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Aaron's 216l journal!




I know Mark & James wanted to see a background so there you go :)
I wouldnt of tried the blue but Mark inspired me too ;) :) I dont mind it, but the proper, laminated backgrounds you buy are to bright for my liking, unlike the graduated backgrounds Mark uses which are a little less subtle.
JamesM said:
Look what Andy has done bud and try a black background - use bin bags for now, just to get an idea ;)

Never thought about black bin bags, i will be getting a background when i come back off holiday, along with some fish & plants ;)

I may try it over the next few days and i shall post an udate if i do.
i got a graded blue background but you cant really tell due to the poor image quality/ lighting, i also have black.

day 88 (today) and this is how it is looking.


only problems i had on returning from holiday is surface scum, and my pump has packed in :rolleyes:

Added some serpae tetras too.

dont ask me why i have left the pump in lol.
in the end, which way did you go with obtaining your background?....make your own?

a jungle fit for tarzan!...... AAhhhhHHHAaaa (tarzan call :lol: )

looking good :clap:
another update, just the stems that have filled out really

the lilys have finally been cleaned lol, just the tip which the brush didnt reach but i can bleach them. I had actually forgot how aesthetically pleasing they once were :oops:

got some more depth in the picture, due to raising the camera which i think i got of Tony or Mark :thumbup:
poor quality though.
It was the first time i missed a water change last week too, nothing bad happened though :shh:


The serpae tetra


I love this picture


Thanks, Aaron
That's look great Aaron. I really like the chaotic arrangement of the driftwood.
hydrophyte said:
That's look great Aaron. I really like the chaotic arrangement of the driftwood.


i have actually been running this tank as a low tech. For the past 3weeks there has been no water changes and no CO2. I dose Nutrients when i remember which is usually twice a week.
Most importantly no algae, except for on the tips of the cyperus helferi, so i'm happy.

Probably after this weekend i shall switch back to high tech, at least i have some confidence behind me if/ when ;) i want to go down that route in the future.