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Bodged DIY trickle tower for sump


18 Jan 2016
As an experiment I've bodged this together. The milk bottle is filled with clay pebbles. The bottle is sat on an upturned flower pot to keep it above water level. There's a mini spray bar stuck through the top of the bottle and I've punctured holes all over it.

Question is whether it is too noisy to want to keep in place.

There's no real need for it i think, just messing about.

Put a piece of coarse filter sponge on top of the biomedia.. Than the water runs on a soft porous tissue and makes no more (or much less) noise.
Fun little project. Can I ask what the two plants you have in there are. One looks like a peace lily but no idea on the other.
It's sweet geranium, smells great. It was just a cutting I stuck behind a bit of foam.

I thought it looked like a geranium might borrow some cuttings from my mum's when I see her.
Cheers, will try that. I think the noise is mostly from water dripping out the bottom. Maybe need to lower it so the base is just below water surface.

Nothing beter than answering your own question correctly.. :thumbup:
I'm now on to the Mark 2 version. Out goes milk bottle, in comes 2 ltr lemonade bottle. It's taller, meaning i can sit it lower in the sump. The water now exits below the water line, so there should be less noise.

I'm practically James Dyson, all i need to do is move production to Malaysia.