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Shrimp refuge


18 Dec 2014
No journal for this one. I needed a place for my shrimp so got a 20l cube. Used soil from the old tank with some old grit and pieces of wood and rock I had lying around. Shrimp are still a bit unhappy but no deaths overnight.

Scavenged plants from the old tank, hope they will adapt to the no-co2 less light life. Will dose 1 or 2 pumps of tropica per week.
Hi all,

I've <"used them">. I assume they are quite good as a grazing source for shrimps, snails and Otocinclus etc.

They are quite different to Magnolia grandiflora, they aren't at all persistent and skeletonize within a week or so.

cheers Darrel
Yeah, I tested them on the shrimp I had in the quarantine tank and found the shrimp love them, but eat them in record time. Safe but gone in a matter of days/week
Out of my 3 tanks this one is the most relaxing. Low tech really means less stress. All plants seem to be growing, even the bits of crypt root i saved (deliberately in this tank) have started popping up leaves. Replaced the hob filter with aquael mini and its so much more quiet and provides more surface agitation. Slightly less pretty in the tank but once plants fill out more I shouldnt see much.

Looks great. Can I ask how long you have lights on per day. I'm new to this. Just started a low tech nano. I've seen people saying that you should use lower light for low tech.