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Recent content by Skatersav

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    Any advice welcome

    this website is awsome. thanks all
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    Any advice welcome

    Sorry, to hijack this, but can I ask Darrel to expand a little more on this point? Does this make Tanganyikan cichlids unsuitable for a planted aquarium? I assume, from what you're saying, that in hard water, injecting CO2 won't have a meaningful impact on the environment the fish experiences...
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    boosting flow of an eheim external using a pump

    Thanks everybody. I appreciate the responses greatly. I'm sure you all have more important things to do than educate me - I'll have a go at implementing the suggestions and let you know how it goes. I'll do a before and after and all that stuff. Cheers. S
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    boosting flow of an eheim external using a pump

    Ladies and gents, Quick question: Would there be any harm in adding a water pump (maybe a pond pump or something) to the return of an external canister filter (eheim, to be precise)? I have a big tank, high energy, and need lots of flow but don't think the current set up really works. I...
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    Marriage material. Apparently not fast enough to compete in this year's Olympics. Very sad. I think her smile would brighten up London.
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    Rob's 300L Perigean Beach

    Re: Rob's 300L (to be named)(week 1 photos) That sounds like a mould. I had that once as well. Critters ate it.
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    LED Spot Light Bulb E27 Screw

    wow, that does look really cool. I take back my harsh criticism of all things LED. Tank looks awesome as well.
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    Does high tech necessitate regular water changes?

    As far as I'm aware, the prevailing theory is as follows: - Light should be the limiting factor - therefore, if you have more light, then more CO2 and more intense fertilisation is needed to avoid algal blooms and/or plant damage. - EI is really good at ensuring your plants don't go hungry for...
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    LED Spot Light Bulb E27 Screw

    My experience of E27 and GU10 LED lights is really bad. In my experience, when they tell you the wattage equivalent for these LEDs, they usually tell porky pies. I'm sure some LEDs are good, maybe those designed for fish tanks which come in large banks of lights, but the ones designed to...
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    LEDs in abundance!

    What's the saying Foxfish? LEDs suck?! :) I'm not a believer. I've tried loads of LEDs for loads of different things and I always find the light they cast turns the place into the maximum security wing at Barlinnie prison.
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    Any light geeks ?

    I've got a T5 ballast that I'm not using and would sell/trade. It was used to drive two 54watt T5s which would probably just about do the job. PM me if you want to buy it or trade for it. Personally, I don't think 80w is excessive, especially if you are dosing ferts and pressurised CO2.
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    white deposit on plants in new tank

    It looks like a fungus to me. I'm no expert, but I would try and syphon as much out as you can when water changing. If that doesn't work, remove the most affected plants and hardscape, scrubb the hardscape in boiling water and replace the plants. If that doesn't work, try an anti-fungus...
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    Plans for a planted tank

    Lighting should be the limiting factor. So, the more light you have, the more CO2, ferts you need and the more important distribution and flow becomes. Growth increases as well. It depends on the lights and the set up, but I wouldn't bother with anything more than 2W/g. Remember to check the...