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15 May 2008
Here is my new tank!

Sorry about the quality of the picture,I hope you like it!


Luís Moniz
Thank you so much for your words, its very nice to know you like this layout!
In 2009 he will change just a bit... I am planing add more plants!

More pics!


Tank: 90*45*45cm ( 182L) Optiwhite Glass.
Lighting: 1x150w HQI NAG ADA (8h day) 2x25w T5 965 Philips (10h day).
Filtration: Eheim 1x 2224 1x 2215.
CO2: 6kg Bottle; ADA CO2 Attache Regulator;ADA Pollen Glass Beetle 30; ADA Beetle Counter; 2 bubbles per second (non stop).
Substrate: ADA Aquasoil Amazonia II; Powersand special M; Bacter 100; Clear super; Tourmaline BC; Penac W; Penac P.
Fertilizer: ADA Brighty K; ADA Green Brighty Step 2; TPN; Kno3; Kh2Po4.
Plants: Cyperus Helferii; Eleocharis Vivipara; Riccardia sp.; Fissidens fontanus; Bolbitis Heudelotii; Microsorum sp.; Vesicularia montagnei.
Fish/Shrimps: Caridina Cf. cantonensis "Crystal Red"; Caridina Japonica; Neocaridina heteropoda var. Red.,
As you can notice the tank dont have fishes yet because I am waiting some Hyphessobrycon herbertaxelrodi.


Sorry by the pictures, the quality is not so good but maybe in the future I can buy one new camera and change that.


Luís Moniz
Very nice Sir! Looks like it could be sat in the ADA gallery in Japan :)
Can't see any "poor photo's" here mate. Think the pictures in my journal would burn your eyes out if you think your photography is bad. :lol:
Looks like pretty low maintenance?
Have you got just an island of Aqua Soil just at the back, behind and under the hardscape?
Excelente Luis como sempre :)
Looking forward to some more photos, tank looks awsome and the equipment there is no words for that, which I could just go out and buy a full ADA setup hehehe ;)
How easy is it to get equipment and plants in the Azores???