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saintlys "The Henge"

Mark Evans

13 Jun 2008
newark notts.
hi everyone,

thanks to aaronorth for directing me to this site.

heres a pic of my current setup at about 9 weeks old.i've been doing this for about 13 months now and enjoy every thing about planted aquariums.

i currently have oan ongoing journal at tropical fish forums. this is my second attempt at a planted aquarium

here is my first from last year.

any way, im going for my 3rd scape now ive got the bug.
this is going to replace this...


it's still in its infancie days, but i can give some early facts an figures.

60 x 30 x 36 OPTIWHITE high clarity from AQUA ESSENTIALS. 1 x aquapad.

arcadia 60cm 4 x 24w hot5 luminaire from AE

presurised with all glass ware.

rena xp2 with lilly pipes.

hydoe external heaters (i think, not sure)

ADA AMAZONIA 9L, ADA POWERSAND L (what was left over from other set up) and GEOSYSTEM extra fine river gravel.

im still waiting for the tank to arrive and the lighting actualy. it might be a week or two yet.

layout wise, not 100% yet but deffo nature ada style. pathway down the middle with sand rocks left and right, riccia glosso etc... similar to the setup amano did in the 2006 catalogue.
there was riccia in the forground but it exploded, not enough trimming.

and will go exactly where this one was.

the unit can take the weight as its solid oak.

i'll keep you all posted with lots of pics.

thanks for reading

Re: saintlys 60 x 30 x36 optiwhite

thanks james,

another image just to test what kinda size i can go to with decent resolution

Re: saintlys 60 x 30 x36 optiwhite

thanks everyone, feel welcome now.

the red sea reactor is brill. i've never had problems with it, and im running high bub p/s at the minute.the only thing is, is its horrid to luck at, but when i bought co2 in october last year i didnt realise i would become sooooo hooked on the hobby.

i had the rinox 3000 last week and broke it so ive got to order another...bit heavy handed.eventualy everything will be glass.
Re: saintlys 60 x 30 x36 optiwhite

my tank has arrived, rather amazing too. i cant believe how clear the glass is! cant wait to set it up.

im off to the green machine in the morning to collect some stone and stuff. hopefully some glass hardware too. credit card at the ready! :D

my lights arrive next week.
Re: saintlys 60 x 30 x36 optiwhite

im leaning towards iwagumi, abit like this. but im prety sure that will change. depending on what pops up tomorow at the green machine i might get inspired in a whole new way.
i keep playing around with scapes in my head and trying to imagine them matured. im being pulled towards using stem plants to, but im trying to shake my head of that idea.

i realy like this part of planted aquariums (the planing) its endless. because im relativley new to aquariums, im treading carefull i.e copying other designs that work.amano has soooo damn many to choose from.
Re: saintlys 60 x 30 x36 optiwhite

Hi Saintly,welcome to ukaps,i love the simple planting style of your current setup and i like your nano i must try a nano setup soon,your opti-white should be well cool when its all setup cant wait,i am waiting for TGM to get their opti-white tanks in then i will order mine,regards john.
Re: saintlys 60 x 30 x36 optiwhite

Welcome to UKAPS, saintly.

I like your first Iwagumi layout.

Please be careful when photographing copyrighted material and publishing it on UKAPS.

Who's is the latest aquascape? Looks like a Dimitri Roger piece, or maybe Jordan Reece? Maybe including a credit would be a nice idea.
Re: saintlys 60 x 30 x36 optiwhite

George Farmer said:
Who's is the latest aquascape? Looks like a Dimitri Roger piece, or maybe Jordan Reece?
The image name has Reece in it so I'm guessing the latter.
Re: saintlys 60 x 30 x36 optiwhite

hi george,

sorry, didnt think about the photography. i should know too. the second scape is by jordan reece.i found it on aquatic eden site.
Re: saintlys 60 x 30 x36 optiwhite

cool, arronorth, i just search for anything ada on theinternet. it's how i learn. theres some awsome stuff if you look. :)

lesson learnt george... :D
Re: saintlys 60 x 30 x36 optiwhite

well after a 2hours 30 min journey to the green machine. i finaly got my stone! all 20kg of it. its the ada seiryu stone which cost me a wopping £6 per kilo! i bought the lot for future scapes...you can never have enough.i also bought my glass hardware, lilly pipes and diffuser etc...also an in line heater and a bag of ada bright sand.

anyway, ive only used a handful of pieces for the scape, due to the size of the tank im kinda limited as to what i could do

my lights should be due on tuesday, and hopefully i'll be ordering my plants too.