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Welcome :) Tell us about yourself

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Hi all,

Many of you may already know me from other fishkeeping forums, as a moderator on five now.

I'm proud to be involved with UKAPS in particular.

I also contribute regularly to PFK magazine and the PFK website, writing blogs, news stories etc. I am their hi-tech planted "expert" and aquascaping "guru". I use inverted commas as they're not my words...

I don't have much time for my own aquariums these days with my full-time career in the RAF, two young children, writing and forums etc.

I have just the one tank, a Juwel Rio 125 filled with crypts, ferns and anubias.

A 6x2x2 discus is planned but until we get new flooring in the living room...
Hi all,

Welcome to Ukaps.

Im not an "A" list celeb as our George is when it comes to aquatic gardening.

I live in the north west and work at Chester Zoo in the animal supplies department.
Ive been keeping fish for over 8 years now, but engrosed in the world of nature aquarium for about 5 years.
Ive enterd 2 global aquascaping compotions, the AGA and the ADA. Coming 714 out of over 1100 odd. My proudest achievment yet.
Ive had one of my tanks published in PFK on a full page picture.
I will soon have the same tank published in a U.S.A nano planted tank book.

My scapes today are not what i wish, but with other thing more important, they are ( for now ) on the back burner.

Oh and im realy bad at spelling. :rolleyes:

I love photography, which is conjoined into the aquascaping i do. Im allwasy on the look out for insparation.

" Always looking for something "
" He doesnt say much, but when he does it worth listening to"
"A deep thinker"

These are some of the things that people have said about me.

Hello everyone,

Ah well, down to the `C` list of aquascapers already. I am Dave, Luton born and bred. I was recently divorced :arghh: , which is why I have the time for keeping planted tanks. I have three great kids and have the dubious honour of sometimes taking my son to Goodison Park.

I come from a technical background, having done a few years as a propulsion technician (sooty) in the RAF. I am now a production engineer and safety controller at a gas fired power station in N. Wales.

My first passion is for football, but I will follow most sports in general. Other interests include photography and cosmology.

I have always liked the idea of having a fish tank (done the usual cluelessly keeping goldfish thing a long while ago), but the only ones I ever saw were in dentist waiting rooms, and the purple gravel and skulls with air bubbles coming out put me off.

It wasn`t until I went on to TFF and discovered the planted tank forum that I realised how a tank should look (George`s and Graeme`s nanos especially). So I dived in at the deep end with 3.4WPG and pressurised CO2.

I'm Ed and I am a teacher in Nottingham.
I've got four tanks at home and mainly they're devoted to keeping and breeding dwarf cichlids and killifish, but they look great with plants too!
I've also got two tanks at school, both 3 footers that are planted tanks too with a range of fish in them.
As well as the tanks I've got a 3,000 gallon koi pond and stream.

I used to be a garden designer and sell rare plants so I like doing a bit of gardening too.

I also love playing and watching cricket.
Hi all,

Im Marc and i currently have 2 planted aquariums in my flat, one a nano and one a 3ft'er, both with simple yeast c02 , im very proud of them and have been fishkeeping on and off since i was 15 (im 30 now) i live in the lovely historic city of canterbury in kent, but my day job is in london where i work for arcadia (people who own topman, burtons, bhs etc) i work in the merchandising team and deal with topshop.

i love a drink (probably a few too many!!) and i love going out with my mates, im really into electro/electronica music and fashion.

oh and im an idebntical twin.

thats about it really!!
Hi all,

Im Marc and i currently have 2 planted aquariums in my flat, one a nano and one a 3ft'er, both with simple yeast c02 , im very proud of them and have been fishkeeping on and off since i was 15 (im 30 now) i live in the lovely historic city of canterbury in kent, but my day job is in london where i work for arcadia (people who own topman, burtons, bhs etc) i work in the merchandising team and deal with topshop.

i love a drink (probably a few too many!!) and i love going out with my mates, im really into electro/electronica music and fashion.

oh and im an idebntical twin.

thats about it really!!
Hi guys, i'm BigDanne (Dan). I'm 24 and i've been keeping fish for about 5 yrs and plants (properly) for about 1 year. In the last 6 months have been introduced to EI and High tech planted techinques.
I have 2 tanks, a juwel vision 180 and a PFK nano, the 180 is run with EI, 1.8 WPG and a pressurised Co2 at 4 BPS. The nano is cold water with only 1 WPG and no Co2.
Besides fish and plants i like to race motorbikes and i'm pretty dam good at it but lets leave that for another day. ;)
I am also the graphics and merchindising guy for UKAPS which i enjoy very much too and i've met some pretty cool folks through it aswell. ;) :D
Hi There i'm James as you may have guessed. I'm 27 live in Stotfold, Beds with my girlfriend of 6 years. I have 2 planted tanks a Rio180 at home and a Rekord60 at work. Both are high tech with 2.5WPG and co2. Pressurised on the 180 and yeast (2 nutrafin kits) on the 60. I've been keeping fish for 4 years and have only kept planted tanks. I found TFF the day i bought my first tank before i'd set up and with the help of lots of members, mainly George Farmer i found my feet. I've never read any fish/plant books and all of my knowledge has come from the net.

I work as a Sales Manager for a GP Recruiter and have been in recruitment of all sorts for 9 years.

My main passions are planted tanks and cars. I have a Honda Civic Type-R, full of speakers and goes like stink. I guess you'd say i was fun, frivalous and spontaneous. not always good traits but i enjoy myself and dont get too bogged down with everyday worries.

well thats me
well, seeing as everyone else is doing it, i shall to!

Im 33, called Matt and live in mid Dorset. happily single, divorced 8 years ago blah blah blah.

About to start college in September as a mature student which Im very much looking forward to. Having previously been a financial advisor, Im changing career to what it should have been to start with, computers.

Ive kept tanks for about 10 years now, but didnt attempt a planted tank until just under a year ago. I have a 4 footer in the shed, and a 40x20x18 setup at the moment.

hobbies include scuba (although not for a while due to medication), astronomy, photography, gardening, computers (obviously).
Hi I'm James and am 42 years old. Married to Maria with a 7 year old son called Philip living in Bexley, Kent. Spent my childhood living in Brussels as my dad worked for NATO. Started my working life working in a lab for the coatings industry. Had a change of career after 15 years as the site was closed down due to ever stringent Health And Safety regulations. Now working as a network manager for a company in Kent.

Have had aquariums since I was 18 and have had everything from a small goldfish tank to a six foot reef system. Got into planted tanks just over three years ago and then discovered Estimative Index about two years ago. Due to time and space I only have the one tank which is a Rena 4 footer. Do have a little 2.5 gallon shrimp breeding tank as well though. Due to my scientific background I tend to look at the hobby in a very technical way which probably explains my crap scaping skills. I've created a personal website that details my tank and dosing strategies along with algae and deficiency guides - http://www.theplantedtank.co.uk

My other big interest in life is motorbikes. I follow the MotoGP and World Superbikes with great interest. Also due to my son's enthusiasm for golf I have now taken up the sport as well.

Well I suppose I'd better join in too.

I'm Simon (31) a nurse with a wife (a fox) and two kids (handsomest boys in the world). I currently live in Widnes, but I'm an Ulsterman born and bred. When I say I'm a nurse... I'm a funny sort of a nurse - lets just say I look after sick kids quite well :) (i think so anyway). I also lecture in the local uni too.

Anyways, my fish keeping history started about 5-6 years ago when I inherited a pond when I moved into my house. I had lots of shubunkins and a lovely pond until my kids tried to go swimming in it. I filled in the pond and switched to tropical. I've got a RIO 180 a rekord 60, and a PFK nano. The 180 has DIY CO2 (pending pressurised imminently) and the 60 has a small pressurised set-up. I use the 60 to keep my beautiful vaillant choc gouramis in. The 180 is a community planted set-up which just had a mini makeover, and is due a big make over in the next 6 months.

I started off my internet fish education on 'The tropical tank' and then one day for some bizarre reason I couldn't get onto the site. I spent a month on TFF and my planted tank experience took off.

My hobbies include drinking fine whiskey, wine and ale, reading lots, looking after my orchids (old fish tank water works wonders), and pottering on my computer.

I'm looking forward to meeting up with a bunch of you guys and demolishing a lot of fine beverages whilst chatting :) just name the time and place.

Hi, Ive just joined, figured it would be rude not to introduce myself...

Im 27 and from the grim North West.... share my house with my OH and a scruffy lodger, as well as my four (soon to be five) dogs, 1 cat, several rodents, and four tanks.....

Ive been keeping fish for 3 years or so, spend far too much money on it, and its the cause of many a row in this house...

I have hankerings towards a beautiful planted tank but my two planted tanks so far are either sparse and boring community, or wildly over grown small oddball/shrimp...

Im in the process of rescaping a 15g and looking for inspiration/instruction/kick in the pants.

When not soggy to the elbows and dripping tank water all over the sofas, I slave away over my bench making high class dog collars for the posh pooches (usually of Surrey) of the UK ...frequently to be found at my desk emailing customers who just cant comprehend that cow hides dont come 9ft long if they want a dog lead that long I *have* to put joins in it, and other scintillating discussions....

Other money making schemes I use to pretend Im working have been freelance writing and drawing pet portraits... yes im a bit 'arty'... (it translates to 'thoroughly disorganised and scatty'..)

Oh.. im also nocturnal.

Hi, I'm Chrisi. Like Maximumbob I'm Ulster born and bred but living on the mainland in Birmingham with my hubby Chris (yes, the name thing can be annoying :rolleyes: ) and two dogs. I work in pensions administration (don't all fall asleep now), but it's nothing very exciting.

I am a newbie to keeping a planted tank - I started keeping fish nearly two years ago but I really adore planted tanks.

Last night my husband asked me if I knew any small fast spreading plants we could plant in the front garden - I suggested that if we covered it in water I'd have a suggestion or two, but otherwise I knew nothing!

I have one 185l community tank with in excess of 2WPG, with a cobbled together CO2 system and liquid ferts at the moment but I'm just getting the hang of the ferts/CO2 thing. I also have a little 28l tank with very low lighting, home to my betta and shrimp.

I think this site is great and the amount of help I have had from it is amazing - one day when I know a bit more I hope to be a bit more than a 'taker' though ;)

Thanks, all
Hi just followed a link here from a member on another forum. My name is Mark, I first got into the hobby as a kid, and after a break of about 10 yrs, I got back into the hobby about 4 years ago. my Current tank is a Juwel Rio 240 and it has been set up since moving house just over a year ago. I have been attempting planted stuff on a budget during this time with DIY yeast CO2, but no fancy lights or substrate, however I have just took the plunge and invested in presurised CO2 and better lighting and substrate. I myself am a Technical Support Manager and live in the North East, and apart from fishkeeping, my interests are diy, programming & playing on my Wii. I am married and have a six year old daughter, and my wife is expecting our 2nd child and is 19 weeks pregnant. so this may be my last chance to invest in my tank for a while.

My name is Lissette. I'm from Miami, FL and I am an adjunct professor of voice and Vocal Pedagogy at Florida International University. When I'm not teaching, I'm singing opera. I'm a classicly trained mezzo-soprano. I just finished peforming the role of Rosina from Rossini's Barber of Seville. Next month, I turn the big 31.

When I'm not teaching, or singing opera, I like to keep tropical fish tanks. I've been keeping fish for over 18 years. My current interest is in planted aquariums. I have 4, all pretty small, ranging from a 2.5g to a 36g bowfront. I like to keep things simple and very inexpensive, so my current layouts are very low-maintenance, but I have done high-tech and Dutch scapes in the past. Meeting the needs of the fish are a large part of my setups, so I will often opt to please them first. I am neither CO2, fert, or light dependant. I also bend stocking rules and seriously overfilter.

But enough about me... :lol:
Hello all,
Im from Billingshurst, near Horsham, in Sussex. I work just up the road at Gatwick and due to the wonders of shift work, spend most of my days nosing around aquatic forums. :) What else do I mention? Erm... Im 25 and I erm... like flying, motorcycling, mountain walking, and beer! (Not all at once! ;))
Ive only had my own tanks for the last 2-3 yrs but Ive always been exposed to them as my family have nearly always had tanks. Ive just recently set up my first big tank (220l 48x15x18) and am enjoying getting my teeth into live plants on a bigger scale.
Well, anything else that people may want to know? Just ask. I'm a friendly chap and always willing to help out if I can! 8)
hi all,

im mark, im 26 and come from crewe in cheshire, i started fish keeping properly just over a year ago when i left the army, i started with just keeping a few betta then got the bug and started to breed them i did this for around 8 months and had great success with them, then as with everything i just didnt have enough time to concentrate fully on them so now ive started in the wonderfull world of planted tanks, i look forward to learning from you all,

mark :D
I am andrew
A vet by trade and have been keeping fish since i boght my first house about 7 yrs ago
Mainly got interested in forums trying to learn what i should have already known, ie fish health aspects
Recently i have been looking at levaing the country and have significantly scaled down from 10 tanks in a 2 bedroom flat to now just 4 and slowly trying to move the livestock on
Found this forum as i was trying to increase my plant knowledge. I cant be without a tank and thought plants at least i wouldnt feel bad about upping and leaving if an opportunity arose
I'm 35 born in NZ schooled in Australia and living over here (london now)12 yr's
Come on the aussies this weekend, though really i want the all blacks to win
Hello everyone!

Thought i'd register on here to increase my aquatic knowledge. Guess I should introduce myself though!

I'm Tim, I work at Maidenhead Aquatics @ Peterborough. Been fish-keeping about 10 years. Main interest is the biology and breeding patterns of tetradon (pufferfish) species. I'm good friends with George Farmer, via the shop where I work. Nothing quite beats the look of a well-planted tank... which is why i'm here!

Look forward to seeing you around the forums! :D
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