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White leaves


10 Jan 2018

I have a problem with my Staurogyne Repens and my Pogostemon helferi.

Staurogyne Repens : white spots appear on new leaves
Pogostemon helferi : new leaves are white to yellow

I have 30 lumens / l (8h per day), my tank is a Aquatlantis Fusion 100 (150 liters real).
I fertilize with Easy Life Profito (only 50% of recommanded dose), Easy Life Carbo (100%) and JBL NPK for Nitrogen, Phosphorus and Kalium.

Water test (after lighting off) :
N : 1
PO4 : 0
K : 20
Fer : > 0,05

GH : 8
KH : 6
CO2 : 20 mg/l (CO2 Dennerle Primus 160)

Thank you everybody :)
First be sure you clean the tank of algae, manually, do water changes 50-60 % each week
Then be sure you add more co2, try to reach 30-35 ppm and have good flow so co2 is reaching each corner of the tank
After this aff more fertileser , try to reach 15 ppm NO3 , 1 ppm PO4 , 0.2 ppm Fe

Most important things are cleaning and co2 , ferts are easy to add

What filter do you have ?
Hi all,
Staurogyne Repens : white spots appear on new leaves
Pogostemon helferi : new leaves are white to yellow
The pale new leaves are suggestive that it is a deficiency of a non-mobile element within the plant.

The most likely of these is iron (Fe). Most iron issues occur because of iron ions (Fe++(+)) precipitating out of solution as insoluble compounds. I'd try a different iron source.

Have a look at <"Duckweed Index says..."> and <"Rotala rotundifolia growth issues">.

cheers Darrel
Many thank for your replies.

I just made a water changes 40%. I did have no algae before, but I tried to up my npk dosage for this problem (white leaves) and algaes have developed. It's very difficult to know is a problem with micro elements (increase dosage Easy Profito) or a problem with macro elements (increase dosage npk). Or may be two...

My filter is a Thermofilter Eheim 950 l/h. Maybe it is to small ? (tank of 150 liter net)

@dw1305 thanks for this information !
I agree with Darrel that this is most likely due to poor uptake of micronutrient.
Although adding more NPK does no harm, it is not necessary if the plants are doing well generally.
You did not mention what type of algae is in the tank. NPK is not responsible for algal blooms.
It's very likely that you have too much light in relation to the amount of EasyCarbo you are adding.
There is a limit to the effectiveness of EasyCarbo when used by itself.

So there is a combination of things that have gone wrong. If the tank size is much larger than the 10X filter rating rule then you may need to add an auxiliary pump.
It is also possible that simply reducing the light intensity will solve these problems.


Thanks for your help.

I have green algae and most recently black algae. I join more photos.

I looked topics indicated by dw1305, it's very interesting and I understand I have a problem with non mobiles nutrients. (fe)

But since I added NPK plants have developed faster. So I think I have a problem with NPK also.

I have increase my co2 to 30 mg/l for the moment.

Many thanks!


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When using the PPS dosing scheme there is always a possibility that you will have a problem with insufficient nutrients. The reason for this is that the scheme depends on the accuracy of test kits to determine the nutrient level. Hobby grade test kits are known to be in error, especially those that measure NPK.

I suggest therefore that you dose a specific amount of nutrients regularly and abandon the test kit measurements. In that way you will be assured that the proper amounts of NPK + micronutrients are available.

In any case, the algae and other symptoms shown in your photograph are all related to poor CO2.

CO2 and NPK are coupled, so that when you increase either one of them, the plants demand an increase in the other.

Thanks for you help :)

I made a new water change today, and add new water pomp.

I see my plants bubble a lot after water change. The next day it's finished. Despite I add EasyLife Profito and NPK JBL I think I have a carence.

Maybe mg ? I have 1mg/l with JBL test MG. Can I try to add 100% of the Profito daily dose ? (actually 50%, but I have Algae)
I see my plants bubble a lot after water change. The next day it's finished. Despite I add EasyLife Profito and NPK JBL I think I have a carence.
When this occurs, it automatically means that the tank is suffering from a CO2 deficiency.

When you perform a water change, obviously, the water level in the tank decreases and this exposes some of the leaves to air. This saturates the exposed leaves to air, which contains higher levels of CO2. CO2 in the air immediately penetrates the leaf membrane.

Also, depending on the origin of your water supply, the new water may have high levels of CO2. Ground water that flows though aquifers and submerged caves will accrue high levels of CO2 which will be retained in the water coming from your faucet.

The combination of these factors provides the plants with a reserve of CO2 inside their tissues which they then use for photosynthesis after you fill the tank. As they deplete this reserve the photosynthetic rate declines.

The significance of this is that you are not supplying enough CO2 to continue the high photosynthetic rate.

As I mentioned, since we now know that your CO2 is only marginal, you should definitely reduce the light intensity because the plants cannot support the energy absorption.

You are free to add more Mg as well. Adding more will not do any damage and can help, but you best path is to first reduce the light intensity. I have no idea what 30 lumens per liter means in real terms, but it sounds like too much and is probably responsible for the failures you have described.
It is better if you can explain what type of lights you have, such as T5 or T8 or LED, and also explain how many bulbs you are using.

As usual, the possibility also exists that your flow rate and distribution need to be improved. It may have been OK previously, but as the plants became more massive it became insufficient.

Thanks ceg4048, your experience is very precious!

You are right because my rotala and my lysimachia which are the shade have not Algae, with beautiful green leaves (but with low growth). It should be better with the increase CO2 level and the addition a new water pump yesterday. I think the low water circulation was a problem too.

I use a led ramp (EasyLed Aquatlantis 6800°K, 44W, 3824 lm) and a led tube (Zolux SupraLed 6500°K, 13W, 1170 lm). Tank of 150 liter net (100 x 40 x 50 cm).

I come back to you !

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Hi again !

I come back to you with my algae problem unresolved... Leaves are no white now, but I have always green algae.

Can you help me to identificate these algae ?

@ceg4048 > I have reduced my lighting. I had a Easy Led 44W and Zolux Tube 13W. I have only my Easy Led 44W now (3824 lm for 150 liters net).

I increased my CO2 level to 25-30 mg/L.
Ferts :
- Easy Profito > 15 ml / weeks
- Aqua Rebelle NPK > 30 ml / weeks (5mg NO3 and 0.5mg PO4 for 150 liters).

This problem despairs me :(

Many thanks !



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