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Hi all. finally got through to bonnymans , called during the week (thanks Discusdan), Seems the was some sort of mix up with my order and it had nothing to do with hackers, so after a telephone call and a few days wait glut arrived,:p
hmm, maybe add a bit of iron salt to the mix as well, but how much?

On another note I've been dosing 20ml per day on a 200l tank for the past 5 days and it hasn't effected the small amount of bba I have. On the other hand my plants are growing like mad.
I might cut this back to 10ml per day though as i'm not sure if its harming the fish. they seem fine at the moment?
Anyone still buying Glut from Bonnymans?
I need to purchase some as nearly out of pre mixed liquid c02, lookied on the link from page 1 and it says out of stock but the price quoted was over £27...
Really need to order something in th next few weeks before i'm totally out, anyone help?
The price is going up because hospitals etc are using it less and less because of the health risks. So bonnymans will be buying less and not getting as many bulk discounts. It wont be long before you cant get it or its not worth doing anymore.
Its still cheaper than easy carbo atm. Try other suppliers
cheers Troi, i'll look to see what's available, Big Clown, you're most probably spot on mate, at least if I get a litre it will last me a good while:)
Glute would have to get very, very expensive to make it not financially viable. I think last time I did some maths on it, if my memory serves me right :) You get something like 125x250ml bottles of liquid carbon from 1ltr of 50% glute.
Last time I got some I think it was £15/£16 for a litre delivered which works out approx 12p per 250ml bottles.
Availability or health restrictions being placed on it unless you are some kind of specialist, I don't know.
48 hours after treating all my plants with 2% glut for 5 minutes or so when moving them between tanks and I'm not too happy!!

First off, I made the mistake of dipping my amazon sword in glut. It would appear they don't tolerate it, and it looks like it's well and truly intent on dying now. Hold my hands up on that one.

More annoying though, is the fact that some of my anubia leaves now have brown patches on. As if some (only some) leaves are dying in places. Any idea what this is? My only thought was that they might be leaves that were already damaged and maybe don't tolerate the glut touching the internal material of the leaves?

Most annoying of all though, after 48 hours my BBA still looks as happy as ever!!!!


Soothing words and helpful advice welcomed :p.
Found similar things with my tank.

Glut killed off a lot of my plants, cant remember what they all where but will find out for you. Seems some plants just cant tolerate the stuff.

However the remaining plants are doing fantastically well with glut so have continued using it.
Would be handy to have a list of plants that do and don't do well with glut???

I also found it not very effective against bba, luckily I only have some bba on the wood in my tank so it dosen't bother me but even quadrupling the does had no effect on the bba, it sent my fish a bit wacky though.
Valis and amazon swords hate it. Blyxa too in my experience.

Oh, I have used/use Glut with 2-3x dosage with all of those three plants without problems. I have started by increasing the dosage very slowly and tried to avoid pouring it straight onto Valls.

Would be handy to have a list of plants that do and don't do well with glut???
Well as you can see, this kind of list may help or may not help as we seems to have different kind of experiences of Glut. There must be some reason why Glut works sometimes well and sometimes not since I know hobbyists who has similar experiences as you
Glut killed off a lot of my plants
but I wonder why? In the other thread in UKAPS I asked this,but no aswers. I personally have had evernever problems with Glut, used it on/off for three years with many kind of plants and also with CO2 from time to time. It would be nice to find out the aswer why we sometimes have problems with it.

Cheers, Maria
Dipping in 2% Glut is clearly bad news for both Anubias and Echinodorus!

Dropbox - 2013-12-26 10.12.47.jpg

AquaEssentials order going in today if they're open...Lesson learnt there! Shame as quite a few of those anubias are 18months+ of growth.
question does glutaraldehyde break down silicone sealant ? I have black sealant which as orange patches ? cheers jon
A little piece of information from Tom Barr.
NH4=> NO3 is regulated by O2, same for Excel, easy carbo, these and Dechlorinatoers are all reducers and consume O2.

So if you have high stocking levels you need to be aware that Liquid Carbon can have an affect on the Oxygen level in the aquarium.
Really interesting. I put quite a lot of prime in the tank yesterday and had a serious fish gasping issue almost straight away. CO2 was right at the edge before...

Prime is a reducer too. Seachem even advise not to dose both prime and excel on the same day. Found it on their faq section last week.