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Welcome :) Tell us about yourself

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timmystood said:
...Maidenhead Aquatics @ Peterborough...
I use Maidenhead Aquatics in Hickstead. I really like them, a good store. They could do with a little more knowledge of planted aquaria but otherwise fantastic. 8)
hi all,

i'm Gill, im 26, from Redditch, (near birmingham). i love my fish and other creatures in tanks.. i have a 4ft reef, a 2ft planted tank with cherry shrimp and bristlenoses, a baby gsp currently in a 20 gall planted as well as it can be with gsp, a 25l aquacube- planted otos, rummy noses and , a 5 gallon planted, a 5gall coral tank, my boyf has a coffee table fishtank- hard work but worth it! and a i have a little four gallon tank into which all the rogue hitchikers from the reef tank end up - so far a couple of crabs and a mantis shrimp i also have some land hermit crabs, and some giant snails!

we met george and graeme and dan at the festival of fishkeeping this weekend, they set up a couple of great tanks, was entertaining to see them working away with hangovers!

i bought a mini 'show tank' to use as a mini planted tank for on my desk at work, i have wanted a tank at work for ages but water a computers isnt a good mix, but this tank is the equivalent to a couple of large mugs of tea, so might get away with it, i have some interesting mosses to use so will be a nice little project, especially as im going to have to create some lighting for it !
Hi All.

I'm Lauren (North Devon – work in admin/payroll) been keeping fish for approx 6 years now. Started with just a coldwater (2x fantails & 1x Ryukin). Soon spiralled out of control thou and now I have:

*25-gal coldwater tank (housing 1x Tosakin, 1x Ranchu & 4x wcmm)
*80-gal tropical tank (housing flying fox, golden algae eater, neon tetras, rummy nose tetras, cherry barbs, clown loach and Endler)
*5-gal tank (housing 1x male betta)
*4000-gal pond (containing mixed varieties of common goldfish, comets, Shubunkin & Tench)
*6000-gal pond (containing some goldfish 'temporarily', Tench and koi)

Met George, Matt & co at the festival this weekend - monopolised them for just a few hours! lol the tanks they 'whipped up' in no time were just amazing! And all the pictures George very kindly showed me on his laptop were just so inspirational. I also picked up a small show tank - as the one they had set-up was too cute and I wanted one as well! Got a 'shaped' tank for Aquascaping, I’ve always admired them in the shows (been at last 3 F.o.F) so they had one for sale - and I’m going to give it a try! Got some fantastic advice on where I was going wrong with my tropical planted tank, so that is soon to have a make over, once I research and decide which soft water plants I want. Plan on planting up my coldwater one too.

The site is very good guys!
Hi all, first post be gentle ;)

I'm Ivan, Moderator and comittee member of the UKDA, and this year a judge at the UKDA Discus show this last weekend.
My thanks to Dan, for bursting with enthusiasm and his eagerness to talk to anyone who looked remotely interested.
Will mail you soon Dan.

I've always had a soft spot for a planted tank and I was one of those people who said he could grow juvenile discus in a planted tank. That soon backfired, and I realised I was wrong so the plants went. I have come up with various ways to combine discus and plants, and while I'm not entirely happy with my tank at the moment, I'm happy with the idea.
The tank is a juwel 400 with their excuse for a filter well and truly thrown out of a moving car to be replaced with a superfish 300. (I don't think it is called that but thats the company who made it) It houses a few plants, that are kind of doing ok, and could do better, and houses 8 Discus, some that could also do better, and two that are very pretty indeed.

So, about me, I have two children, Declan and Maya and I'm married to Mandy an art teacher.
I hope to learn a lot from you guys.
Welcome Coralline!

Don't I know you from somewhere?! :)

A very good welcome to everyone else as well! It's very pleasing that the show brought so many new people in, well done chaps! Sorry I couldn't make it, maybe next year.

Hi All Just thought I’d say hi and congratulate you all for starting this much needed and already much appreciated society. I have already found both answers and inspiration here and I haven’t even posted yet!
I have had tanks, on and off, since I was 10... Now 41!!! But have just embarked on my fist new tank for about 10 years, my god things have changed! So I’m very glad you are here to help. I will be posting some questions in the relevant sections and hopefully a journal of my new 300l setup (already been going 3 weeks but I have been taking photos) :D If anyone is planning a society get together in London or the South please let me know as I would love to get together and meet some like minded people and swap some greenery!
Hi all!

I'm steve, and I'm a plant-a-holic :lol:

I'm from Coventry in the West Midlands and have been a regular poster on the TFF planted forums for a little while now. I've really been inspired by a lot of the things I've read and the photos I've seen of the tanks created by members of this (and the TFF) forum.

Anyway, my current setup is a Rio 180 which is a bit of a jungle mess at the moment. Its starting to mature though and I'm about to re-scape it with all sorts, just finalising the plant list and layout! When thats all done I'll be increasing the population of Pentazona barbs, Harelquin rasbora and possibly increasing the numbers of leopard danios too!
Hi, I'm not very good at writing about myself.. so I'll just say, hey I'm Lucy.. I'm 19 and work in a pet shop.. I've kept fish for a few years now and I have tried the 'planted tank' thing so many times and given up and let everything go wild and full of algae so many times, so I'm here to try and not give up again, lol!!

I also bought one of the little show tanks to try a pico so I'm trying that first.. then I need to sort out the tropical tank.. then have a go and setting something up for the goldfish which they won't just eat and destroy!
Good evening.
I'm Gareth, aka Garuf, I'm 18 I live in the middle of no where and have been into planted tanks since may, first becoming fascinated after finding a tutorial on making a "macaurium from a g4 cube in which another user said that the person who wrote the tutorial should consider using nano fish instead of goldfish, this roused my interest and I soon joined the ttf and the planted tank and grew more and more interested.
outside of caring for my algae stricken 11 gallon I am a keen skateboarder, and have been for many many years.
I'm currently at burton college studying 3D design with the intention of heading to uni to study architecture.
oh, and I make pizzas for a living... fun I know.
I also love music, almost everything, from electronica through indie to death metal via classical and hip hop.
here's me in cornwall in february rock pooling.
Hello, the names Tim, been kepping fish for many years on and off, had a revival about 5 years ago and it's been constant since.

Kept everything from goldfish, malawis, tanganikans, marine reef, and freshwater stingrays (loved them). And my latest incarnation is Discus which are being prepared to live in a beutifully :? planted tank.

Work-wise was a domestic electrician before I joined the RAF as a propulsion/airframe technician, now left the RAF and now work as a ROV Pilot technician in the oil and gas sector, which is nice.

Cheers Tim
Hi I'm James, I'm from Portsmouth. I've been keeping fish most of my life but only really seriously since Summer '06.

I've got a Fluval Duo Deep 1000 (44 gallons) which is reasonably well planted wich Swords, Vallis, Cpyt Wendti and Becketi, Hygro Polysperma, Sagitarria lileopterus and Sagitarris natans. Most of them are growing very well, but the swords are a bit weak.

Fish are a breeding pair of Kribs, hordes of guppies, a shoal of rummynose tetras, 4 Otos, a shoal of Corydoras Julii and a pair of Ancistrus. I'm looking to move more towards a south american biotope, but i dont mind having a few stray plants from other parts of the world ;)

I first set the tank up without much thought to keeping plants, so ive only got a gravel substrate, but I add quite a few growth tabs regularly, especially under the swords and crypts. I add C02 from a tetraplant unit, the one that has the green bottle. I use RO water, 10% water change a week, and I use Tetra Plantamin.

I'm looking to learn more about aquascaping and growing plants and this looks like a pretty interesting place to do it 8)
Hello all, thought i'd better post one of these intros. I'm Dan and live in the Deepings area of Lincolnshire (about 10 miles from George).

I've one large tank which is not even scaped yet (2000mm x 600mm x 60mm), still waiting for rock to arrive soon, then will have a little play with this. The tank houses a shoal of around 100 cardinals and ottos, corys etc. Just set up the new T5's, and need to add anohter external filter too...

Also have a nano planted tank which is also in the early stages which is home to some crystal red shrimps and a few indian scarlet badis.

Also have a breeding project, but that is in the very early stages.
Hi I'm Jeff, I am 39(today) and I live in Alton Hants, I run my own decorating business and up until 4 years ago I was a DJ playing at such venues as Ministry of Sound, The End, Camden Palace etc
I currently have 1 Planted tank in the lounge which was featured in PFK a few years ago http://www.practicalfishkeeping.co.uk/p ... cle_id=136
I am heavily into discus and am Vice- Chairman of the UK Discus Association, and am involved in setting up the show which is run at the FBAS show in October which is were I first found out about UKAPs, I had a good chat with George and Danne and thought I'd sign up....
When I'm not messing about with fish and plants I compete in Enduros which too anybody that doesnt know is like Car rallying but on motobikes, I compete at British Championship level and last year finished 6th in my class !!!!
I live with my girlfriend of 15 years Katherine and our Staffie Flo !!!!!!!!
Look forward too speaking too you and hopefully will meet some of you at the show in October !!!!
Hi all, my names Steve, I'm 38, been married for 10 years, but my wife and I have been together for 20 years total, and have three lovely kids, 13, 9, and a mini whirlwind who's 3! I work on a golf course as an Assistant Course Manager on the Essex / Cambridge border, and i've been there for 19 years :!: It's a great job, especially in the Summer, and i can play as much golf as i want for free!

I started keeping Tropical fish round about 1993 i think, up until about 2003, when we moved and i decided fish keeping was too much work, with everything else in life. But just over a year ago, i couldn't resist the temptation and bought a Jewel Rio 180, and i also have a 20 gallon Tropical setup too. The bug has definately got me this time, and I'm enjoying both aquariums more, and more. The wifes even trying to persuade me to get a Nano tank too :!:

I also enjoy playing squash, and golf as i said, and apart from that, the kids keep me busy all the time.
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