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My DIY LED lamp for an ADA 30C

Mats A

24 Jan 2014
I really love to build stuff, especially when it has something to do with wires and stuff. So when I got my first ADA tank, I decided to build myself a lamp.

Started with a heatsink:

Mounted and soldered the different LED’s:

Fitted the lamp to the cabinet:

How I attached lamp inside the cabinet:

The control box:

Finished with the shade on:



Oh yeah, you can turn it for better access and more direct light:

Can't find a picture of the "Moonlight" with a empty tank, unfortunately, and I can't show pictures of the tank at the moment so it has to wait.

I was supposed to use a Typhon REEF Controller on this lamp but it was something wrong with it and the support from the seller does not exist apparently. :/
Nice light dude. What LEDs are those. Some specs pls. I need sunrise/sunset controller. Any suggestions. Thanks.

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The daylight LEDs are 6 Cree xml 6500k running at 700mA at the moment, but I can up them to 3000mA if I like to.

I'll probably upgrade to a 1000mA to get a bit more light out of them since it's a high tech tank.

Regarding the controller, it's hard to find a good one for a decent price. The typhoon I was supposed to use had good potential, but when u don't get service when there's a product fault, I can't recommend the store. So basically I'm still on the lookout for a good one myself :)

The time switches that I'm using works well at least :)
more inspiration for when I get round to doing a nano tank. I really want to build my own light. Did you buy the heat sink or recycle it from something else?