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DIY or not to DIY....

Kyle Lambert

15 Aug 2013
That is the question.... ive contemplated all sorts of ways i could do a DIY external filter and ive come across a way i think would work for my 60l tank, theres one problem however.... can i be bothered to plan it, source all the parts and then build the bugger? Ive figured i could make one that puts out about 700 lph for roughly £40... but then i think should i just buy something like Aquarium Fish Tank Pond External Filter Canister Media / UV Light Sterilizer | eBay ? Admittedly its nearly double what i would pay if i were to build it... but is it worth paying extra for build quality and the UV steriliser?
Buy second hand? There is someone near me selling an xp3 for £40.
Allpondsolutions sell the same filter in your link, but have proper customer service etc. They also have a sale on, so you can get 1000 l/h for £50.
2nd hand all the way. I have an XP3 I got for £35 and an eheim 2026 for £65 both super super quiet. The All Ponds Solution is super cheap brand new (and with a UV should you want it). lots of options available
Yep 2nd hand ehiem early versions. I have owned 2213 2215 2217 all have been excellent. Not a fan of the internal trays in the all ponds myself. I just think there's Less to leak and go wrong with simple ehiems.