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Aquascaper 900 - Comeback Lockdown Tank :)

Thank you, that’s what I was trying to establish.
They tend to be hunters and always scavenger for food in the plants and carpet, I did spot some baby fish in there once not sure from which Barbs/Ottos but they also wiped them out quickly. They also tend to try and eat small snails and pull up the hairgrass all the time! I would not recommend other than the Cherry Barbs any of the others for planted tanks lol I will put up with them now that I have them :)
Quick photos on the phone yesterday, how things looking at the moment, algae is pretty much gone and plants recovering well, I was waiting for a Vivid 2 light unit that someone offered, but that didn't materialize, so I will keep this going as is with the Twinstar and see how things go, the Twinstar is an original version 1 900E and for the tank depth it really needs two or something you can hang higher (hence the Vivid would have helped). So just have plant accordingly as you cannot have strong light levels at the back and front of the tank using a single Twinstar. So was either save the carpet or the stems!



Trimmed the Buces on the left for the first time, need to trim the green in the middle!
Thanks for looking :)
Matured nicely mate 👌🏻
Flowers everywhere! Looks excellent.
Yeah the Buce Theia flowers very often, the others not really, green is rare other buces never! So if you like flowers go for Theia ;) Cheers
Matured nicely mate 👌🏻
Many thanks, think that sometimes I need to take pruning a bit further ;)
I'm at that stage now. Want something to go with the wcmm and cpd's, only trouble is I want them to leave my shrimp population alone. Not easy to find a suitable fish.
I'm at that stage now. Want something to go with the wcmm and cpd's, only trouble is I want them to leave my shrimp population alone. Not easy to find a suitable fish.
Only have half a dozen large Amanos in mine so should be OK shrimp wise ;)

I saw some Pelvicachromis kribensis that I kind of like the look of them, anyone kept this in a community planted before?
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Kribs would be beautiful in there! I've wanted to keep them for ages but never got round to it.
Was down at ADC on Saturday and saw them there and looked cool, orange/yellow with 3 dots on the tail!
Keep in mind the kribs can do some rescaping for you, they can dig a surprising amount ;)
Better not then :) thanks for the heads up
I've kept honey gourami with barbs, they were fine together, especially in a heavily planted tank like Paulo's. And it continues the asian fish theme. I much prefer the wild type, as in the male and female below. But I haven't seen any for several years. Seems to be rare or bred out in favour of ornamental varieties.


Haha I'm glad @Wookii suggested it, I'm trying to avoid being known at that pushy apisto keeper!! If you're not into the macmasteri, I saw on the ADC facebook they have some lovely borellii apistos too which are powder blue-lilac and yellow, they would be a nice contrast with your barbs and are apparently the most chill of all apistos. I was planning on getting a pair of these before being given my fish. They also don't destroy carpets the way kribs do. I'm not sure about your water, but I've read they are one of the most happy in tap, and also like a cooler tank (low 20s).

Tanks looking good 🙂
Many thanks, there is some algae on a few of the older leaves but its not nature scape without some algae ;):shh::lol: