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Thank you so much for all the words friends, I am so glad you like my work!

LondonDragon thank you so much for your comment and compliment, have aquarium here its not easy, I need buy all the equipment out and plants too, just get the fish on local store, and as you can see, where is the fish? :p Need wait... wait..., its a kind difficult have planted aquariums here.

About the photos, when I say they are not good I speak about quality, we can not compare my pictures with George here or other excellent aquascapers. I hope you understand my point.
I think to have good pictures I need to put more light on the room to make easy the cam take good pictures, maybe a work for latter!

PM thanks for the comment, about the division i don't take pictures of that. the only picture I have before plant is from the hardscape, in the picture, the tank was in the middle of the room, I test the hardscape first then I put him in the right place.



Hi Steve,

Thanks for your comment, this stones was collected here in my island, i don't know what type of stone they are but I like it.

Today i take one more picture, I think this one is better please check.



Luís Moniz
Stunning tank luis, the exposed wood, moss and ferns have a great balance. What light fitting are you using please?
Quality tank Luis.

Its my job to look at pictures of tanks all day, and this is one of the best I have ever seen.

This tank is simply the finest tank I have seen, the fact that you are not actually Mr Amano and don't work for ADA amazes me. As you know Luis I have always been a fan of your work and your 60 was one of my all time fave layouts, seeing you upscale to a 90cm tank and create something equally as impressive is very inspiring. Your photography too is excellent.

I would like to know a few things though, is the cabinet an ADA one or custom made? Also the light frame to suspend the light, is this ADA? How do you manage to keep the sand so clean? Have you got any tips on growing Bolbitis Heudelotii?

Finally what fish do you intend to keep?
Yeah Luis does some serious scapes and he's definitely one of the best around who should really show off more of his tanks! People need to see more aquascapes like this for inspiration so thanks Luis :)
It improves on the original source of inspiration. First time I've seen that style. Usually the river bed dominates everything. This chimes much clearer - makes sense. In retrospect, seems so obvious. He lives on an island.