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  1. Mats A

    Rebei Bowl

    I bought 8 Red bee shrimp kind of impulsive the other day and it gave me a problem, sort of. New shrimps, no avalible tanks. So the sollution I came up with was my Do!aqua Wabi-bowl I had forgotten on a shelf for a couple of months. Hardscape: - ADA Manten Stone - ADA Amazonia soil - English...
  2. RolyMo

    Ooooh My First Dedicated Shrimp Nano.

    When I think back a year ago when I first purchased my first ever tank, a Juwel Rio 180, the assistant in the fish shop said about shrimp and that he bet (cheekily) that I would get into it as it was the new thing. At the time, I thought he was mad and I nodded with a smile and moved back to the...
  3. NeilW

    Simplicity - Neil's Mini S

    Inspired from ADA's Do!Aqua concept I wanted to go for a back to basics approach and concentrate on growing easy plants well in a nice simplified composition. I also wanted an emersed element to the tank. I also liked the idea of a modular scape that could be easily 'unassembled' to make...
  4. RolyMo

    What do I need for my first Shrimp Tank

    Hello I am one year into fishkeeping and in my 180l tank I already have Amano and red cherry's shrimp. I recently added some low grade CRS to the tank and promptly saw them disappear never to be seen again (i'm sure they are there. Just hiding). Which got me thinking that I saw in my LFS...