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saintlys "The Henge"

its still in there.its seems to be growin slow. itis growing because its sprouting up everywhere. the tennelus is king at the minute. :?
mmm...i trimmed it once, only an inch or so. i had this stuff in my small tank. and allthough it grew real thick and dense, it never grew tall. i got funny feelings its not vivipara! :?

twice i bought from aquafleur (MA) a different times and there both identical. could they be selling wrongly labeled?
here's a pic from behind.

anyone confirm this a s vivpara? you can see it is reaching the top in places.


arghhh, realy? i allways had my doubts. amano setups with vivipara look ace, and what i got just never matched it, why do maiden head sell things wrongly labelled?
My knowladge of viviapar is limitted, but heres what i do know. Its quite possible you have it, put wait to see once its established first. What happens is the grass leaves will reach up, then they will get a bud like growth on them. From there another plantlet will grow. It can be a very messy plant is kept untamed. The idea is,if you like the matted look then let it grow, just like in the huge Iwagumi tank Amano has with 1000 cardinals in it. Or you will have to nip the plantlets off as the grass grows. Which im sure is very time consuming. Othere wise, if its just hight your after, then E-acicularus will do you fine.

i guess this is what happens when you dont know what particular plants are :? ive been looking on other site trying to find pics of E-acicularus and what i have looks the same.

bit miffed.

anyway, i'll try and do what i can with what i got.

dan, george. the Staurogyne sp is coming good. i can see tiny new leafs :D
well, i finaly got some advice on e tennelus (thanks LD for finding that post ;) ) it was advice i kinda knew ie trimminf runners etc. the one thing i didnt know about the post was a bit vague on. trimming the leafs!!!!!

i still dont know, so i just trimmed um! if its wrong its to late, if its right, lucky me. im surprised i didnt get much advice on the plant to be honest, oh well.

pic before trim (tonight)


10 minutes later.


i'll just have to wait and see

thanks for reading

Looking good Mark :) maybe you should have tried on a small section and see before you did the whole tank ;)
Just have to wait and see now, at least we will all know how to trim it after you are done with it ;)
oh well, ive searched the whole net for advice. no one seems to know. ive finaly (maybe to late)posted on a malasyian forum for advice :D

i can allways up root it and find another plant maybe.
getting close to an answer,

this is a quote from a malaysian site

"I have a picture somewhere in this forum with E. tenellus as the foreground plant in 2.5 feet tank, way too tall, unless I trim it, the new growth is shorter, and to keep it shorter, with a bit of red, I needed a bit high lights... "

i got my answer :) phew...ive done the right thing, actualy not short enough. if i remeber aaronnorth thought this idea would work but wasnt sure. (you were close mate)

from my malasyian aquascaping friend NASFISH (fantastic aquascaper, i checked some of his threads and pics etc! the kid obioulsy knows what he's up to, so i'll trust the advice)

anyway, this is what was said

"Grew E. tenellus before, each time, I trimmed it about one inch from the base. After that, I syphoned the debris, excess mulms etc around the base. During weekly water change, I did the same, whenever possible. If too dirty, it will disturb the regrowth, sometimes, worst case, it will rot instead, IME.

Very nice tank, by the way

Nasir "

so hopefully this chaps right, im going in to trim.
so another pick coming with severe haircut. :lol:

here's after trimming....again. i actually like it like this. i can also see a small leafed stem coming from behind that large stone :twisted: mmmmmm......


Interesting he treats it just like grass!

Go on - link us to the Malaysian tank, I'll be in Malaysia from Tuesday so if you have any problems after trimming E. Tenellus I can sort him out for you :D

Did you also PM our own James3200 - he has a lot of E. Tenellus in his Journal tank!


Found the link: http://www.my-mac.net/forum/viewtopic.php?t=6233&highlight=

Mark says:
ok nasfish, ive trimmed again. will this be ok?
I'll die laughing if nasfish comes back and says "no" :lol: :lol: :lol:
i posted in the plant sectionn and mentioned it here several times. i dont like asking george, the mans busy. TGM didnt reply.

i had to do something fast. james3200?...i didnt realise.ill take a look.

theres no pics of nasfish's e tennelus, he'd just wrote from experience. ive seen some of his nanao's brilliant. but then they all seem to be good in asia :)

what part of malaysia you going to ray? my family is from there.and actualy my great grandfather is from switzerland.(ownded rubber plantation in malaysia)
Ray said:
I'll die laughing if nasfish comes back and says "no"

i could allways glue it back :lol:

theres some good scapes from this guy. check out CREATIVE AQUASCAPE UNION to. good tips on photography.

go on people, expand your favourates list :lol: