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juwel rio 400l (new pics 03032011)

9 Mar 2009
hi everyone,

this is my tank...

it is juwel rio 400, 8 x 45w t5's with pressurized co2 and flourite.

i dose 1 tsp kno3 and 1/8th tsp kh2po4 on mon, wed, fri, and 10ml traces tue, thu, sat with a 25% water change on sunday.

i have been inspired by james and fluo preferring almost dutch nature tanks, and belgian tanks. i am wanting to move to a lower type maintenance tank, all the stem trimming is taking up too much time.

this is the second incarnation of this tank, as i had to break down my first scape when i moved from johannesburg to cape town.

Re: juwel rio 400l

That's gorgeous!

I'm really starting to like the 'Dutch' themed tanks. It reminds me of when i first started. without intending to do so, my first scape revolved around the idea of the 'Dutch' style tank.

could we have a plant list please? :D
Re: juwel rio 400l

thanks saintly, your tanks are super awesome, so thats a nice compliment!


1. vallis
2. hygro difformis
3. rotala rotundiflora
4. myriopyllum tubeculatum
5. hemianthus macranthemoides
6. hydrocotyle verticillata
7. ludwigia inclinata var. verticillata 'Cuba'
8. polygonum sp. 'kawagoeanum'
9. bacopa madagascariensis
10. echinodorus quadricostatus
11. pogostemon helferi
12. giant hygro
13. pogostemon stellatus narrow
14. rotala wallichii
15. rotala macrandra
16. ammania gracillis
17. ludwigia ovalis
18. narrow leafed hygro
19. limnophila aromatica
20. heteranthera zosterifolia
21. alternanthera reineckii
22. hairgrass and tenellus
23. ludwigia brevipes
24. hydrocotyle leuacocephala
25. hygrophil polysperma
26. cryptocoryne wendtii brown
Re: juwel rio 400l


i personally just love the beauty of aquatic plants over hardscaping (although i fully appreciate and love the iwagumi style etc... also), but this aquarium for me, is a sight to behold!
Re: juwel rio 400l

Gorgeous tank mate :D
Can't see too many fish though! Whatcha got lurking in there?
Re: juwel rio 400l

Really nice set-up and congratulations for getting out of Jo'burg!

Cape Town's beautiful (well most parts are), I had the pleasure of spending a year in Stellenbosch in the early 90's and worked in Cape Town. Changed a lot since then, I know, but so much better than Jo'burg.

Where in Cape Town are you?

Love the tank.
Re: juwel rio 400l

@bazz - thanks!

@gratts - i got 20 king blue tetras, Boehlkea fredcochui and 10 or so rummynoses and 1 galaxy ancistrus, i am waiting for some cardinals or green neons, to come into stock...

@simon d - i am staying in bloubergstrand, yeah - also really glad to be out of joburg :)
Re: juwel rio 400l

i am still getting the hang of my wife's new camera, so this is the best i could do for now...

Re: juwel rio 400l

Whaaaaa! That woods amazing!
It's a shame it's not a fresh scape, it's showing massive promise for something truly special.
Re: juwel rio 400l

thanks garuf! its a couple of pieces i attached to a slate tile with some stainless steel screws...

why do you say shame its not a fresh scape? i did pull everything out and replant...
Re: juwel rio 400l

What a beautiful plant layout in that first picture. The new iteration looks great too. I can't wait to see it grow in.
Re: juwel rio 400l

i drained it down to about 20% so i could move all the flourite across the put the slate tile down...

i made the wood without taking the braces into consideration, it took some fancy maneuvering to get it in there, it just just fit, with a bit of bending on that long piece of wood...

i am hoping once the hc fills in, it wont matter if there is a slope or not.
Re: juwel rio 400l (new pics 29042010)

i took some new pics tonight:

front click for larger:

one of my blue tetras up close:

and some new giant hygro i got that the edges go a nice pink color:

i am still getting the hang of the new camera, i think the iso is too high, etc etc. hopefully pics will improve soon.
Re: juwel rio 400l (new pic 10052010)

time for an update :)

i seem to have beaten off all the algae, except in two spots. on the two top most pieces of driftwood there are some tufts growing. i can either keep nuking it with excel, try h2o2, or cover the driftwood with some black plastic, what do you think?

i also seem to have gotten the hang of the camera...

front, click for larger...

i added some cardinals, some serpae, some pristellas and silver tip tetra's, so my tank now has some movement now too. i would still like to get some black neons and glowlights.

the plants are growing in nicely!

this is what my tank looked like exactly a year ago today

Re: juwel rio 400l (new pic 10052010)

That's looking really nice, the vallis in the wood makes it look very dynamic, like in the flow of a river. Discus tank also looks sweet, T
Re: juwel rio 400l (new pics 17062010)

so i tackled the trim over the weekend and yesterday...

i am pretty happy with the growth and colors i am getting at the moment. i am still fighting with clado but it is a lot better than it was. i also have a sudden infestation of malyasian trumpet snails, they are playing havoc with the hc that manages to escape the clado. i think i must give up on the idea of an hc carpet for now. my nano is almost totally carpeted so i guess i should be satisfied.

i am not dosing any nitrates since i have added fish, just some phosphate, traces and food.

i switched out my glass diffusor to the hagen elite mini filter diffuser, it works great. anyway enough chit chat, here are the pics:

front - click for larger

left side: