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  1. T

    Help with CO2 Canister

    So I found a kit for Co2 but I just need the bottle/canister. Can I use wielding canisters and such? Im hoping to get a good month out of it at least but I don't know what size I should go for? any help is appreciated I admit Co2 might be overkill but I want to give plants best chance they can...
  2. Matt Havens

    Fluval 88g

    I have recently purchased a Fluval 88g System. I have read up on it and apparently the disposable cartridges will drain my wallet even on a 60L. I do a little shooting with Air Rifles and use a pressurised (diving bottle) to fill them up with. I believe it is a 3 litre bottle. Would I be...
  3. ianf

    CO2 Bottles, North Lincs-South Yorkshire

    Had a bit of an issue that is now (nearly) resolved. A couple of years back I obtained a CO2 bottle via Adams Gas after being assured that I could get refills locally. Unfortunately that turned out not to be the case any more and they wanted £36 (specialist courier) to just replace the bottle...