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Welcome :) Tell us about yourself

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Hi all, just coming back to aquariums after a six year break, (moved in the, now, wife and had to get rid of the tanks due to space), and happened upon ukaps looking for planted tank info. My idea of my 'ideal' planted tank has changed somewhat since spending the last couple of weeks reading posts on here 8)

My head is still spinning so I'll no doubt be asking lot of newbie type questions along the way.
Hi everyone.
My name is Mateusz, I live in Poland and I am a Pole. Aquarium is my hobby :)

Yours geeks this hobby.
hi everyone,

been keeping fish for just over a year with some pretty unsuccessful plants. This site looks like the place to help
Hi....I'm Chris from Devon...recently been made redundant from ITV and am now looking for a job.. problem is I keep getting side tracked reading your forum posts........

Have been bitten by this Aquascaping game and have been reviewing posts on a number of forums, although UKaps looks more professional with actual green fingered folk. Am a keen gardener and thought that this progression into aquascaping was worth a stab.

Currently running a 30 cube nano fish, low tech setup and am presently to setup my 2nd Nano with C02 and a more hi-tech planting scape. I enjoy life and anything that involves flora & fauna......

Joining this forum will probably naff off the wife as I'll spend more time on here, rather than sitting with her watching the diatribe soaps on TV. Wait till I drill the back of the side-board out for the canister filter ingress/egress .......hee hee
Hi all,

I'm Dan, and I'm a lowly colonial ;0) G'day from Australia! Ok, I know that's incredibly cliche, but it just has to be done at least once, hehe.

I've been keeping planted aquaria for some years now... before Nature Aquarium World 3 was released; back before the days of Aquabotanic, TAOPA, and right back to The Krib's mailing lists. Ah, the good (?) old days. :)

I down-sized last year from about 11 tanks, and currently have a 3ft non-CO2 tank stocked with a combination of ferns, anubias, and native moss, riccardia and fissidens and native shrimp. I also have a custom 160L hi-tech stocked with various exotics (gradually tying to 'crypt it up' so I can low-tech it too), which houses shrimp and rasboras. I also moderate on one of the planted aquarium forums in Australia. (Aquariumlife FTW ;) )

On a more personal note - this year has been an interesting one for me, as I went back to University at 33 for a complete career change (from retail/management/training to psychology), and at the end of last year I met a lovely lady while travelling in the UK. This is actually a large part of the reason I thought I'd say hi - I'm heading back to the UK towards the end of next month (to spend time with said lovely lady) and I thought it might be a good idea to seek some local knowledge about planty (and fishy!) things to check out over the couple of months that I'll be staying around London.

Anyhoo, I'll try to jump on some threads and introduce myself properly with some pics over the next couple of weeks as time and study breaks permit. I've already had a bit of a look through some of your journals and I love what I see!

I look forward to getting to know you guys better :)
Welcome to Blighty Rufus.....and glad you hooked up with a British girl, as they are the best....Especially as they have to put up with us guys and our Aqua hobbies. I'm a newbie at planted scapes but this is the forum if you do require info as there is some real talent within the UK re - Aquascaping.....

Hope you have a good time around the London suburbs and make sure you send your pics in ....All the forum guys do love a piccy......
Hi. I'm Mirf. I live in not so Sunny Wales and I'm completely new to all things aquatic. I mainly keep reptiles and amphibians and have great fun making and creating 'fake rock' backgrounds and vivs.

I recently purchased some fire bellied toads and some cherry shrimp. I then decided the shrimp needed a tank to themselves.....I then somehow ended up with 10 african dwarf frogs to liven up the rather desolate shrimp tank. They somehow ended up in their own tank and I have gone from 1 little tank to three almost overnight. :wideyed: My 30 cherries are now in a 25 gallon tank, to which I added some dwarf cories and rock shrimp and so the obsession starts...... :lol:

I really want to make the tanks as stunning as the occupants and a good friend of mine suggested coming here for inspiration. I am somewhat in awe of the pics I have seen so far. If I can achieve something a quarter as good as some I have seen I will be a happy girl.

Get ready for a steady flow of questions!! :D
hey all,
My names ciarán,Im from n.ireland.been running a fluval edge tank(unplanted)
for about 6 months now.It mostly has been a decoration tank in the hallway with
my main tank being a 2ft marine.have never done a planted tank and seen some
nice fluval edge set ups out there.so came here to find out what I can/cant do with
this tank.have already changed to SMD lights when I first got it as I was unhappy
the dim glow from the standard lights but seen people doing a coralife 50/50 bulb
mod which I might go for for growing plants.what plants could I grow without having
to get co2 units and what way would be the best way to go about it.....dont want
to be spending too much as the marine already costs me enough lol.
At the minute the livestock is
6 platys,2 hovering loach,3 mountain minnows and 7 neon tetras.
the tank just has black stones and fake plants but im sure I can use
A quarintine tank as a spare tank unti the fluval is ready.
so my main questions are plants, what is best and how many....
what additives do I need(already use RO water for water changes)....
do I need soil or sand or different finer stones....
is there any other mods I need to do...

cheers in advance

oh heres the tank now....dont laugh lol


Alright Ciaran,

I'm fairly new to the site as well, so I'll leave it to the experts to give you advice on your new venture. I will however suggest that if you post your questions in the relevant section of the forum, you'll get a much quicker reply. Have a read through them first though because it's more than likely the question has already been answered and probably in some depth.

Anyway, welcome to the site and good luck.
yeah was gonna post in main site then kept getting connection error for some reason
Hi all,

My name is Jason and have been keeping fish for about 15+ years. I have in the past kept several planted tanks for several years each. I enjoy all aspects of fishkeeping but i always keep coming back to planted tanks.

My passion has seen me change careers going from being self employed to recently completing a degree in fisheries and aquaculture management. I can now proudly say I work fulltime with fish although I get paid considerably less than my last job!!!

This forum has rekindled my passion for planted tanks and will for the first time try a hightech setup. I look forward to all the knowledge that I will gain in the future although im sure that I will not escape that dreaded algae.

Kind regards

My Name is Bjorn, from Sweden originally but moved here on my own in 1997 just after my 20th birthday. Lived a majority of it in London but discovered and fell in love with the English countryside and now live in Oxfordshire, Henley-on-Thames.

I'm new to planted tanks, but did keep fish as a kid. That was until the day my tank broke while we were away on a family holiday. We returned to find my tank leaked all it's water through my bedroom upstairs down through the ceiling and into the living room. Never seen my Dad so furious, which kept me away from tanks for a good 20 years. :lol:

I run my own company from home and thought I needed something to look at in my office while also in dire need of a proper hobby. I finally decided to buy a tank just over a month ago now, originally just wanted a fish tank but since I discovered planted tanks and Aquascaping been utterly captivated by it. I've already ordered a 2nd proper larger brace-less tank and can't wait to get working on it!

I've quickly realized that I have a lot to learn and that this forum will be a very useful place for advice and information.

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