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  • Hi George. Watched all your stuff and it’s super helpful and informative - thanks for your efforts. Do you have experience using sumps; are they worth it? I have a 22l nano and a TMC Sig 600, with a 350 juwel for later! I wanted to incr. water vol and hide all the kit too. I hadn’t planned for top ups or drilling tanks at that time but I’m now starting to... just wondered what your thoughts were. Thanks!
    Hi George, I have 2 kessil a160s w goosenecks on 90cm aquascaper. 3 weeks in, running 6hrs w pressurised co2 and ro had the lights at 100%. Noticed some algae on glass now down to 60%. Can you advise on height and brightness? Without knowing par not sure how high/low they should be. Wood cast some shade & want the best for cuba & eleocharis p. Weekly waterc changes, ordered ei starter kit. Thanks, Marlon
    Hi George. How vital is it to use ro water in a a aquascape? Previously I have used tap water with de chlorinator and that seemed OK. But this time around I might purchase an ro filter. What would be your advice?
    Many thanks
    Hi there, can you advise me how to post in the new members introductions section please?
    hey buddy, im back on here again after a long break. new project underway shallow semi emersed tank as my rio 180 is busted, excuse for a new open top tank.
    ill do a journal for it like the old ones, its going to be interesting.
    i sent you a message on linked in, not sure if you saw it. anyway hope your well and catch up soon.
    George - you got a link to the setup in your avatar there? Not sure I've seen this one.
    ..They want a running waterfall that flows into a pond and they aim to make it as realistic as possible. Your expertise in helping to build the set would be fantastic, and obviously paid for, and hopefully being on a still life shoot may be of interest to you with regards to watching the photography and lighting take shape.
    George Farmer
    George Farmer
    Hi Joe, sounds exciting! I'll give you a bell soon.
    Hi George,
    An amazing project is on the cards in our studio and would love to be able to include you in the process as your knowledge and scaping skills would be invaluable...
    The photographer is Ted Humble-Smith. A still life shoot with the basic premise of a scene reflecting the four seasons and their idea is to photograph a studio based landscape with bonsai tree going through all for phases of the year.
    Thank you very much for helping me at the London pet show, my tank looks very healthy and professional. I have taken your advice and bought some plant flourish. my profile picture is my tank as i don't no how to send it to you!
    George Farmer
    George Farmer
    Hi Sarah, great to hear from you, and thanks for the update. The tank looks great!
    Hi George
    Re the Tamron lens you recommended... I have been looking at the rest of the pictures from the set on Flickr...I am presuming most of them from that period were taken with this lens? they look fantastic!!
    I am thinking along the line of the latest version of this lens on a 1100d...what do you think? Initially we will use the lens on a colleges 500d and then get the 1100d a bit later.
    Thanks Ed
    Hi George sorry to bother u mate, just wanted to ask a quick question regarding you Scree Evolution which IMO is your best tank (hopefully to be replaced with TMC Signature) Just wanted to know what fish did you replace the Neon Tetra with?? They look similar to Lemon Tetra but have a black marking on the tail??
    Thanks Mate
    George Farmer
    George Farmer
    Hi mate. I think you're talking about Beacon tetras.
    hi George, i watched your video on aqauscaping the fluval edge 46l and decided that i wanted one as a christmas present, i currently am on PFK as well but came to you for help in getting my tank back on its feet, i saw another fluval edge you did for a friend and really liked it, so i was wondering if you could give me any advice on what i should do i will attempt to maybe post a photo of my tank
    George Farmer
    George Farmer
    Hi. Consider starting a journal on here. Then you can share the journey, ask questions, get feedback, advice etc. in one handy place. I'll keep an eye out for it.
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