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Any runners out there?

George Farmer

21 Jun 2007
Hi all,

Apart from aquascaping and photography I've recently (last 12 months) really go into running. I'm now the captain of my local team and we won the road race league this season! 😀

I've got my first half-marathon (13 miles) next Sunday - The Great Eastern Run, which I'm hoping to run sub 1:30. I ran my first sub-40 min 10km race last week which was a real milestone for me. Next year I'm considering my first full marathon.

Are there any other runners out there? It's a fantastic stress reliever and great for helping to keep the weight down! I thoroughly recommend it. 🙂

Now I not only get excited about new species of aquarium plants becoming available, and new cameras, but new trainers and GPS devices too! lol

I used to do a lot back in my army days but not much now due to my back, now I mostly do a lot of cycling, keeps me trim but much less impact 🙂
I was a very avid runner; I completed the 2010 Virgin London Marathon and lots of 10k runs. In March 2012 I had surgery to my foot which has put a stop to that for now - I've since taken up swimming. (I have sneaked in the odd 5k run now and then, quickly followed up with ice and anti-inflammatory medication). It really is very addictive and I agree with you a hundred percent it is indeed a stress reliever 😀.
Last week I got a letter in the post - I was successful in the ballot for the 2014 Virgin London Marathon!
I've been running now for more than 30 years. Always off-road (it seems daft to live in Cumbria and run on the road). I used to be reasonably good at it, but now I do it because it is still enjoyable and I've always done it.
I ran the London marathon in 2007, did no training whatsoever and it took me 6hrs and 20 mins.

I completed the first 13 miles in 2hrs 30 mins and then cramp set in and thy was that. A combo of running,walking, and crawling ensued for the remaining 13.2 miles.

Never again!
Ha ha ha...that's exactly what happened to me back in 2010; I just didn't realise how much training you had to put in to cover that distance and didn't start 'training' till mid-February. The longest distance I ever covered while training was 11 miles before my ankled packed in so I quit training fearing an injury would spell the end for my run and just went for the big kahuna on the day finishing in 5:47:27 :inpain:
I used to be a long distance runner many years ago, my wife was too. I'm good at running up dept, running taps that's about all now.🙂 I've spent too long pumping iron and not doing cardiovascular unless it's spin I join in, I blame running for my knackered knees.
To celebrate turning 40 I have started running. Shuffling might be a better description. Only 4 weeks in and go out 3 times a week. It is still a chore but I feel good afterwards and getting fitter. Yay. Being 40 is bad enough, don't want to add fat to the title too.
With a bad back I think that counts😀