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The Importance of GH Booster.

Hi Garuf.

Sorry for the delay, but I missed your post. The two major things I noticed were that the plants just seemed to be in limbo, with no deterioration, but no growth or pearling, either. Once I started adding GH booster the tank was like a lemonade bottle. It surprised me how much difference the GH booster made. It was as if the plants were just hibernating, waiting for a wake up call.

Perhaps if this tank had carried on longer I might have seen symptoms like yours, but I can`t be sure. The ensuing algae woes and technical problems with this tank really tested my patience with this hobby.

Regards, Dave.
Hmmm, that's not what I'm getting. I'm pretty sure I've got it down to insufficient K. I've started upping my dose of it by quiet a lot and I'm seeing improvements but I won't know for certain for a week or two.
My only other real issue is leaf giantism, I have rotala green in my tank and when I planted it it took on the normal growth form, now the leaves are 2 inches long and the plant seems to be putting all it's energies into growing massive leaves rather than into bolting for the surface like I'm used to. I think I'd convinced myself Ca must be the issue and let that blind me from the more obvious and likely K deficiency.

By the way, I was just admiring your Flikr, makes me wish I wasn't such a photography philistine, I've now got your misty all grey tree as my background.