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  • Hi Clive I'm new to this site. But I like how logical and scientific you are in your posts.
    Hi Clive, I’ve been keeping fish for over 35 years, I became a member on this site back in October, I have learnt so much since then, my tank has never looked as good, plants growing well and fish all happy, I have read all your post with interest and And incorporated many of your thoughts and ideas into my tank, ie manly flow and distribution with great success, thanks for your input it really is appreciated.
    Hi Clive. I'm going back onto co2 as it seems so much more effective than liquid carbon. I've ordered the cylinder and it should be with me this week. I've got myself a timer. I think i read somewhere to turn your co2 on 2 hours before lights on and the drop checker should be green but I can't remember when to turn the co2 off. I've lost the post. Please can you help?
    Hi Clive. I'm going to move on to co2 again. It's been a while since I used a pressurised cylinder. I've got a flipper diffuser made by dennerle but I believe these are outdated now. Could you recommend a good diffuser and also a good drop checker? Which ones do you use?
    Hi Clive, I am considering extending my spray bar all the way along the back of my Juwel Vision 180. Would you place the spray bar above or below the water line and if below then how far down? I thought about 20mm under the water surface and then having the water output going straight across the water so it hits the front of the tank and then goes down through the aquarium to hopefully create a vortex effect.
    Why are you so anti-test kits? Just out of interest. I successfully cycled all of my tanks using the fishless cycling method (dosing pure ammonia) and it allowed me to fully stock the tank right from the moment it was ready.
    i am using ehiem 2213 for my 43g.i just want to know that can i use carbon (pad)?which is come with flter media.i heard that carbon(pad) is not good for planted tank.plz help me out.
    Hi mate ,
    I don't want to bother you, but I have up date and ask you a few questions on the thread "Dymax Tropical 36 watt", and I would like to have an answer like that I can do my mix please.
    I am really sorry to ask you it like that...

    thanks again for all the time you give me !!!!

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