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Who's entering the IAPLC 2010 (ADA contest)?

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ghostsword said:
chilled84 said:
I may still enter if i can get mine to florish within time. Not sure if it worth me entering.

Why not? 🙂 the worse it can happen if to be last place.. It costs nothing to enter.

You are right there, I do however have problems photographing the tank, It 4ft wide and 2ft tall, when i try and take centre shots im able to get the top and bottom in but in doing so cuts the sides of about half a foot each side. 😵 :crazy:
Yeah, the photos are a killer.. 🙁

I got it easy, entering with a 20cm acrylic nano, so if I cannot get this in the picture I really have no hope with a camera.. 🙂.

Been trying to break some Ada seiryu stone, but it is pretty hard to break.. 🙂
ghostsword said:
Been trying to break some Ada seiryu stone, but it is pretty hard to break.. 🙂
a bloody big hammer will do it luis but put the stone in a carrier bag first. I broke a peice in holland for my aquacube but almost deafended myself!

on thread ill be photographing mine this week but ive got some bba on my rocks to shift first 🙁
Thanks, I will have a go.. The tip to put it on a bag first is valid, as it throws lots of little flints out, which are sharp. One of those in the eye can be sore.. 🙂

If you got bba on your rocks, try a solution of easycarbo, 1/2 with water, let it dip for a couple of hours, then scrub. 🙂

I am leaving my rocks outside, so that they get some tones of green, then tie riccia to it and let them have as much light on it as possible.
I'm still trying to summon up the courage to spend £££s on a decent camera. I need a final trim of my rotala and a go at the glosso too. If the worst comes to the worst, I'll simply take a picture with my current camera and bung it through. As I see it, whatever happens there's a chance I might get some useful feedback from some of the world's greatest aquascapers for free, which can't be bad...
paul.in.kendal said:
...and I've just ordered a Canon 500D with a 17-55mm f2.8 lens - oo-er!
That's a very nice set-up! Congratulations. 😀
I am out 🙁 my foreground won't be ready and I am very not good at planting/plant choice, so the rest looks scrappy. Probably a tad ambitious on my part anyway
cheers, tel
That's a shame, tel.

From experience I suspect a lot of folk that said they were going to enter won't (possibly me included). It's the nature of the beast.

It would be really nice to beat our record of 12 UK entries though. Hardly an accurate reflection of the aquascaping hobby in the UK, I feel.
I am going in, bad or not.. 🙂

How bad can you tank be that it will not be good enough for a picture? .. 🙂
Unless it is reputation, and that I will understand, if you look bad that you cannot better your last entry.
I'm still due to do a severe trim of my glosso and rotala, and I'm not at all sure they will have grown back in time, but who cares? As Luis says, it's only an issue if you've got a reputation to defend - and I haven't! Looking at it another way, a really terrible result this time leaves maximum room for improvement in future!
paul.in.kendal said:
Looking at it another way, a really terrible result this time leaves maximum room for improvement in future!

That is my consolation price.. 😀

Also, after seing some really bad tanks on the book pages, I am sure that I can do better.
As I only have a 20cm nano to enter, to rescape it in case something goes wrong is not hard work. 🙂

Just need to get the perpective right, and small enough rocks to make it look bigger.
I very much doubt i'll be entering now, after all it's the International Aquatic PLANT Layout Competition not International Aquatic ALGAE Layout Competition 😳 :lol:
Im entering, how good it will look remains to be seen :lol:
I dont have a reputation to dent, I dont even really post my tanks on here 😳
Tank is 100% not ready but worth a shot.
Sods law that my cotton tying my moss snapped the other week and i gave it a brutal trim 🙄