all-in-one fertilizer production. I will be glad if you tell me the mistakes I made. First, I add them to the solution in order. 1-Fe 7% DTPA--I use 5 ml of hydrochloric acid in 100 ml of distilled water...
  7. goldscapes

    Custom spray bar for Evolution Aqua ReefPro 900s

    Hi there, I’m posting a design for a custom spray bar for an Evolution Aqua Reef Pro 900s being used as a freshwater planted tank. The reason for posting this here is to give others with experience of this the opportunity to contribute, leaving a (hopefully) useful resource for others who are...
  8. Anisawrus

    Return to Tanks: 45cm CubeScape

    Pilot: Wet Dreams After having fish on and off as a child, as a teenager, and at university, moving to get a job had put a stop to my hobby, but finally after 5+ years im back, and better than ever* The Plan; To source a tank, DIY a stand, document it and the progress, and start a Aquascape...
  9. oreo57

    FUN high CRI LED strips

    Even have some RGB "backlight" modules.. I recommend DIY-ers spend some time here.. Prices are err "competitive" but not inexpensive.. https://www.ledrise.eu/led-strips-modules/our-profesional-led-strips/led-strip-sunlike-led-toshiba-ssc-cri97-1600-1800-lm-m.html
  10. J

    DIY Project 120cm cabinet DIY

    Moving tanks, from a 100cm /180l Jewel tank with cabinet to a 120cm / 280l from APS means that I need to built a cabinet. I've never done the like before, so trawled the threads here for designs. As well as 18mm MDF, I've gone for a 34mm batons internal frame to allay my concerns of the weight...
  11. B

    The Kitchen Embankment

    At last! I have been working on this tank for a while now. I was working in a position where I had to compromise a lot. This is our kitchen and the only place for a main tank in the house, but there was a radiator in the way! The space is almost 5ft, but very shallow (the wife still wanted a...
  12. D

    Extremely Easy ADA Style 60cm DIY Cabinet

    This is extremely easy, looks on par with the ADA cabinets with a fraction of the cost. In my opinion, the wooden accents down the side of the cabinet makes it looks slightly better, but that is down to taste. Parts list Cabinet Finn 60 x 75cm Free Standing Cabinet by Fackelmann Fackelmann...
  13. Hanuman

    IFC Aquarium Fertilizer Calculator

    Hello everyone, Based on its ancestor, the new IFC Aquarium Fertilizer Calculator is completed at last. This has been a long (sometimes fun, sometimes painful) adventure for us. We have spend more time than we care to admit but here it is, ready to roll. Home screenshot here below: Background...
  14. P

    DIY ADA fert

    Hi Guys! Do I have any chance of making ADA ferts DIY? Is there any description I could make based on? thank you
  15. B

    Concrete Mountain Landscape

    The idea A couple of mountains with a mountain range in the background. Spaces for aquasoil in built into the rocks and lifted up to different levels of height, some right below the lamp, at the top of the mountains. So I hope to bring smaller foreground plants up into the mountains! The...
  16. Crazy_Walrus

    DIY Led strip lighting?

    Is there a way to use LED strip kits you can pick up on amazon for a DIY planted tank light? My tank is currently running CO2 and an interpet tri spec LED light. I have advanced plants in this tank and want to make sure they get the light they need (i daily dose ferts made for high tech...
  17. Crazy_Walrus

    Chipped edges of tank

    Hi, I just bought a second hand tank for £15 but the bottom sheet is chipped in 3 places. It is possible to fill these?
  18. Hanuman

    DIY Fertilizer Formula Recommendation

    Hello everyone. I have posted this in a facebook group but it doesn't seem to be going anywhere. I am tired of paying outrageous prices for liquid fertilizers so I though of making my own with dry salts. I know, there is a ton of info out there and believe me I have been scavenging the...
  19. M

    Cabinet diy for Aquascaper 900

    Hi All, would you please have a look at my cabinet design for Aquascaper 900. Just a simple - standard stand, although I thought It's a good idea to show it here before building. I've built my previous cabinet for Ada 60 out of mdf. This time because the aquarium is bigger I'm going to use 18mm...
  20. mike L

    "Second Hand" Surface Agitation!

    I've ran air-stones at lights out, I've ran them 24/7 with co2 cranked up to compensate. The battle for good oxygen levels without de-gassing co2 always seems to take place at the water surface which recently led me to an idea/experiment. What if I create "another" surface which I can aerate...
  21. amer d

    DIY 90cm aquarium cabinet ADA style

    Hello Everyone, I recently bought 90cm tank and decided to DIY the cabinet for my new tank. I would like to share some pictures and the steps how I made it. Overall the project took me around two weeks to complete and I worked for around 2 hours per day for this project. So here the tools I...
  22. Neil EFC

    DIY wood

    I have seen people create backgrounds using cement to cover polystyrene which got me wondering wether it would be possible to get any wood(such as non safe) from a local forest and dunk it in cement and apply the same method as the diy backgrounds. Not sure if this is a crazy idea or if anyone...
  23. Kezzab

    Bodged DIY trickle tower for sump

    As an experiment I've bodged this together. The milk bottle is filled with clay pebbles. The bottle is sat on an upturned flower pot to keep it above water level. There's a mini spray bar stuck through the top of the bottle and I've punctured holes all over it. Question is whether it is too...
  24. Zak Rafik

    DIY Chiller stand build :-)

    Hi everyone:) Just wanted share a DIY project I had finished recently for my planted tank chiller. This is a Teco TR15 chiller which had served me very well for the past one year plus. It was very efficient when chilling my 31c (88F) tap water to the desirable 24c (75F). Since I had about 50+...
  25. tmiravent

    LED - High power DIY - 60cm

    Hi, i love doing light for my tanks, here is my last DIY. Hope you like it! The fixture from above, you can see it's all aluminium, 4 pieces of double U shape with chihiros leg's (you can buy for around 9/10€). The light emiters, 4 x10W LED, and a acrylic protection for security. Detail...
  26. mike L

    EHEIM 350 Skimmer Mod Pictorial

    The Eheim 350 is a powerful and compact little surface skimmer, but like many it seems, I've lost a few fish to it because it's intakes are a tad wide. I've employed many mods to try and tame this unit, but this one is the best I've come up with to date. There are many 350 mods that will protect...
  27. Jimbo1981

    DIY Lighting - Wattage Input or Output Used?

    Hi All, I'm a bit of a newbie to the planted aquarium scene, I've recently read numerous articles and watched many YouTube videos on lighting as i am intending to create something myself with either CFL or LED (6500k). When it comes to Watts per Gallon/Litre it seems common that a Medium to...
  28. AndyVox

    Emersed start - 80 x 40 x 40 high tech

    Hey, I used to frequent here alot a few years ago before getting pulled into marine for a few years. Due to huge building work at home I closed down my marine tank and have been thankless for the last 6 or so months, then I got the itch to go planted again... So here we are! A few of my...
  29. Kakarot

    E27 DIY LED pendant lighting

    Hey all! I've ordered 3, 15 watt COB LED, 6500K, E27 lights for a pendant fitting I'm building. These are for my 90cm tank, I've been using them for a short time on my smaller aquarium and just wanted to see if anyone else uses them and if there are any long term issues they've faced? I haven't...
  30. iDigit

    Citric Acid CO2 DIY

    Hello, I am in the process of setting up a Trigon 190 planted tank. This will be my first venture into a CO2 equipped tank. However, I want to use a DIY citric acid/baking soda mixture. I have found many recipes, many designs and tons of ideas ... but no information on how much citric acid /...
  31. Kakarot

    Reclaimed timber dual aquarium build

    Hey all, Thought I'd share my build as I go, I can only put in an hour or so a day so it's going to be a few weeks until it's completed so you'll have to bare with me. I'm using reclaimed pallet wood and any other bits I can get for free. I should have enough timber with the 6 pallets I have...
  32. Kakarot

    My double aquarium stand

    Hey everyone! I've been designing a stand that I'll be building in the next few weeks and I'm just curious what people think of the design and if they'd do anything differently. I'm a carpenter so there's no concern about the weight side of things. The top aquarium is a 90L x 50H x 36D cm and...
  33. jsiegmund

    Submerged: modular aquarium automation

    Hi all, These last few months I've been working on a pet project which I've called "Submerged". I wanted to introduce it here and maybe some of you might be interested in trying it out or even contributing it. At the moment, submerged supports two kinds of modules: a sensor module for...
  34. Christos Ioannou

    LETs LED !

    Hi ukaps, inspired by this thread (thanks @SuperColey1 for sharing!), I have replaced my twin 54w T5 fixture with this: The construction is exactly the same as that in the inspiration thread, except for the supports, since I have opted to hang the fixture from the ceiling with 1,5mm wire...
  35. W

    DIY GH / KH Booster? Re-mineralizer. Exact chemicals, grade and dosage?

    Trying to make my own GH and KH booster. My specific use is to remineralize R/O water for some shrimp tanks. So I've done some searching and came across these threads on the same topic, but I only know a small amount on chemistry so I just wanted to get some clarification...
  36. algae_connoisseur


    hi i have posted a link to my thread on custom jewel lids, have a look... sorry to advertise on here but figured it wouldnt get a look on the diy section regards andy http://www.ukaps.org/forum/threads/custom-juwel-hood.39242/
  37. algae_connoisseur


    Hello im new to forums but i really think the world should know that juwel tank lids can be custom despite the difficulties. i am going to post 3 sections, 1st prep, 2nd finnishing, 3rd fitting. hope you enjoy and prehaps 1 person will take inspiration from this project. i love juwel tanks and...
  38. matt

    120x60x25cm Diy acrylic tank

    Plants and substrate arrive tomorrow:happy:
  39. lovelife

    Is my DIY LED setup low/mid/high?

    I have a 40 liter tank. I made a DIY setup using three cheap GU10 LEDs from Ebay. Each bulb is supposed to have these characteristics: - cool/pure white 6000-6500K - 500-550 lumen - 6W I was under the impression that this light is more then adequate to grow plants. I though I have a medium to...
  40. M

    DIY - Cree LED retrofit to old hood.

    I posted some brief details of my LED project a few months ago (http://www.ukaps.org/forum/threads/does-new-lighting-have-to-be-expensive.36226/#post-389067) and have finally found some time for a more detailed write up. I needed some lighting for an old tank that I've put back in service. The...
  41. Andy Thurston

    Anyone ever made an acrylic tank?

    I'm thinking about making a huge tank for my clown loach, nothing special, std braced tank with a hood Has anyone made an acrylic tank? Are there any good guides for making them? Any calculators for acrylic thickness etc Anybody know the std sheet sizes for acrylic?
  42. dmachado

    CO2 dissolution rate vs. saturation etc

    There is something going on with my CO2 system I'd like to see explained f possible. I have set up a system which uses DIY molasses and yeast CO2 bottles, 6 of them, controlled by a solenoid. The system shuts off on lights out, but of course the yeast keeps producing CO2. The molasses...
  43. A

    Stopping CO2 in high tech tank

    Hi guys! I am in the process of setting up a new tank and here's what I have thought 1) I'll buy a 2.5 feet long tank roughly 25g 2)I want dense planting, basically, some swords, crypts, hygrophilias, anubias and fern 3) I want to carpet it with marselia (whichever I can find) 4) T5-40W light (I...
  44. Mats A

    My DIY LED lamp for an ADA 30C

    I really love to build stuff, especially when it has something to do with wires and stuff. So when I got my first ADA tank, I decided to build myself a lamp. Started with a heatsink: Mounted and soldered the different LED’s: Fitted the lamp to the cabinet: How I attached lamp inside...
  45. Kyle Lambert

    DIY or not to DIY....

    That is the question.... ive contemplated all sorts of ways i could do a DIY external filter and ive come across a way i think would work for my 60l tank, theres one problem however.... can i be bothered to plan it, source all the parts and then build the bugger? Ive figured i could make one...
  46. greenink

    259L bookcase rebirth

    Starting my second tank... Journal will be a slow build as am waiting for various pieces on order. But I’ve learnt that planning things properly, and taking time to get it right, is the best way to go. Hoping for help in thinking it through! Comments and advice on my other journal have been...
  47. F

    Build/Buy Oak Stand

    Hi, I'm looking to build or buy an oak stand for a three-foot 200 litre tank. I'm practical and not afraid of building one, but don't have any real experience woodworking and don't have many tools yet, although I can probably borrow a router and tablesaw. The Powers That Be have decreed...