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Black Spots on leaves


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20 Feb 2021
Hi Ceg,

Yes I’d agree, I really like Lewis the racer. But not Lewis that we see on social media etc. Bottas is getting desperate I think, therefore questioning decisions. The sport has some great talent and hopefully the next gen cars will be closer and we can see them all battling. But I think George is the starof the future.

Yes agreed, really appreciate the ongoing help/ chat. I’ve been useful on some Facebook groups chatting about the issues and seems to be a lot of misinformation. BBA just spot dose it and it’ll go away. Or down to organics in the tank. Did you build your knowledge just over the years in the hobby and trial and error? Or any particular material that you read? I can fully appreciate where your coming from everywhere is go for a million watt light and run at 100%, not a lot of emphasis on co2. And pretty Lilly pipes etc.

Yeah that makes sense, I do the same with my pre filter on my Oase filter. I think my co2 regulator isn’t great if I’m honest. Seem to need to be adjusting it quite often. Could see the green on the drop checker become darker by the end of the week to the beginning. Any particular regulator with solenoid you’d recommend. Thinking of going for co2 art.

Oh really, do you struggle not having a tank? What about a smaller one? Tbf that sounds amazing, do you have any pictures? Where you thinking of moving to? Think you should come to the UK and I can be a Ceg trainee 😂😂. Yeah can imagine you’d have a queue for your plants! Is there many member from the US on here?

Going back to ferts, I’ve attached an imagine of the card that I use. Is it similar what you’d recommend to do with EI?


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