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Journal Pondering it all…

Always hated this inspection chamber grid being on the lawn:


Funny how things change. It’s flipped 180 in estimations and become a huge blessing for this project. Can now backwash and rinse the filter, as well as water change the pond without any additional equipment or faff. Just lift hatch, put the 1 1/2 inch waste hose in and open the gate valve on the filter:


Easy peasy lemon squeezy! Job done ✅
So tempting to replicate this in my garden . . . . must . . . . resist . . . urge . . . . :banghead:

There comes a time in every persons life where they stop, then begin questioning themselves and why they do the things they do…

That time is not now for you @Wookii … 😂

Build that damn pond mate know you will make it brilliant 👍🏽 😎 🤙🏽
The pond hit its birthday yesterday:


Started planting early morning to beat the rain in the afternoon. The longer tubs have 30kg of gravel and soil in them, should be more than enough to ensure they can’t blow over in any wind. Rest are very heavy too, learning from mistakes of the past 💨 🌱

The excess liner will be left for a while before cutting back. Cater to any shrinkage then can cut and fix the capping boards together.

Yet to fill the pond to the brim as giving the plants a chance to grow a little more before raising the water line.

Thinking of adding some more true aquatic plants in general, but the Myriophyllum brasiliensis is showing exceptional growth in just 24 hours:


Could just trim those and replant another tray worth in all the spare pond baskets, then again and again until we have a lot of coverage. Would like to go with as much plant mass as we can get away with along the bottom.

Lilies stretched out overnight too just reaching the surface this morning:


Removed the oldest leaves on both lilies before putting into the pond as there’s a ton more on the way.

Looking forward to evening viewing once things are grown in more:

Lol, I took the Mrs to the pub a couple of weeks ago, bought her two (persuasive) double malibu and cokes, then casually mentioned turning the no longer used kids play area into a pond; The answer I got was a resounding  "NO."

Wait until she goes away for the weekend and then get the spade out - seeking forgiveness is always easier than permission 😂
Lol, I took the Mrs to the pub a couple of weeks ago, bought her two (persuasive) double malibu and cokes, then casually mentioned turning the no longer used kids play area into a pond; The answer I got was a resounding  "NO."

That’s a shame @John q but you have to let go of things that you once wanted sometimes… So do you have the divorce papers ready for your ex-missus? Can’t wait to see the new pond mate, it’s gonna be lush no doubt 😍
Wow… Well this journal took a dark turn 😂

Wouldn’t want to see your job lists for getting a pond built.

“Dum diddy dum… Another task done… Have this pond built in no time flat…”


@Geoffrey Rea, you’re an inspiration

Hmm… Not quite sure what is being inspired is very positive though Tim 😕

“It’s pond time hunny bunny… “

Right then, Shubunkin’s doing excellent:


They’re already having a damn good go at spawning in the Myriophyllum brasiliensis and half submersed Creeping Jenny. All their rumpy bumpy is knocking the small gravel about a bit though:


Lots of thunderstorms and rain rolling through today and ongoing. Suspect they’ll keep doing their thing throughout this week.

Pond has spooled up pretty quickly too. Have found plenty of mosquito larvae, daphnia and pods in the filter and the pond edges. The plants were sat in tubs prior to going in the pond so suspect the plants imported some extras.

Feeding pellets and frozen food to the Shubunkin’s on the regular but in small amounts. Fish are trained to eat in a specific corner already so no waste. Been feeding these folks for the last few months at work, so it’s nice to finally see them in this pond now.

On the filter front… Been using EA’s Pure+ bacterial starter in the filter, both initially and a bit each day since startup:


Gel type that sticks to the media and stinks.

Highly skeptical of these products and asked around prior to trusting the system to this method of startup. Feedback from testing water so far has been as advertised, you get nitrification occurring very rapidly.

Still got plenty of faith that during the startup phase, lots of plant matter being introduced and regular water changing are an unabated good in the first month. From month two everything can slog it out ongoing with some foundations underneath them.
Getting some nice colouring up from the Shubs now on the mixed diet:


Few stand out fish in the mix.

Leaving the aeration on gives good protection from predators overhead as the whole water surface is rippling quite heavy:


Might try using the rubber snake trick by the waters edge 🐍 Met a Koi guy who said it put an end to unwanted visitors to his pond, may be worth a punt.