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  1. M

    Light cycle in bright room

    I’m getting back into the hobby after a little hiatus after moving house. I’ve got a 55l Dennerle scapers tank and arriving any day now, which I’m planning to run with co2, aquasoil and probably a chihiros a II light (probably dimmed slightly), not super high tech and hopefully fairly low...
  2. R

    Emersed growth - Hardiest plants?

    I had some Guinea Grass growing emersed but have recently removed it as it grew too big and started shading the plants below. It was growing through my ADA light fixture :D I've since tried various other plants with limited success, so far the only success has been with Hygrophila Pinnatifida...
  3. Nont

    Emersed box question

    Hi guys, I’m trying to propagate different species of emersed plant in a box/pot, and I’m facing a problem where fine sand and soil keep leaking out of (0.3-0.5cm) drainage holes. I tried using fine net to cover it but plants roots tend to pierce through them, any ideas?
  4. Nont

    Emersed plants questions

    Hi there, I recently facing a problem where my emersed Echinodorus absorb water too fast with its roots (about 2 hour or so) and leaves plant dried. Fyi the pots i’m using have no drainage hole and the problem isn’t evaporation either. This is kind of stupid question but are there any method...
  5. Courtneybst

    Aquatic Flower Compendium (ish)

    Hi everyone, After reading a suggestion made by @dean in an old thread by @Tim Harrison , I thought I'd kick things off. This thread aims to be a collection of photos of flowering aquatic plants that we often keep in aquaria. Please feel free to contribute with photos of your aquatic plant...
  6. Courtneybst

    Buce Box (How to easily propagate Bucephalandra and other emersed plants)

    Hey guys, after a little poke from @Wookii , I thought I'd share what I'm doing to propagate some of my emersed plants, particularly Bucephalandra. Full disclaimer; I was not the first to do this and there are many examples of people doing it online. It is also common place in large plant...
  7. Ömer Karaahmet

    Help please..!

    Hello everyone, I set up a nano aquarium with the dry strat method, but then I planned a 3-week vacation. After thoroughly moistening the aquarium and covering it with a transparent film, will I see a wonderful carpet after my holiday? Or do I see a tank ruined because it's not air and...
  8. F

    Looking for Limnophila Aromatica

    Hi all, I've been on the hunt for L.Aromatica varieties for a while, I've managed to nab some L.aromatica 'green' from aquatic essentials but I am on the look out for some emerged/emersed L.A. of other origin such as tropica or any other. Everything seems out of stock at the moment though I...
  9. bettaguy

    Anubias budding emersed

  10. bettaguy

    When the buce pokes up and out

    Absolutely my favourite picture of my buce! Especially Because of the angry betta in the bottom right hahaha
  11. Aqua Hero

    Emersed Marsilea cremata and hirsita

    I bought these to plants and I was informed that crenata grows smaller than hirsita but from the packs I got it's the opposite. You think the person made a mistake and put them in the wrong bags or is this just normal?
  12. DutchMuch

    Emersed Culture, [The Beginner Basics].

    So I decided to do a how-to on Emersed Culture(s) for newbies to the whole "Emersed World!" of aquatic plants. Background: I have been planting and "Harvesting" Emersed aquarium (or aquatic) plants, for around 3 years now. In that time I have learned a lot in such little time, that is due to...
  13. DutchMuch

    Java Fern 'Windelov' Emersed

    So i have been growing this plant emersed for a few months now, with great success. Which i find strange since i kind of just threw it in the setup since i didnt have room for it in the tank (came with a shrimp order). I must say, i like it more when its emersed than submersed. It's very neat...
  14. oscarlloydjohn

    Emersed riccardia

    I'm planning to grow some emersed riccardia on rocks in my new tank. Does anyone have any tips? I'm not sure how to go about fertilising it. Apparently misted EI tank water is too strong. DOOA makes a wabi kusa mist but I'm not sure if that's fish safe. Any other foliar ferts safe for aquarium?
  15. DutchMuch

    Journal Continuation of Dutch's Emersed Setup, Greenhouse Edition.

    You can see the original journal here > https://www.aquaticplantcentral.com/forumapc/plant-physiology-emersed-culture/136530-dutchmuchs-emersed-setup-big-ol-greenhouse-3.html#post992735 And it has begun...
  16. goldscapes

    30cm Cube riparium

    So, I have been slowly accumulating the necessary kit for a 30cm cube with hang-on back planted filter for emersed growth. It seems that there are very few fish that would be happy in such a small tank and I am down to a shortlist of a pair of Dwarf Puffers or Asian Stone Catfish (Hara Jedoni)...
  17. Benauld

    Terrestrial Plants

    Hi, I've been doing a lot of research over the past few months for my prospective aquascape, and have been exploring the use of epiphytic orchids on emersed wood. During my travels I came across this site: http://www.pumpkinbeth.com/2017/04/white-flowered-miniature-epiphytic-orchids/ Which...
  18. MrHidley

    Accidental Emersed jungle

    So, I was thinking about a scape i'm in the process of setting up, and i suddenly remembered that i had a tupperware box of plants on the windowsil in a room i never go in (spare bedroom/the cat's bedroom). The box has been untouched since i moved into my new house in September. Sans the mould...
  19. tblundell

    Leaving planted tank for a prolonged period?

    Hi everyone, I am looking for some Advice about leaving my planted aquariums for a prolonged period of time. I have two planted tanks, one 240 L high tech with presurised CO2, high ferts etc., and relatively high fish stocking (mainly rainbows). I also have a 90L open top low tech tank with...
  20. AndyVox

    Emersed start - 80 x 40 x 40 high tech

    Hey, I used to frequent here alot a few years ago before getting pulled into marine for a few years. Due to huge building work at home I closed down my marine tank and have been thankless for the last 6 or so months, then I got the itch to go planted again... So here we are! A few of my...
  21. three-fingers

    (Probaby not) Glossostigma from seed - impulse eBay buy.

    Hi all, Today I received a surprise in the mail - a wee glass bottle full of seeds. I'd forgotten impulse buying this for £1.14 on eBay about a month ago, probably after a few beers, as I'd normally avoid this type of listing. They were sold as "Glossostigma" seeds, here's the listing...
  22. MrHidley

    Propagating riccardia chamedryfolia

    Hi all, I just purchased some riccardia chamedryfolia and obviously this stuff is super expensive. It's the second time i've purchased it, the first time I killed it. Is there anyway to propagate it emersed? I'd love to be able to keep a backup supply of it, if there is what's the best way to...
  23. Martin in Holland

    Moss balls (wabi kusa)

    I'm trying to grow some moss balls with moss I collected (looks like Java moss) and some left over plants I had in my propagator. The balls are filled stockings with some ADA substrate and stones, wrapped spaghnum and (Java) moss around it and tight the plants on top of that covering their roots...
  24. AnnLupeT

    Where I got my plants

    Hi! i just wanted to share how some aquascapers propagate their plants here in the Phil :D I envy them for living next to river :D I'm planning to have a pond like that too :D https://www.facebook.com/photo.php?fbid=878345038858294&set=o.522633677814753&type=3&permPage=1...
  25. NeilW

    Simplicity - Neil's Mini S

    Inspired from ADA's Do!Aqua concept I wanted to go for a back to basics approach and concentrate on growing easy plants well in a nice simplified composition. I also wanted an emersed element to the tank. I also liked the idea of a modular scape that could be easily 'unassembled' to make...
  26. Andy Thurston

    Andys HC propagator step by step

    Hi all I recently grew HC in a propagator to cut costs for a tank my friend and I were scaping. Juwel 180 first planted tank | UK Aquatic Plant Society I posted a few photos in the above journal and other threads. With the amount of interest the few photos I posted generated I thought I'd...
  27. Brian Murphy

    My emersed project

    I've been waiting a few months to buy a new optiwhite tank since breaking down my 36" tank full of kribs, but since I've been started paying off my future wedding each month, the extra cash isn't easy to get hold off. So I've decided to set up my 36" to grow emersed plants and see what happens...
  28. BigTom

    Tom's Bucket O' Mud - The End

    ***WARNING*** This journal is likely to contain any, some or all of the following: mud, dirty glass, terrible typing, horrible crawly things, really boring fish, algae, piles of rotting crap, bad photography, drunken ramblings, non-existent aquascaping, total disaster and complete disregard for...
  29. Alastair

    A Chocolate Puddle -

    Right, thought it was about time I finally start my journal especially after a few people pushing me to start it up. Brownie points to the first person to guess why I chose the name for the journal ( those who know are excluded). Having had so much fun running high tech, there was one tank...
  30. George Farmer

    Lots of Dry Start Method questions!

    Hi all, Some of you may be aware I'm setting up a new tank. Journal here - George's TMC Signature - The Hardscape Chapter | UK Aquatic Plant Society manzi situ by George Farmer, on Flickr I'm really interested in trying out the dry start method (DSM), as discussed a few years ago by Tom Barr...