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How/Where did you hear about Ukaps.org?????

I found it through Tom Barr's site and clicked on George Farmers name to try see his tanks and saw the ukaps link there.
From last years FBAS show were I met George and Dane !!!!
I am on the commitee of The UK Discus Association and we were there showing our fish !!!!!
I found it while admiring LondonDragons tank on PFK and thinking "that looks sick, how the HELL he do that?" I had to P/m him and he replied with a link. I was a regular on a website called Fishlore and PFK and now i dont go on either. I have also found a lot of other great planted forums as a result of being on here. Great work guys. Would love some more of the great articles especially How to plant specific kind of plants and also Filteration. Some great advice iv had from different people here, also the plant portions i received from members are bigger here :lol: I LIKE!!
You can blame LD for me being here!

Post count doesnt reflect the amount I browse the forums at the moment - not the easiest to join in a technical discussion until you've learned enough to join in. :lol:

Really good community on here with lots of helpful people. Pat on the back time for all contributing members of the forums.
LondonDragon referred this site to me, when I was asking advice and availability about mosses for my tank on the Tropical Fish Forums (fishforums.org).

Cheers LD, this site is brilliant, already learnt lots of new things in under a week
Mr Bee said:
Cheers LD, this site is brilliant, already learnt lots of new things in under a week
You welcome mate and welcome aboard :) if you can't find it ask, the friendly bunch will always try to help, I can't help much just a noob! I just point to the right place to find the info.
misscaretaker said:
I saw the link on a signature, but when I couldn't find the link, tried Googling "planted tanks" and I finally found ukaps again somewhere on page 3, I think! Needless to say, I bookmarked it that time!
Hmm, makes me think that we might need to add a few links to UKaps labled 'planted tanks' to move us up the google search results ;)