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Recent content by Mick.Dk

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    Please, help me identify

    Defenitely not E. amazonicus. Most likely E. palaefolius. The oval leaves (as when plant is sold) are emerse form. Leaves grown submerse, will be this form. It will probably have a tendency of wanting to grow very long leaves to regain emerse form above water surface. Picture indicate this...
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    Plant ID ?

    Look like Pogostemon stellata. Goes well with the "pink reflection" and need of strong light.
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    Cryptocoryne affinis - Brown

    I have this C. "affinis" too. I do not believe it is a C. affinis.... and defenitely none of the true C. affinis types, I have encountered over time. Growth habit and -speed, combined with other features, strongly indicate this is a C. wendtii variety. BUT... I have not had flowers...
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    Najas guadalupensis aka guppy grass supreme hardiness

    - good to know.... Thx.
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    Plant ID's

    I can help ID the mosses: Moss on wood is Flame moss. Other moss is patches of Weeping moss and patches of Christmas moss.
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    Barcalay Longifollia

    50x50x90 tank should do. It can grow quite long leaves and many of them. Lifespand of the individual leaf is not that long, though, and should be removed when looking less than perfect - so the plant will not be as dominant as ex. some Echinodorus will. Your bulbs should actually be showing...
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    Barcalay Longifollia

    In the 3 m. Tropica tank (unbelievable lots of video's of that tank:rolleyes: ;)), I had ramshorns and bladder snails in "controlled amounts" and they really did not harm the Barclaya during the time, it was growing there. So it is possible - but I have had Barclaya demolished by the same two...
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    Barcalay Longifollia

    Barclaya longifolia does not need especially high temperature, neither to grow or flower. 22 degrees celcius will do fine!! The flower is really something to behold..... like taken out of "Jurassic World"..... Personally I would not call the roots "sensitive" in any way. They may start a bit...
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    Blyxa aubertii, why can’t I find it for sale in the uk?

    Generally Blyxa's are "bad travellers" - they respond fast and bad, to being send around, usually arriving in quite poor condition (they recover really fast, though, given proper conditions in aquarium) . This make commercial distribution difficult. Tissue culture is the way to go.... and...
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    Anubias Snow White melted - will they recover ?

    We all know that look by now, Darrel........ It's Corona on a stick.......
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    Angels breeding - 3rd one worry

    Carefull, Chris....... I started exactly this way, about 30 years ago..... and I now have more than 25 different strains of "colour variety angels" and a few "wild type" strains in my breeding programme. Trust me (and Alto!) it really takes a lot of aquarium space and waterchanges and...
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    Schismatoglottis prietoi 

    Mort, your plant could have been Lagenandra thwatesii....... but there are/have been very many variations of "peace lily" grown in nurseries. Quite a lot of such plants vere sold for use in aquaria. Therefore it was more likely a Spathiphyllum sp. (= peace lily).
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    Sword which type?

    Most likely Echinodorus 'aquatica', but there are several others with that type and size of leaves. Most Echinodorus will thrive with very low levels of CO2, so I doubt this is the cause of the very pale leaves. I recommend adding a nutrition capsule right under the plant, when planting in...
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    Recommendations for floating plants with short roots . . .

    To the best of my knowledge, the name on the products correspond with the content. Tropica is honestly not as fast as may be wished fore, to up-date the scientific names.
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    Recommendations for floating plants with short roots . . .

    To look like that picture , the plant must grow in the wild (or similar) lightwise.