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Simplicity - Neil's Mini S


25 Jun 2009
Basingstoke, Hampshire
Inspired from ADA's Do!Aqua concept I wanted to go for a back to basics approach and concentrate on growing easy plants well in a nice simplified composition. I also wanted an emersed element to the tank.

I also liked the idea of a modular scape that could be easily 'unassembled' to make maintenance and moving house easier, so all of the plants are attached to hardscape. Minimal equipment is also used with no CO2 or heating.

Eventually I plan to get some nice shrimp like CBS or tigers.

Specs -
Aquarium - ADA Mini 'S'
Lighting - Superfish 9watt T5 clip on type with Belkin WeMo wifi controller and app
Filtration - Eheim Ecco Pro 130
Substrate - ADA Mekong Sand SS 2kg
Additives - Tropica Premium 1 pump per week, Easylife EasyCarbo 0.3mls daily, Do!Aqua Be Bright foliar spray
Hardscape - Ohko Stone, Redmoor Root
Plants - Anubias nana 'Petite', Vesicularia ferriei 'Weeping', Hemianthus callitrichoides 'Cuba', 2 x unknown terrestrial moss species



Excuse the phone photos I still need a DSLR in my life, Let me know what you guys think, suggestions and questions always welcome. :thumbup:
Cheers Gary, I'm liking the contrast in textures in the emersed bit and tempted to add some more branch wood to build it up.

Camera is an iPhone 5S, I really need a full DSLR but end up spending money on plants and nice hardware first :thumbdown:
Wow Neil, how refreshing. It's a cool little scape. The emersed anubias looks great from the top!

It's amazing the quality you can get from an iPhone these days :)

Nice design, I'm watching :)
Thanks Tim. I think this will be a slow grower so my next update may be a while :D

The beauty of being attached to hardscape is I can change it all if I'm feeling different!
Introduced 5 Crystal Black Shrimp yesterday that came in the post from freshwatershrimp.co.uk. Great fast service. Only went for low grades this time as this isn't a specialist setup.

I'll be honest and say stocking looks a bit odd at the moment and wouldn't mind some advice. I currently have;

2 x Amano shrimp
5 x CBS

2 x Ember Tetras
1 x White Cloud Mountain Minnow

The fish are the oddest mix. The minnow was the sole survivor of my dad's tank I had to rehome so wasn't an active choice. He originally had pecked fins so I have nursed him back to health. He seems healthy and has a strong flow to swim in but is lacking a shoal. He has teamed up with the 2 tetras I had left from an accident with liquid carbon I feel very guilty for a few months ago :(

Do I leave the fish as they are or perhaps add a couple more tetras for them to more naturally shoal?

It is only an 11 litre tank but does have an oversized Eheim Ecco 130 external

FYI have found that ADA Phyton Git is very effective at keeping Anubias leaves looking fresh over time. Has also given great results on the big rock. I'm afraid I haven't got a link as I found the tip in an ADA product catalogue. I just drained the tank and used a small paintbrush (like the kind you use for watercolours) to apply. Not as nasty as EasyCarbo for critters and handling