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How/Where did you hear about Ukaps.org?????

I was guided here by a kind soul from Aquaticquotient.com, a forum based in Singapore :) After establishing myself within their community i hope to do just that here ;)
From you Graeme, during my visit to TGM a couple of weeks ago.
Must say great site. Gleaned loads of useful stuff.
Oh, and the statement from the wife a few years ago was 'I want to keep a couple of guppies', has now turned into a multi million pound project. :lol:
Wonder if I can claim that on expenses?


I saw someone elses signature on another forum :)
I came over here after LondonDragon pointed me over here.

Always been a top notch forum and more importantly has a welcoming atmosphere.
Saw mention of UKAPS in a write up in one of the recent PFK magazines and decided to investigate. Glad I did :D this is my favourite site for planted tanks and what a bonus - it's UK based :clap:

Since joining I've saved so much money (or if you listen to OH I've spent shedloads of money :rolleyes: ) on things I needed :D
from the interview with Aaron North in PFK, he was my age and i loved his tank, i decided to see what all the fuss was about and i'm glad i did :D
never did answer this thread when i joined but i saw it in pfk and again at the hayling island fish festival setting up a tank, was awesome.

when is the one this year by the way?

paul.in.kendal said:
I fell over it searching the web for advice on composting beech leaves - what a lucky stumble!
That has to be the most randomly brilliant arrival yet! :lol:
Green Machine Baby! :D Where can i get me one o dems sexy blacks shirts! my how handsome you all looked today!
from truckasaurus on tff [not sure of his name on here]
and id seen adandrews sig...