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What do I need for my first Shrimp Tank

Cheers sciencefiction. You are right the shrimp seem to be fine.
By way of update.
I went and bought a big bag and ADA Amazonia thinking the smaller bag would not allow me to do the perspective trick.

I also bought a roll of wool (pond filter wool) which the LFS said is what they used in the nano corner filter (as they did not have the dennearle filter cartridges. I did ask what about all the different colour sponges a la my Juwel, but was assured if was not a problem.

I also bought a small Redmoor bit of rood and some Tropica 1-2 Christmas moss.

I plan to put the substrate in, take a rock with a plant attached from the fish tank and add that.
Take some cuttings of the Elocharis sp. Mini from the fish tank and plant that into the substrate put the wool in the filter, add the water and switch on.
All when the wife has gone to bed :lol:

Question can I squeeze one of my sponges from the fish tank into this nano tank? Will that transfer some bacteria or do I need to cut a section or shall I just cycle for 6 weeks?
Best is to use mature media, so cut a section of your cycled filter and plant the tank as heavy as you can from the start. The soil will release some ammonia for the first weeks so you may want to wait some time anyway for the levels to go down before attempting shrimp in it. The media will help for that to happen faster but since it's better to wait, it probably doesn't matter.
You can sqeeze a sponge although it won't be as effective as using media. If you can gather some filter mulm, you can put that beneath the soil to speed up its maturing process.
Hi Sciencefiction
Agreed I was not going to release shrimp in until I had switched from tap to RO and then got the TDS levels to the appropriate amount, which I still need to look up.
So I am in no rush and will do what is required to get the environment to a suitable place for the shrimps.
Cheers for the pointers.
Leave a gap of about an inch from the top so the shrimp can't escape or fill not quite to the top but add a glass top.
If you have no lid you will find that the water evaporates over time and you will need to top up or sort it during your weekly water change.
CRS are not climbers as such but it has been known. Amano shrimp are the worst for that.